Sahara Oasis, Ramadhan Buffet, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sahara Oasis, Ramadhan Buffet
What better way to (or join your friends to), break fast
than to the sound of running water in an open airy environment in the relaxed
ambience of a Sahara Oasis? Based on the old mud houses in the Gulf regions,
Sahara Oasis features a 50 metre long border fountain, cement rendered walls
and gives the impression of a large tent with fabric draped across the ceiling.
The main area is generously equipped with ceiling and standing fans so there is
air movement where ever you’re settled. An air-conditioned interior seating up
to 70 people and an outdoor, grassed courtyard are another two options. A
welcoming family atmosphere vibrates through the place and, subtle background
music is just enough to provide interest but quiet enough to allow easy
The staff at Sahara Oasis have to be some of the friendliest
I’ve met in restaurants around KL. Smiles at the entrance, menu explanation if
required, clearing of plates done swiftly and refilling of drinks happens
without delay. This cheerful reception from waiters, to cooks, to management only
strengthens the reputation that Arabic people have for their generosity and
Sahara Oasis has only been open for four months but is
already gaining a steady crowd of regulars. 
Serving up some mighty fine Arabian Cuisine, we can see why. This was our second visit. The first a la carte experience impressed
us with grilled items and traditional dips and starters so we were confident to
return for their Ramadhan buffet. Choosing smaller portions and variety over
limited choices and quantity, you’ll see an expanded menu from the regular a la
carte options lined up in hot and cold sections down the centre of the
Arabic food is one of the few cuisines that pleases both my
plant loving tendencies and hubbies flesh fancies. While hubby made a beeline
for the lamb and grilled items, I merrily strolled around the dips and salads. Middle Eastern food also, in my opinion, fares
better than many in a buffet. Malay cuisine (of which I’ve sampled many buffets
this Ramadhan) seems complicated with an extensive list of seasonings making it
difficult to appreciate the intricacies of each dish when you sample so many
buffet style. Arabic cookery however, is straightforward with flavours,
providing a balance of simplicity, accentuated in the likes of Arabian bread,
olives, dates, hommus and grilled meats, with the more complex gravy based
Highlights were the starters, especially the Chef’s Specialty,
Hommus, and Mutabal. The Iraqi Lamb Kebab, Baked Fish (thin fillets in a light
sauce with a hint of chili), Biryani (using the super long grains of basmati
rice) and without hesitation, the Lamb, are also plate fillers. A simple
display of desserts includes Sweet Balls, Fresh Fruit and Baklava. The use of
peanuts in the Baklava instead of pistachios or other nuts was an interesting
choice, perhaps a locally infused twist. Of the drinks, we had seconds of the
Lime & Mint and, the Yoghurt. Strong Arabian Tea with fresh mint and sugar
cubes finished the meal with authenticity.
What we weren’t expecting was European style coffee. Joining the manager for our last drink of the
night, we were presented with one of the best macchiatos I’ve tried in KL. Both
the managers, having lived around the world for many years, are personally
passionate about coffee. After exhaustive tastings they found an Arabica blend
that fused well with milk and both were contented with. The two, are so fussy
they won’t let anyone else touch the coffee machine!
The Ramadhan Buffet runs from 7 – 9:30pm at RM55 nett for
adults and RM26 nett for children aged 5 – 12 years old. Sahara Oasis is open
regular hours for the fasting month from 11am – 3am so lunch and shisha are
available throughout. Take away, catering and functions are all possibilities
Reason to Visit:  fresh dips and salads, anything from the
charcoal grill, al fresco ambience, friendly staff, Espresso based coffees
Sahara Oasis
243B Lorong Nibong (Off Jalan Ampang, behind Hock Choon)
50450 Kuala Lumpur
+603 4257 8310
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  1. Honestly, I've never savoured Arabic food anywhere else other than in the Middle East itself. Would be interesting tho…

  2. ooo, y'know, it's happened slowly but surely without many of us realizing it, but i do believe KL really has become a haven for some of the best middle eastern food outside the middle east! i'm craving some hummus and lamb kebabs right about now! 😀

  3. Reasonable… I heard Arabic food's expensive but for a buffet, this seems ok.

  4. that's lots of iranian food in town 🙂 but the buffet is really affordable for all

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    • I've just learned recently that Iranian and Arabic food have different characteristics. Of course, there are lots of things in common, but this one in particular is Arabian cuisine. I thought the price was reasonable too. 🙂

  5. i love buffet.. hmmm

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