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BE Urban Wellness – HER Experience, Damansara Heights

Hubby and I love to visit the spa together but we do indeed like different things. Often spa packages for couples have a romantic angle, involving the same massage and scrub and undoubtedly finishing with a floral bath. While these are generally enchanting experiences, our concept of a couple’s spa treatment has been given an exciting new twist by BE Urban Wellness.

It’s been long known that massage and relaxation contribute positively to health, but BE Urban Wellness has taken this understanding a number of steps further. Not only covering traditional spa treatments, the centre provides a comprehensive system of fitness, consultations, machines, classes and relaxation to provide a complete approach to reaching and maintaining optimal health.

Signing up for a couples’ spa treatment here meant we were treated as individuals with different aspirations and needs. After consultation involving a questionnaire and discussion, a program was designed specifically for each of us.

BE Urban Wellness, best spa in Malaysia, best spa in Kuala Lumpur
BE urban wellness
Modern Lounge Area


Her Experience

It was agreed that my sessions would work on relaxation and rejuvenation. I signed up for the Floatation Tank, a Balinese Massage and a Dr. Shigemoto Facial.

Floatation Tank

I have an extremely hard time doing nothing. Meditation has always been that thing that other people do. I’ve given it a go at the request of friends a couple of times but truly found it torturous. Inactivating my body was challenge enough, but my mind too (!) impossible. That is, until I met my new friend, the Floatation Tank. Removed of all external stimuli, it must be the best way to get even the most stubborn of people a kick off in the right direction to chosen mindlessness.

After a quick shower and donning of earplugs, guests enter a giant white pod filled with highly salted water (this makes you float). Lying supine and buoyant, a therapist talks you through what to do. Relax, breathe, close your eyes. She stays until you feel comfortable and then leaves you to experience the tank.

With the top down (you can open it if you feel claustrophobic), there’s zero light, no sound and no smell. Your sense of touch too has been masked as the water is at the same temperature as your body. Gravity also is defied as the salted water keeps you afloat.

Scientifically this gentle form of sensory deprivation is supposed to stimulate “left-right brain synchronisation; shift brain waves from Beta to lower frequency Theta; increase creativity; eliminate fatigue and; improve sleep. Instant meditation.”

For me, it was an incredible journey. It’s recommended that you book in for a 60 or 90 minute session, however I insisted that I couldn’t last that long and had the timer set for 30 minutes.

Left floating with no outside provocation was a mind-altering adventure. As much as I tried to detect my surrounds, there was really nothing. I imagine lengthy stays in one of these tanks could produce hallucinogenic visions. In what seemed like mere minutes, soft lights began to flicker signalling me the time was up.  Sure there had been an error, I checked the clock thinking I was only in there for five minutes, but no a full half hour had passed. Wow! This is what meditation feels like. I will be back.

BE Urban Wellness, best spa in Malaysia, best spa in Kuala Lumpur
Floatation Tank
BE Urban Wellness
Floating (Not me!)

Balinese Massage

Calmed, I was ready for a massage. Combining acupressure, reflexology, stretching and aromatherapy, circulation is stimulated, muscle and joint pain eased and a deep relaxation induced with a Balinese Massage. Both strong wide hand movements and delicate “meandering over the skin” strokes are used. A viscous oil proved extremely silky and my masseuse’s hands were some of the strongest I’ve experienced.

BE Urban Wellness, best spa in Malaysia, best spa in Kuala Lumpur
Treatment Room

Dr. Shigemoto

This 5-in-1 Japanese technology promises anti-ageing benefits and immediately tighter nourished skin. Combined with a manual facial, including cleansing, face massage, mask and serum, the encounter is both relaxing and rejuvenating. My therapist warned that the machine would be uncomfortable. I found it however to be quite pleasurable. I’m usually rather delicate when it comes to pain, but the tingling tightening sensation was more gratifying than grievous. My clinician paused after completing half of my face so that I could compare sides in the mirror. I was surprised to see a distinct reduction in fine lines (especially those directly under my eyes) after just one treatment. This is another new experience I hope to return for.

Magnificent Views

Both finished with our sessions and revitalised, we adjourned to the deck where a lap pool and sun chairs offer panoramic city views. A gymnasium, sauna, Jacuzzi and, this wonderful recreation terrace, are available for unlimited indulgence. A delicious ginger tea was sipped as we compared our mornings. We both agreed that this was one of the best “couples’ spa packages” we’ve engaged in.

BE Urban Wellness, best spa in Malaysia, best spa in Kuala Lumpur
Lap Pool with a View
BE Urban Wellness, best spa in Malaysia, best spa in Kuala Lumpur
Ginger Tea
BE urban wellness

Body Sculptor Treatment

My first session in BE Urban Wellness had me enamoured so I couldn’t wait to get back and try some other things on the menu. The slimming massage had caught my eye (as I’m sure it had many others) so having a short gap in my schedule (and feeling a bit tubby around the edges from too many wine paired dinners) I signed up.

Using the Alqvimia range of Essential Oils, strong hands pounded, stroked and pummelled. The product consists of high energy ingredients known for fat burning and detoxifying performance – Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Lavender, Fennel, Coriander, Lemon and Blessed Thistle. The Body Sculptor Treatment claims to contour and tone your figure. Focusing on my trouble spots felt great! All I had to do was lie there and enjoy the massage. Without taking a before and after photo, I can’t comment on whether or not three was an actual difference in my shape or not. It certainly felt great though and with the host of complementary treatments at BE Urban Wellness, if sculpting your body is a goal, their comprehensive packages will be able to help you.

A Holistic Approach to Wellness

As part of the approach to taking care of health from a holistic perspective, guests and members can choose from a comprehensive range of menus. Be Whole integrates mind and body with a selection of meditations including Himalayan, Ashtanga, Kundalini and Gong. Be Pampered covers massages, scrubs, wraps and baths. Be Well combines nutrition and pharmaceuticals in partnership with DSY Wellness and Longevity Centre to provide complementary nutrition treatment. Be Beautiful keeps you slim and smooth with a range of facials and body slimming options. Be Rejuvenated utilizes cutting edge health technologies such as the Oxygen Chamber, Pelvic X-Tone and Floatation Tank to revitalise. Finally, Be Bionic focuses on physical fitness through the latest equipment and help of expert fitness coaches.

Stay tuned for hubby’s HIS Experience at BE Urban Wellness.

BE Urban Wellness
Jalan Changkat Semantan
Damansara Heights
50490 Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 2095 1999

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  1. Wow, the view to die for!
    How could one possibly resist such temptation?!

  2. very intrigued on how it feels like to be in the floatation tank, sounds like a reverse experience from being under GA as far as time passage goes.

  3. Oh I love floatation tanks! I didn't think I'd find one in KL. I'm definitely going for that alone – I've never slept better than after a float session and the feeling of complete relaxation leaves you stress free for days!

  4. Oh I love floatation tanks! I didn't think I'd find one in KL. I'm definitely going for that alone – I've never slept better than after a float session and the feeling of complete relaxation leaves you stress free for days!

  5. That floatation tank sounds interesting. I've also never been one for meditation, but I think you've sold me on this experience.

  6. Impressive, I am sure this is a top place.


  7. I definitely need to check this out. The idea of the floatation tank will be lovely. Hopefully it takes my mind of things. I am sometimes quite amazed at my ability to not chill. There is always something in the mind…funny, serious, imaginations, worries…

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