1. Lovely interview and what a sweet man!

  2. Is that you, the host in the video clip? Pweeet!!! LOL!!! Hainanese food, I only know chicken rice but I hear it's only in Singapore and here, not originally from Hainan, China.

  3. heheh, that's so cute, a chef who never cooks at home! i'd definitely like to visit his cafe someday, especially since he serves chinese hainanese food (my mom's side of the family is hainanese) 😀

    • I wonder how Hainanese cuisine has changed over time. It was interesting listening to the chef's account of how it developed over time in Penang. Lots of Western influence on the island apparently as many people from Hainan often worked as chefs for the Brits back in colonial times.

  4. great interview!

  5. Hi!!
    Thank you a lot for commenting on my blog! I really appreciated it, and always am happy when I have the opportunity to "meet" new people!
    This interview is great…and the chef is cute! 🙂
    I find your blog really interesting!

  6. I'm hot on Chicken Rice & I like the S'pore version a lot better compared to some other countries. Chilli plays an impt role as well. Thks for sharing the clip!

    • I've heard incredible things about chicken rice in Singapore – also incredible things about the prices too! – Supposedly one of THE best can be found on Orchard Road for $40 Sing dollars!

  7. Your site makes me so hungry! The pictures of all the food looks awesome!

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