The Yum List Nominated for Best Expat Blog 2012

We received surprise news this morning that The Yum List has been nominated for the Best Expat Blog 2012!
Winners will be chosen on a number of criteria but much will be based on comments left on the voting site.
We would love your participation in leaving a delicious comment about The Yum List. So if you feel inclined to show your support, kindly follow this link and leave your thoughts about The Yum List here


  1. ditto! 🙂 all the best!

  2. LOVE the Yum List!!!!!!! Keep up the restaurant information – please! Thank you!!!!

  3. Good luck and all the best! =D

  4. wow congratulations!! your amazing blog deserves the award! =D

  5. Aw, congrats! I'm so happy for u!!

  6. Congrats!!! Good luck!

  7. You were surprised? I am not 🙂 Your blog is brilliant

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