Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa Bottling Plant Up and Running! Penang, Malaysia

Bottling Plant, eco friendly, green, sustainable, resort, Penang, Shangri La, Golden Sands, Rasa Sayang, CSR
Rasa Sayang by Shangri La, Penang, Malaysia

Shangri-La’s Bottling Plant up and Running, Penang, Malaysia

Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa, Penang unveiled its in-house bottling plant
recently. The bottling plant will serve both Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa and its
sister property, Golden Sands Resort. The resort is the first in Penang of accorded this
bottling license.
Bottling Plant, eco friendly, green, sustainable, resort, Penang, Shangri La, Golden Sands, Rasa Sayang, CSRThe 1.0 liter glass bottles packaged drinking water will replace the plastic mineral water
bottles. Both resorts use approximately 1.65 million plastic drinking bottles a year. This
would mean a reduction of approximately 4,708 kg of plastic drinking bottles which is
normally recycled a year. The water source is treated pipe water from Perbadanan Bekalan
Air Pulau Pinang Sdn Bhd (Penang Water Supply Corporation). Two bottles will be placed
in each resort room daily for guest consumption for the duration of their stay. The resort
will serve both carbonated and stilled water.
Present at the dedication of the bottling plant were Area Hygiene & Sanitation Manager,
Khoh Soo Oon. Khoh said that the new bottling plant was set up based on “Ministry of
Health Packaged Drinking Water” licensing requirement and in compliance with Food
Hygiene Regulations 2009.
Corporate Social Responsibility Executive, Amelia Lim said “The setting up of the resort
in-house bottling plant is a quantum leap towards a more sustainable future. We will be
able to reduce the number of plastic bottles which we have to recycle, which in turn will
reduce the energy required to turn the recycled material into a new form.”
“We are extremely pleased to be able to share this historic moment with our colleagues,
business associates and valued guests. Our sister properties in Sabah, Tanjung Aru Resort
and Rasa Ria Resort have already set up their own in-house plants and it is also timely that
our Penang resorts do so. Companies must progress with the times and we hope to be able
to pioneer and promote self sustainability among Penang hotels,” said Elaine Yue, general
manager of Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa, Penang.
Bottling Plant, eco friendly, green, sustainable, resort, Penang, Shangri La, Golden Sands, Rasa Sayang, CSRAdditionally, other green measures are undertaken in the resort’s daily operations to
minimise the impact on the environment. The switch from diesel-burning boilers to heat
pumps eliminates the need to use diesel fuel and this has brought certification from
SIRIM(M) Sdn Bhd (an independent quality certification body in Malaysia)
acknowledging Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa, Penang as a role model among
other hotel operators for energy conservation and energy efficiency practices. Similarly,
the resort seeks co-operation from guests in reducing wastage for water, detergent and
energy used during their stay. There are over 100 best practices for management and
employees, and the resort’s management and staff continuously evaluate and explore
techniques that can be adopted to follow on the path of ecological preservation. 
Another three cheers to the Shangri-La for leading the way in this region towards a sustainable future. 
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  1. thats great…save the earth but glass bottle is heavy…cannot bring out..

  2. Now, where have I seen this before? Somebody blogged about it sometime ago, I think. Great idea and must appreciate their effort to save the earth!

  3. 4,708 kg of plastic is a lot! 😀

  4. We were just at Golden Sands today, sister property to Shangri-La. I noticed that they've switched some of their takeaway container from plastic to a cardboard which is perhaps a little more environmentally friendly.

  5. Haha! Sorry, sorry, I am laughing at another best practice claim !

  6. Ah yes, I recalled reading one of your posts on bottling too. Love the concept!

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