Gokuraku Ramen, Mid Valley Mega Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Gokuraku Ramen by Sam Gibbs
Raman guru
 Teruhisa Shimizu
To be honest I have never had any real passion or inclination to venture into the world of Ramen or the multitude of outlets one finds in the malls these days. However the opportunity to sample this evidently popular treat at Gokuraku Ramen situated in the second floor of Mid Valley shopping centre offered an opportunity to try something different and break my hiatus on the Ramen issue.
I was soon to discover Gokuraku Ramen is not just your average Ramen noodle joint. Whilst it operates as a franchise with 3 outlets in Kuala Lumpur, and numerous outlets in Japan, one should not be fooled into thinking that their efforts at globalization have given authorization to lowering the standards of what was unquestionably a very satisfying dining experience.

During this review we were lucky to have the opportunity to meet with Ramen celebrity guru Mr Teruhisa Shimizu. Teruhisa has introduced the “Horikiri Style” Ramen to Malaysia that originates in the south of Japan. This style is notable mainly due to the length of time it takes to prepare the broth that is served with the Ramen. The Ultimate Ramen signature dish is derived from a Pork broth that takes no less than 36 hours to prepare. The result is a rich velvety soup that ‘lives’ comfortably with the freshly, in house prepared, Ramen noodles. 

The signature ‘Ultimate Ramen’ 
The ‘winged’ Annin Tofu 
We were fortunate to have the opportunity to learn the deeper secrets of the Ramen tradition with Teruhisa before embarking on a very memorable dining experience sampling a beautifully prepared array of treats on offer at Gokuraku Ramen. 
Gokuraku Ramen offers a cosy relaxed ambience
Gokuraku Ramen takes particular pride in the preparation of all its dishes and there is no question as to the care and attention to that goes into their cuisine. Additionally the ambience and setting make for a pleasant casual style dining experience. One may also watch the process of dishes being prepared as the kitchen is integrated into the dining area with large windows that reveal all the activities right down to the creation of the noodles. 
Ramen Noodles are prepared daily
and shipped to all  outlets.

One fact that became apparent to me is that the tradition of Ramen is deeply instilled in Japanese culture. This has been the case for centuries. They have developed a special sense of taste that is pursued in different outlets across Japan. The delicate nuance of the Ramen experience at different localities has become a celebrated obsession that has still to make its full presence known in SE Asia. 

Gokuraku Ramen under the expert guidance of Ramen connoisseur Mr. Teruhisa Shimizu offers a unique opportunity for the Ramen lover to get to the heart of the Ramen experience and savour, in every respect,  the Japanese traditions of this unique food style at very affordable prices.
Delicious Gyoza beef 

Gokuraku Ramen also offers a range of other delicious dishes that compliment the Ramen experience. My personal favourite was the beautifully presented Gyoza beef and its accompanying  sauce. 
Do not miss the cheesecake as this is with out question a total dazzler and one may find a second serving is required to assuage your taste buds fully. 
The Rare Cheesecake is a must try dessert

I personally am a total convert to Ramen and make no mistake about my intention to go back soon for a second round. Make the effort to visit one of Gokuraku Ramen’s three outlets. I promise you wont be disappointed. 
Reasons to visit: The relaxed and cosy ambience, the specially prepared noodles and Ultimate Ramen that literally lives up to its name. 
  1. Mid Valley – 2nd June 2011, business
    hours 10.00 am– 10.00 pm, Tel : 03 – 2282
  2. Gurney Paragon – 24th Dec 2011,
    business hours 11.00 am – 10.00 pm (Sunday to Thursday); 11.00 am – 11.00
    pm (Friday, Saturday Public Holiday Eve), Tel: 604-226 0961
  3. Paradigm Mall – 23rd March 2012,
    business hours 10.00 am – 10 pm. Tel: 03-78865774
Gokuraku Ramen website: http://www.gokuraku-ramen.com
Gokuraku Ramen facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GokurakuRamen


  1. I love ramen! Especially these rainy day, it's nice to have a bowl of hot ramen for dinner. 😀

  2. Japanese? Looks classy, very nice. Prices?

  3. I love ramens too.. tried this in Penang and thought its decent.

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  5. ramen! i have to confess, it's my guilty pleasure

  6. Thank God I just had Ramen yesterday else I'll be drooling again! Lol!

  7. Love the ultimate ramen!!!!

  8. Its always good to have a nice piping hot bowl of ramen with an equally good slurpy bowl of broth.

  9. The Japanese really know how to turn food into an art 🙂

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