The Spa, The Club, Saujana Resort Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Words: Brooke Keel      Photos: Monica Tindall
Nestled within an alcove of lush greenery and tranquil water, a collection of exquisite villas are dotted along a quiet path.  Each of the private villas encompasses a private spa sanctuary, available for single patrons in need of a pampering escape or guests looking for a romantic escapade of relaxing treatment. The beauty of these treatment villas is unparalleled, and the rooms (luxe cabanas, really) hold all the items needed for an hour or a day of luxury. Warm woods and soft lighting adorn the spacious treatment area, as does an impressive bath, filled with flowers and carved from a sizeable piece of volcanic rock.
The Spa, The Club, Saujana Resort Kuala Lumpur
The Spa Entrance


The Spa, The Club, Saujana Resort Kuala Lumpur
Walkway to Villas
We experienced two types of facial treatments and two different massages – all were top notch services that left us absolutely refreshed, rejuvenated, and wishing we could come back for more at the earliest possible date. The technicians and staff were professional, talented in their craft, and always at the ready. To be a guest at this spa setting is to remove oneself from the hectic movement of the outside world and completely decompress, while indulging in pampering and beautifying bliss.
The Spa, The Club, Saujana Resort Kuala Lumpur
Welcome Drink
The Hydra-Nourishing Facial (1 hour, 275RM) includes a deep cleansing ritual followed by toning, exfoliation, moisturizing and massage of the entire face and scalp. Light and decadent scents form a cocoon of luxury and indulgence. During the mask portion of this facial treatment, the esthetician performed a light hand massage, and did not neglect to treat the neck and décolleté. The end result was amazingly soft, toned and fragrant skin, along with a glowing complexion.
The Spa, The Club, Saujana Resort Kuala Lumpur
Spa Villa with Volcanic Stone Bathtub
The Timeless-Anti Wrinkle Facial (1 hour, 290RM) is suitable for mature skin. It promises improved tone and texture resulting in a more youthful experience. Nerve endings are stimulated with a variety of high quality products and hand techniques used by the therapist. While wrinkles are relaxed the skin benefits from increased hydration and becomes more supple. Hands, arms and shoulders are massaged during waiting times as masks are given time to work their magic. The conclusion leaves the face feeling fresh, toned and nourished.
The Spa, The Club, Saujana Resort Kuala Lumpur
Couple’s Villa
The Indian Warm Oil Massage (1 hour -190RM, 90 mins, 260RM) employed gentle, small strokes with a mild lavender oil. The scents, technique, surroundings, and even specialized music matched the spirit of the massage, which can be described as a completely immersive experience. The culmination of the treatment involved an amazing scalp massage, which left the massagee in a state of absolute tranquility.
The Spa, The Club, Saujana Resort Kuala Lumpur
Spa Oils
The Ancient Balinese Massage (1 hour, 190RM – 90 mins, 190RM – 2 hours, 320RM) utilises the firm strong hands of the masseuse to knead deep into muscles using the palm, heels of the hand, and thumb, to ease tension. Stretching, acupressure, long strokes and circular movements improve blood flow and leave the mind and body in contented harmony.
The Spa, The Club, Saujana Resort Kuala Lumpur
Natural Surrounds
In addition to these soothing indulgences, the spa offers an array of body polishes and body envelopments (all 1 hour, 150RM), eye, hand and foot treatments, bath rituals (a range of offerings and prices), and a multitude of additional massage and facial treatment options.  Packages are offered for more extensive visits and combined, complementary spa treatments.
Reasons to visit: Pampered bliss in a lush rainforest corner of the Saujana resort, high end treatments, exquisite private treatment villas.
The Spa
The Club, Saujana Hotel 
Jalan Lapangan Terbang SAAS
40150 Shah Alam
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
+603 7840 5026
Operating Hours : Tuesday to Thursdays (12.00 noon to 10.00pm), Friday to Sundays (10.00am to 10.00pm)
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