new restaurants in Chinatown Singapore

Five New Restaurants in Chinatown, Singapore

A recent stay in Chinatown amazed us with the number of new establishments in the area. We came across no less than 10 newly opened eating outlets in a matter of a day’s walk around. Here’s a rundown of our favourite:


Five New Restaurants in Chinatown, Singapore

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Afterglow – raw, organic, locally sourced, vegetarian, vegan, community minded – what’s not to love?
Bread and Hearth – handcrafted artisan breads. We adore their sandwiches made on big fat slices of rustic rye and wholewheat bread.
Two Fat Ladies Cafe – besides the catchy name this spot has a simple menu of reasonably priced food. Pasta starts at $10. Cakes from classic recipes are well made, and Happy Hours see good drink deals too. A pint of Tiger is priced at $10 and two for one spirits are sold for $12 (double shots!).
Potato Head Folk – funky location on the corner, serving big fat juicy burgers. It’s received a lot of interest because of its sister in Bali, however there is very little resemblance between the two. Receiving mixed reviews (mainly surrounding service), you’ll have to try it for yourself to decide.
Oyoge Taiyaki – Mochi Taiyaki (grilled fish-shaped mochi), in both traditional and new flavours, are the magnet for sweet lovers in this corner cafe. Hubby is fond of the cream cheese filling, but the black sesame and green tea flavours are also popular orders.
What newbies have you discovered in Chinatown?
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  1. I absolutely love the colours of the buildings!

  2. Your restaurants each look like a special place to stop by….but it's a bit far for me to go. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Bread and Hearth sounds like a nice place for fans of freshly baked treats 🙂

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