The Lounge Room, Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast, Australia

best value breakfast on the Gold Coast
The Lounge Room, Mudgeeraba
best value breakfast on the Gold Coast
Friendly Owners of The Lounge Room, Mudgeeraba
Mudgeeraba, best value breakfast on the Gold Coast
Bacon and Eggs at The Lounge Room, Mudgeeraba
cheapest breakfast on the Gold Coast
Asparagus, Salmon, Poached Egg
best value breakfast on the Gold Coast
Certified Good Eggs

Value Breakfasts at The Lounge Room, Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast

cheapest brekkie
Humpty Dumpties and Toast

It’s hard to find a reasonably priced meal in Australia and prices tend to look particularly steep especially when you’ve been living in Asia for the past 10 years. You need a local to let you in on a few insider secrets as to the whereabouts of the best value spots. Fortunately I have a whole family and a gaggle of foodie friends that can do just that. The Lounge Room at Mudgeeraba (not far from Robina on the Gold Coast) is my sister’s pick for a great value brekkie.  

cheapest Gold Coast Brekkie
Scrambled Eggs and Bacon

$5.95 AUD gets you bacon, two eggs cooked however you desire and a thick slice of toast. Other dishes such as French Toast, Waffles and Eggs Benedict are for the picking too, but the best value is the good old fashioned bacon and eggs. Coffee is not bad and the views of green pastures, an open airy space and a kids’ play area further add to the reasons to visit.

Reason to visit: Best value breakfast on the Gold Coast

* Sadly this cafe is now closed. 
The Lounge Room
Shop 7/2 Bell Place
Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast
QLD, Australia
+61 07 5559 2014
[email protected]

Best Value breakfast on the Gold Coast
Certified Good Eggs
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  1. Hah!!! Have had my share of this kind of food! You went to Oz?

  2. The Aussies sure now how to do a good breakfast!

  3. The owners do look friendly, and I wouldn't mind having a fry-up like that bacon and eggs!
    Duncan In Kuantan

  4. what a cheerful post! just looking at the photos makes my day feel a bit brighter already! 😀

  5. Aw, that's indeed such a value-for-money breakfast! This will come in handy for my next visit 🙂

  6. wow the bacon and eggs looks so nice..

  7. The bacon & eggs lokk so good, I can have this everyday!

  8. are those kids professional models they do a great job

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