Brunch at Nosh, Bangsar, Malaysia

Nosh, Bangsar, Brunch, breakfast, bubbly brunch, eggs, cocktails, desserts
Hot Chocolate
Nosh, Bangsar, Brunch, breakfast, bubbly brunch, eggs, cocktails, desserts
Salted Caramel Cinnamon Roll (RM8) and Coffee
Nosh, Bangsar, Brunch, breakfast, bubbly brunch, eggs, cocktails, desserts
Full Monty (RM28)
Nosh, Bangsar, Brunch, breakfast, bubbly brunch, eggs, cocktails, desserts
The Noshing! (RM18)
Nosh, Bangsar, Brunch, breakfast, bubbly brunch, eggs, cocktails, desserts
Peanut Butter French Toast (RM12)
Nosh, Bangsar, Brunch, breakfast, bubbly brunch, eggs, cocktails, desserts
Simply Potatoes (RM18)
Nosh, Bangsar, Brunch, breakfast, bubbly brunch, eggs, cocktails, desserts
Spicy Savoury Mince (RM21)
Nosh, Bangsar, Brunch, breakfast, bubbly brunch, eggs, cocktails, desserts
Quinoa Pep (RM21)
Nosh, Bangsar, Brunch, breakfast, bubbly brunch, eggs, cocktails, desserts
Butterscotch Café Au Lait (RM16)

Weekend Brunch at Nosh

Words by Kirsten Durward
Photos by The Yum List

Nosh!  It’s a great name. Simple and clean like the lines of the interior. Humorous and layered with meaning about food, like Ann and Judith, the visionaries behind this culinary playground.  
Sleek, light, wooden tables give a fresh Nordic feel against the slate grey floor.  A pop of vibrant orange at each end of the room brightens and adds that wink of playfulness that is soon echoed in the food.  Food photography, hung with honour, adorns the walls, a vibrant mural grins from the back. 
I’m hungry, but I’m no match for what follows.  Ann explains that she has chosen eight dishes from the brunch menu for us.  Offering a hot beverage she explains her commitment to local produce wherever possible.  Tea is sourced from the Cameron Highlands.  My ginger tea is deliciously light yet full flavoured.  It warms and relaxes my belly in preparation for the feast to come.
First to arrive is Simply Potatoes (RM18).  But there is nothing simple about this exquisite dish.  A blooming rose of pink salmon swirls over thick dill cream and perfectly browned potato rosti.  I haven’t eaten rosti in years, since I lost my wonderful Dutch friends. My mouth begins to water with the anticipation of memory and the stimulation of vision.  The plate in front of me is exquisite, reminiscent of Charles Rennie Mackintosh designs.  I ask Ann if she knows this artist, and she laughs out loud, says ‘thank you for noticing!’ and explains that she thinks of food as art.  First eat with the eyes, then with the taste, then with the memory.  Awesome!  
Rosti is baked in the oven to give even browning and less oil saturation.  It’s a simple dish served with style and it tastes impeccable.  The combination of the salty salmon with the fresh dill cream and the well browned beautifully textured rosti soon has Monica and I clashing forks over the last slice. One word. Delicious.  And memorable for sure! Three days later and I’m still thinking about it. 
Our next dish is poached eggs with hollandaise. The Noshing! (RM18).  A generous portion of flavourful dark green and purple salad leaves adds contrast and freshness to this vibrant breakfast plate.  The knife cuts in and deep orange egg yolk oozes onto the plate, visually inviting and pleasing.  Toasted multigrain proves perfect for mopping this up.  Free range eggs, smooth and silky on the crunchy toast. Hollandaise adds verve and blends well with the subtle balsamic on the salad leaves. 
Brunch, breakfast, Nosh, Bangsar
A pouring of bubbly is offered. Well if we must… Ann explains her tasting process, of which we are extremely jealous. We approve of her selection; a deliciously full, slightly peppery Australian Chandon Brut (RM230), which perfectly complements our smorgasbord of tastings.  It’s worth noting that the wine list at Nosh starts at RM80 a bottle, or RM18 a glass. You can bring your own choice with corkage at RM25.  
Two hearty colourful offerings arrive at once.  The table is groaning. We look round for Caning, who has yet to appear.  As delicious as the food is, we need help!  Where’s a man when you need one? Typical!
A happy plate with vibrant earth colours is the Full Monty (RM28). Spanish style chicken sausage lies glistening across fresh toasted bread.  Two perfect sunny side up eggs smile up at us, their yellowy yolks glistening with temptation.  A tumble of mushrooms, shitake and button, soft pink strips and crispy dark slices of turkey ham, nestle together beside fresh tomato, the whole plate discreetly dusted with hand ground parmesan. 
I’m personally not a particular fan of chicken sausage but the girls have tasted and chosen well.  This one is well textured and dense, slightly spicy, a beautiful rich warm sienna in colour.  Egg yolk fluffy and firm silky on top.  Mushrooms fresh and meaty. It’s a good combination and apparently the most popular dish on the brunch menu
A cascade of crunchy chips lies over stir-fried spicy mince on a bed of spinach.  Tasting reveals a cacophony of textures and flavours; cayenne, freshly ground chili, mushrooms, beef bacon and more.  Scrambled egg is sensuously silky and smooth, slipping easily down my eager throat. French cream is the secret here…  And the more-ish chips- what’s that flavour? Dots of freshly ground parmesan no less!  Spicy Savoury Mince (RM21) Mmm tasty and filling…
The Quinoa Pep (RM21), is just what my palate and digestion needs now. Thin strips of chicken perfectly moist, kaffir lime, flakes of herbs, on sensuous strips of thinly peeled cucumber, tumbled with peppery radish and refreshing pomelo.  A little chilli and loads of freshly ground Malaysian black pepper round the dish out with different notes. Each bite a slightly different balance of flavours, waking up the palate. Quinoa adds texture but not too much bulk.  A special dish, great for a light lunch too.
Peanut Butter French Toast (RM12). What can I say? Childhood memories surface from everywhere. Cornflakes!  Peanut Butter! Caramelised Banana!  Chantilly Cream!  French Toast! WOW!  Homemade bread in a vanilla bean eggwash has been baked to order in the oven, before being decorated and dusted with cinnamon.  Caning has finally arrived and is in a personal pleasure zone.  It’s crunchy, it’s soft, it’s sticky, it’s sweet, it’s salty, it’s sensational!  It’s breakfast as you have never had it before.  And yes Ann, I think I will remember this one. Release your inner child and enjoy this fun feast!
The portion sizes are echoed with desserts, where Judith’s skill with pastry comes to the fore.  Butterscotch Café Au Lait (RM16) is a towering slice with glistening sauce oozing over it to form thick shiny puddle at the base. A small cloud of Chantilly cream leans against mint leaves and a ripening of fresh strawberries.  Mouth watering looks!  First forkful reveals an incredibly light sponge, just a tinge of coffee flavor on the tongue; sexily smooth butterscotch blending perfectly and adding moisture in the mouth. That French cream again! Café Au Lait is cake of the month so be sure to visit before March runs out.  It’s a perfect slice of afternoon delight…
Our accompanying cappuccino is picture perfect in the cup.  To taste, it is foamy and well made, deepening the note of coffee from the cake.  
Salted Caramel Cinnamon Roll is our last tasting (RM8).  A beautifully brown and caramelised bun invites the knife.  A waft of warm cinnamon fills the air as pecans tumble forward.  Eat when warm for gooiness, leave to cool slightly for crunchiness.  The golden outer conceals a light and fluffy interior, with dark oozings of cinnamon that tempt you further. Soft, sweet, salty, crunch, yummy! Ann tells us it’s a favourite take out option, no surprises there.
As we reluctantly come to a halt, happily replete, we are joined by the delightful Judith, full of the same genuine love for food that we found in Ann.  Judith entertains with her sourcing stories, battling with the aunties at the early morning market for the best tomatoes, while Ann tells us of testing recipes on her 70+ parents and 97 year old grandmother.  The ladies at Nosh are raising the bar in terms of a total dining experience, beautiful food in a relaxed environment, educated serving staff and a commitment to the highest quality ingredients.
Brunch in Bangsar
Map to Nosh
I’ll be back to nosh at Nosh very soon. Hope to see you there.
Reasons to visit: Build your own brunch… delicious combinations, genuine flavours, and playful textures. Nosh offers amazing value for the quality and freshness of the food.  And the best French Toast in the city so far…
7 Jalan Telawi 3
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 2201 3548 
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  1. Yet to have brunch in Nosh…coupled with bubblies, I am sure it will be an awesome experience…

  2. that's a very attractive-looking quinoa salad, more vibrant than expected! 😀

  3. i love this! the french toast can make me weak on my knees! btw i show the renoma post to my boyfie. he is sold! we are going there soon. 🙂 thanks for the beautiful posts!

  4. Love those little designs on the plates & the beverage!

  5. I love the hot chocolate picture and this is another beautiful post.


  6. It looks like a good brunch. The first time I am in Kuala Lumour, I am going to ask you for advice.


  7. wow.. what a treat! if I am ever craving for brunch, I m so heading here…

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