The Daily Habit, New Breakfast Menu, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Daily Habit, New Breakfast Menu, Bangsar Shopping Centre
The Daily Habit

The Daily Habit

Words by Craig J Selby
Photos by The Yum List (Monica Tindall)
I don’t usually include breakfast in my routine, but after today I certainly understand why the daily habit is so essential to so many people. I woke up early, like 9:30am – yes I know, not early for most, but certainly for me!
I arrived, not quite so ‘bright eyed and bushy tailed’, to a very colourful and appealing cafe. The counter was lined with fresh seeds and nuts, muesli selections, and a range of fresh fruit; a clear direction of where today was heading. Healthy!
I ordered the Brain Stimulator to start with. A refreshing drink of grapefruit and pear juice. These two just happen to be my all-time favourite fruit, along with peach; but I actually chose the drink because of its name – Brain Stimulator – I needed something to get me in “functioning” mode. And it worked! Light, refreshing, zesty; this drink lived up to its name, and also reminded me that fruit combinations can be delicious. I am converted.
The Daily Habit, New Breakfast Menu, Bangsar Shopping Centre
Fresh Juice Blends – Brain Stimulator, Clean Red, Calcium Stepup (RM14 – 16)
My friends opted for the Calcuim Stepup, and the Clean Red. I sneaked a sip of both drinks – I like. But I will be sticking to my stimulator – I need all the help I can get in the morning.
Our charming hostess brought our first dish out – scrambled eggs. Served with caraway rye bread (yummy), these scrambled eggs came beautifully prepared with pieces of Scottish smoked salmon. A great aroma wafted across the table, as we all fought to get more of this tasty dish. The Daily Habit has a special “over the counter” set of concoctions, which can be served with food, or for take away – their home made hot sauces. The scrambled eggs were served with the hanabero hot sauce – more than just a little lift for the food – but wow, great! 
The Daily Habit, New Breakfast Menu, Bangsar Shopping Centre
Salmon Scrambled Eggs (RM20)
Next up was the quinoa power pack. I’ve heard a lot about quinoa, but this is a first trying for me. Using tri colour quinoa, served with a creamy yoghurt, nuts, fresh fruit, and extract of vanilla bean; this power pack had a great combination of flavor and texture. We were also treated to a quinoa parfait with wildberries. I loved this one – the mix of berries really elevates the flavor, but with the yoghurt in perfect balance – I actually forgot I was eating healthy and really enjoyed myself!
The Daily Habit, New Breakfast Menu, Bangsar Shopping Centre
Pear Quinoa Parfait (RM18)
The Daily Habit, New Breakfast Menu, Bangsar Shopping Centre
Wildberries Quinoa Parfait  (RM24)
Two delightfully full bowls of baked eggs appeared next. Generous in size, and appealing in nature, these two bowls represented different styles of cooking baked eggs – a vegetarian option; along with a more ‘meat-lovers’ option. They were both like a slice of heaven for me – imagine a combination between a delightfully light Quiche Lorainne and a monster breakfast plate. It was simply like a big breakfast all in one. Plenty of texture, big on flavor, and the nicest thing – no added salt or pepper – just all natural flavours from the eggs, vegetables, and the ham. As much as I loved the ham option, the vegetarian option won me over with its simplicity and flavor – a great breakfast dish for any day of the week. 
The Daily Habit, New Breakfast Menu, Bangsar Shopping Centre
Baked Eggs with Turkey Ham (RM18)
The Daily Habit, New Breakfast Menu, Bangsar Shopping Centre
Vegetarian Baked Eggs (RM18)
To finish our brunch off, we were treated to a selection of home-made scones. Three fresh varieties, each with their own distinct flavor, and each one served with a daily habit jam or marmalade. You know jam is fresh when you eat it here – the texture is amazing – not too sweet, but definitely full of flavor. The marmalade was certainly a favourite – and you can taste the orange rind in it – memories of olden style marmalade, spread thickly over the scone, just returned as a reality for me.
The Daily Habit, New Breakfast Menu, Bangsar Shopping Centre
Wholemeal Scones: Caramelized Ginger and Carrot; Fig and; Cranberry Orange (RM5 per piece)
The Daily Habit has an extensive range of tea (yes, coffee was on the menu too, but I’m very much a tea person). Sourced from specialty tea shops and providers, their range offers some great flavours with a twist. I opted for the Japanese Green Sencha – nice and light, with a great aroma. My friend chose the Chamomile Lavender – distinctive aroma, and a great way to finish off the brunch.
The Daily Habit, New Breakfast Menu, Bangsar Shopping Centre
Scones, Home Made Jam and Tea
Well, time was up, but there was still something that caught my eye as I was heading out. I purchased a bottle each of their four hot sauces, and then I noticed the pesto. A quick nip back to the table, where a small sampling of pesto was laid out, alongside soda bread, and tomato relish. Soda bread was nice and airy, with pumpkin seeds for added texture. The relish was rich with fresh tomato flavor, and went great with a slice of emmental cheese. But the pesto – divine. A lovely taste, quite distinctive in both flavor and texture – I see myself eating a lot more of this.
The Daily Habit, New Breakfast Menu, Bangsar Shopping Centre
Home Made Tomato Chutney
The Daily Habit is definitely Yum List material – the entire experience was of quality, taste, and innovative comfort food. I look forward to coming back.
Reason to visit: deliciously healthy everything!

The Daily Habit
Chi Fitness Centre
Lot 1-02 BRDB Tower
285 Jalan Maarof, Bangsar
59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+6 03 2202 3219
Open Monday – Saturday, 8am – 5pm
Pork free

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  1. that is the perfect reason to visit.. I vote for deliciously healthy living everyday! 😀

  2. Mmmmh, sounds delicious… but where do you get the idea that healthy cannot be scrumptious and tasty…maybe you need to let the brainstimulator wash that out soon…cause healthy and yummy are my way to go! Thanks… I will go and check this out and do you think they could open a place Ampangside.. we need more of this please!!

  3. Baked eggs look absolutely great. Scrambled, I would prefer it to be creamier…

  4. Parfait looks good, wonder how does it taste together with quinoa?

  5. I've heard a lot about Bangsar but have yet to visit. Love the bfast spread especially with the variety of scones! Baked eggs look sinful & mouth-watering……

  6. Hi Monica, the brain stimulator?! I imagine that's like having a slurpee from a 7/11 store that gives one brain freeze! What a name!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  7. Oh happy memories…everything that comes out of the kitchen of TDH is fresh and lovely, I adore it! Those quinoa parfaits are like heaven in a glass 🙂

  8. mmm… I love this kind of breakfast! So healthy and energizing ! Wish I can have this kind of breakfast everyday!

  9. what is the price for the cheapest but healthy breakfast ?

  10. that creamy egg with salmon… I m sold! 🙂

  11. Omg,
    All this food looks insanely good!

  12. I want to eat everything that you've pictured!

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