River Grill, Breakfast, Barbecue and A La Carte, Casa del Rio, Melaka, Malaysia

riverside restaurant, malacca
River Grill, Casa del Rio, Melaka

River Grill, Casa del Rio, Melaka

Words by Brooke Keel
Photos by The Yum List (Monica Tindall) 
The River Grill at the Casa del Rio in Melaka provides a theatre view of the happenings along the riverside both daytime and nighttime. The location is delightful, a mix of history and modernity; depending on the time of day, one can gaze out upon the riverside to see the bustle of tourists and locals as the sun goes down, or the simple calm of leisurers and flowing water earlier in the evening. We suggest sitting outside on the patio if the weather abides.   

river grill, malacca
Night Views from River Grill
A la Carte Dinner
Our dinner started as the sun began to set with some refreshing cocktails: the Classic and Strawberry Mojito (RM35), the Straights Colada (RM35), and one delicious Mango Martini (RM35). Water was served with essences of carrot, cucumber and celery to aid in clearing out toxins from the day.

Casa del Rio, melaka
bar rio
Mango Martini

Soon after came the Mesclun Greens Mix (RM22), an artichoke based salad with sun-dried tomatoes, orange, kalamata olives, pine nuts and garlic croutons, a favorite of ours, along with soft bread and butter. A melange of Seafood on Ice (a signature, RM160), the Crispy Fried Soft Shell Crab (RM24) on young mango salad, and the fantastic Tuna Tataki soon arrived (this was another favorite – very nicely done, perfectly seasoned on a bed of greens).

best restaurants malacca
Tuna Tataki
casa del rio, grill
Crispy Fried Soft Shell Crab 
River Grill
Seafood on Ice
River Grill, Casa del Rio
 Mesclun Greens Mix
The Pan-Seared Atlantic Cod (RM55) was wonderful, served with fennel salad, tomatoes, roasted garlic and beurre blanc – all agreed it was one of the highlights of the menu. The same was the case with the Crusted Lamb Rack, (RM77) which had a nice edge of parmesan and herbs, succulent and moist in the middle while not overly fatty. The Grilled Wagyu Tenderloin (220gm, RM193) was hearty, perfectly grilled, and beautifully seasoned. We enjoyed heartening sides, (RM10 each) such as Cauliflower with Cheese, Truffle Mash-potatoes, Sauteed Mediterranean Potatoes, and Cream of Spinach.  

river grill, melaka
Grilled Wagyu Tenderloin
river grill, malacca
Crusted Lamb Rack
For dessert we finished the evening with a Lemon Tart (RM18) (fashioned with a unique creme-brulee style crisped top), a Black and White Mousse (RM18) and a Tropical Fresh Fruit Platter with Lime (RM18). All the while, a local renowned piano player performed just inside. After we finished dinner, we headed just down the balconied walkway and made our way to take in the Casa del Rio’s live entertainment at Bar Sol where we danced the night away with the live Cuban band. A lovely evening on the river!

casa del rio, malacca
Lemon Tart
river grill
Fruit Platter
casa del rio, river grill
Black and White Mousse
Reasons to visit: Pleasing meat options by Chef Ong; Grilled Wagyu Tenderloin; Tuna Tataki; Pan-Seared Atlantic Cod; Crusted Lamb Rack; notable local piano player; live Cuban music entertainment next door at Bar Sol
River Grill Views
Saturday BBQ
A barbecue on the river is just as fun, festive and delicious as it sounds. On Saturday evening each week from 6:30pm onwards, let the day wind down with the scents and flavors of delectables from the grill, cooked on the balcony by the restaurant’s specialized barbecue chef. We enjoyed the perfectly grilled Tandoori Chicken and Butterfish (delicious), served with lemon, along with some delicious oven baked naan – soft but slightly crisped on the outside and not a bit greasy. Grilled shrimp, a small rack of lamb, and cuts of beef were nicely sized and expertly charred to our liking. 

casa del rio malacca
Tandoori Chicken and Butterfish 
casa del rio, river grill
Barbecue Chef
river grill, malacca
Mixed Grill
casa del rio, malacca
Dessert Buffet
The satay offerings we enjoyed were of beef and chicken, prepared in spicy turmeric marinade with a salt, pepper and sugar blend. We added a thick and yummy peanut and chili sauce, and tried various others as well, such as cucumber yogurt, dijon mustard, mango chutney, hot and spicy barbecue sauces and horseradish. All of the options can be hand chosen by the diner from the buffet display, and grilled promptly by the barbecue chef. It’s a flavorful and carefree way to spend a Saturday evening. Order a cocktail or glass of wine and enjoy the ambiance. Prices and offerings are dependant on what is fresh from the market, though you will always find tandoori chicken and fish, as well as the grilled lamb or beef and the chicken and beef satay. 

river grill, casa del rio
Wines by the Glass
river grill
Reasons to visit: BBQ on the riverfront; grilled seafood and meats; pleasant ambience
Buffet and A la Carte Breakfast 
Breakfast on the waterfront is certainly something to look forward to at the Casa del Rio’s River Grill. A compact buffet of local and traditional favorites is supported by plenty of delicious a la carte options, such as classic Eggs Benedict (RM19), Eggs Royale featuring smoked salmon on toast (thoroughly enjoyed, RM26), Eggs en Cocotte (another hit, RM19), and the Big Breakfast (RM26) consisting of fried eggs, sauteed mushrooms and tomatoes, crispy hash browns, turkey ham, baked beans and toasted bread. An omelette and waffle/pancake station is available to serve these freshly cooked options just to your liking. Enjoy a coffee, hot chocolate or tea, along with a selection of juices and fruits with soft bread or pastries from the buffet table. Buffet breakfast is RM45++ per person.

casa del rio, breakfast
Big Breakfast
casa del rio, malacca
Eggs on Toast
breakfast in malacca
Eggs Benedict
breakfast malacca
Eggs en Cocotte
breakfast at casa del rio, melaka
Eggs Royale

Reasons to visit: Breakfast buffet with various a la carte options; riverfront location; fresh juices and made-to-order egg and waffle/pancake cooking station.

River Grill at Casa del Rio, Melaka
88 Jalan Kota Laksamana
75200 Melaka
+60 6 289 6888
Breakfast – 6.30am  to 10.30am, Dinner – 6.30pm  – 11pm


  1. love the idea of enjoying all that lip-smacking seafood by the river 🙂

  2. Eyeing the soft shell crabs…and the seafood platter. Everything looks lovely. Glad that they restored the river – in the late 90's, it was so dirty, stinky…no one would ever want to go near. Malacca sure has gone a long way since then! Very nice place to visit.

  3. Hmmm… Yummy! Would love to try their seafood plater.
    Not sure if that's a good place to eat thou.
    I saw many water monitors in that river!

  4. Its looks like excellent grub any time of the day!

  5. Oh boy, miss this place so much! Reminds me of my last trip at Casa del Rio………

  6. The tuna and the seafood look fantastic. Great article. Looking forward to see you in October.


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