The Danna Spa, Langkawi, Malaysia

Sometimes all elements unite to form that mystical formula when you surrender to the moment, losing all sense of time, and the outside world becomes but a distant fading memory. For me it was at The Danna Spa. Product, ambience and therapist – all were in sync. Sinking in and out of consciousness, minutes may have passed or hours. It’s like being sucked up by a wormhole.
the danna spa
The Danna, Langkawi
The Danna Spa, Langkawi
The Danna Spa, Langkawi
The Danna Spa, Langkawi, Malaysia
Spa Reception
Our couple’s room is on the corner of the building facing the marina. White paneled doors fold open or closed. A Jacuzzi sits in the corner with separate shower, changing corner, dedicated area for the foot ritual, massage beds, basin and bench constructing the rest of the space.
The Danna Spa, Langkawi
Jacuzzi and View
From our armchairs we watch the boats softly bob in the calm harbour. Our therapists begin our session with a foot ritual while we sip on chilled sweet ginger tea. A foot soak and scrub steers both mind and body on the path towards relaxation.
The Danna Spa, Langkawi, Malaysia
Foot Ritual
We’ve signed up for both a massage and a facial. My Traditional Balinese Massage (60 minutes, RM270) uses medium to firm pressure with strokes of different thrusts acting like waves over the body – strong at first and then lightening in intensity. Kneading of muscles, especially those with knotted tissue, is given extra attention.
The Danna Spa, Langkawi, Malaysia
Single Treatment Room
The Danna Spa, Langkawi
Couple’s Treatment Room
Hubby wants something firmer so has requested The Danna Spa’s signature treatment, the Traditional Malay Urut (60 minutes, RM270). This healing technique has been passed down over generations and is essentially a strong pressure massage using elbows, forearms and hands to really dig deep.
The Danna Spa, Langkawi
Aromatherapy Oils
The aromas, temperature, ambient music, suppleness of the bed, quality of the linens, soft mesh disposable panties, are all just right. I start to drift off into a sense of timelessness and hubby has succumbed to a low rumbling snore.
The Danna Spa, Langkawi, Malaysia
Natural Products
A Brightening Facial (60 minutes, RM260) promises to remove dead skin cells with natural enzymes. Followed by treatment with essential oils it commits to leaving my complexion with a healthy glow. Whatever the outcome I’m impressed with the dexterity of the therapist. As her hands manipulate my face I admire the fine motor movements with which she cleanses, tones, moisturizes and massages the delicate muscles. I’m positive I’ll feel reinvigorated by the human touch even if the products work or not.
Hubby is sleeping through the Gentle Facelift for sensitive skin (60 minutes RM260). Aware or not, I guess he’s subconsciously appreciating the session, as intermingled with the snores are soft wumps of recognition. This facial undertakes to gently promote smooth radiant skin without aggravating dermis that is susceptible to irritation.
The Danna Spa, Langkawi
Ginger Tea
Re-robing and returning to reception, we finalize with a warm ginger tea, before bidding farewell with a promise to ourselves to return.
The Danna Spa, Langkawi, Malaysia
Reception Lounge
Reasons to visit: pretty location; quality products; skilled therapists; open ‘til late meaning a treatment before bed is a great nightcap.
The Danna Spa
The Danna, Langkawi
Telaga Harbour Park Pantai Kok
07000 Langkawi
+6 04 959 3288
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