Chilean Pisco

El Pisco Gobernador, A Chilean Pisco

Chile and Peru have long had a healthy rivalry over the origins of Pisco, with each country making their own fine drops. We’re blessed in KL with varieties from both countries reaching Malaysian shores, showing themselves in the most established bars and homes of connoisseurs, and surfacing in more cocktails other than just the standard Pisco Sour (as good as it may be).

We recently found ourselves with a bottle of El Pisco Gobernador in our hands from the Miguel Torres winery in Chile. With rustic labeling, a simple glass bottle and cork seal, it provokes images of the Wild West and times when law was in the hands of the quickest gunslinger, and legends cleaned wounds with a splash of hard liquor and numbed the pain with the same.

Made with 50% Muscatel of Alexandria and 50% Rosé Muscatel, the liquid is transparent with hints of sparkle in the bottle. The faint scent of roses tickles the nose at first and leaves with a final aroma of honeyed lemon peels. It’s a mouth filler, with a long lingering finish.

If you’re not downing it in shots like the toughest of cowboys, it’s well suited to a good strong Pisco Sour and other cocktails too. The makers even suggest it as cheery addition to desserts.

The Pisco Sour recipe most people outside of Chile are familiar with is the Peruvian version made with lime juice, sugar syrup, egg white and Angostura bitters. A classic Chilean Pisco Sour however omits the bitters and egg white. Of course there are many variations on the drink including some lip smacking versions made with passion fruit or pineapple, but here we share a classic. Kindly provided by the wonderful team at the Embassy of Chile in Malaysia, below is a recipe for:

A Classic Chilean Pisco Sour

3 parts Pisco

1 part lemon juice

Sugar to taste

Add ice, mix in a cocktail shaker and strain.

While I like the sour tang of this beverage, hubby prefers something a little sweeter and is won over with another recipe again provided by the lovely folk at the Embassy of Chile, the Pisco Exotic.

Pisco Exotic

2 parts Pisco

1 part coconut cream

1 part passion fruit juice

5 parts pineapple juice

Pour over ice and serve.

Whichever way you like your Pisco, we love the tagline, “A million years of sunshine in a single drop.”

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  1. Love to have it right now

  2. Oopssss!!! You've got SPAM!

    White brandy from grape wine, Wiki says. Hmmmm…for a while I thought it was tuak – our ethnic fermented rice wine. The good ones are also clear, the not good ones may be milky.

  3. Love Pisco, tried it for the first time in Peru.


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