Wild Orchid, Anantara Resort and Spa, Seminyak, Bali

Situated directly on Seminyak Beach, Wild Orchid restaurant first captured our attention with their gourmet breakfasts. After nearly three weeks of travel in Bali, we’d done our fare share of sampling and found the morning fare at Anantara Resort and Spa undoubtedly the best hotel start to the day we’d come across.
An epicurean feast, comprising a compact buffet of international and Asian bites supported by an a la carte menu, is the stuff brekkie lover’s dreams are made of. Everything sounded so tempting it was hard to know where to start. Lucky we had three days at Anantara Resort and Spa so we made a concerted attempt at trying it all.
Wild Orchid, Anantara Resort and Spa, Seminyak
Green Tea and Cashew Nut Biscuit
The buffet has a wonderful cheese selection. There’s not a strip of plastic Gouda or overly processed cheddar in sight. Instead we nibbled on fresh mozzarella with olives, feta and sun-dried tomatoes, oozy wedges of Brie, and many more as the array changed daily. The same goes for the cold cuts and smoked meats display, which is adjusted seasonally and also in accordance to the daily catch in the case of smoked fish.
wild orchid, Anantara resort and spa
Local Sweets
Healthy fare is found in a showcase of fresh and dried fruits, yoghurts, cereals and a variety of milk options: soy; skim; yoghurt; and full cream; but the pastry section is assured to test your willpower. Freshly baked croissants, Danishes, muffins and fruit tarts have even the most nutritiously minded ogling the oven-baked parade. Some local delights, both sweet and savoury, round up the assortment. And… that’s just the mini-buffet.


wild orchid, anantara resort and spa
Cassava Hotcakes with Tamarillo Butter – Must Try!!!


The a la carte menu had our heads spinning. How to choose? We sincerely endeavored to appreciate across the list, but we did have some clear favourites that we couldn’t help placing repeat orders. Antantara eggs benedict; egg white omelette with rocket and olives; fluffy banana pancakes with honeycomb and mascarpone; cassava hotcakes with tamarillo butter… It’s all so scrumptious. Besides the location and wonderful boutique attention to detail, breakfast alone is reason enough to check-in to Anantara Resort and Spa. And… the line-up of creative cuisine doesn’t stop at breakfast.

Wild Orchid, Anantara Resort and Spa, Seminyak
Anantara Eggs Benedict
Wild Orchid, Anantara Resort and Spa, Seminyak
Banana Pancakes with Honeycomb and Mascarpone
An assortment of local fare, world flavours and some healthy options too are made to order for the rest of the day up until 11pm. Views are entertaining on either side of the restaurant with open kitchens granting a peek into the work behind the scenes on one end and, bewitching sunsets and the grandness of the Indian Ocean contemplated from the other.
wild orchid, anantara spa
Egg White Omelette
On our first day we sampled Rare Tuna Tacos (Rp. 145 000) with black beans, feta, guacamole and mango salsa, and a Roast Chicken and Pomelo Salad (Rp. 115 000) heaped with coriander, shallots and a chili lime dressing. Both were mouthwateringly fresh and offered just enough of a twist on each of the original versions to keep us intrigued, and wanting to try more.
Wild Orchid, Anantara Resort and Spa, Seminyak
Roast Chicken and Pomelo Salad
Wild Orchid, Anantara Resort and Spa, Seminyak
Rare Tuna Tacos

So, try more we did! Lunch our second day saw both hubby’s carnivorous taste buds and my healthy, sustainable preferences, 100% satisfied.

A Healthy Lifestyle section showcased raw, vegan and healthy (nutritionally dense, low calorie foods with moderate levels of protein and carbohydrates) listed with their nutritional contents below each description. Cashew Hummus (Rp. 95 000) with flaxseed crackers and Greek vegetables made a delicious raw start for me. Followed up with the Organic Quinoa Salad (Rp. 125 000) featuring toasted almonds, nashi pear, papaya relish and a curry vinaigrette, I was a very happy girl.
Wild Orchid, Anantara Resort and Spa, Seminyak
Raw Cashew Hommus with Flaxseed Crackers and Greek Vegetables
Wild Orchid, Anantara Resort and Spa, Seminyak
Organic Quinoa Salad

Hubby thought he’d balance out his burger order by starting with something lighter so the Steamed Edamame (Rp. 55 000) was his conscious calming choice. Topped with black and white sesame seeds and an addictive lime salt, it was a great start. Tipping the seesaw in the opposite direction, the US Angus Beef Burger (Rp. 165 000) got his vote for a tasty main. A plump beef patty came wedged between a soft bun with melted cheddar cheese, grilled onion and meaty strips of bacon. The top bun slice was just off centre revealing the crowning glory, a sunny-side-up fried egg seductively bulging and stretching its membrane, ready to release a stream of runny yolk at the slightest nick.

Wild Orchid, Anantara Resort and Spa, Seminyak
Wild Orchid, Anantara Resort and Spa, Seminyak
US Angus Beef Burger

Skipping dessert, we decided on cocktails instead. We blame the seaside location on our midday imbibition.  Adorned with a slice of star fruit, the Colonel Martini (Rp. 125 000), with vodka, Triple sec, sweet and sour, fresh cucumber and muddled star fruit, coaxed us on to continue. A splash of local was savoured in the Arak Madu (Rp. 125 000) with arak, muddled lime wedge and local honey. In a final thirst quencher we sipped on the Pink Flamingo Ice Tea (Rp. 60 000). A non-alcoholic blend of TWG Pink Flamingo poured over ice with fresh berries and blackberry syrup for sweetness, cooled, refreshed and left us with thoughts of our next return.

Wild Orchid, Anantara Resort and Spa, Seminyak
Arak Madu
Wild Orchid, Anantara Resort and Spa, Seminyak
Colonel Martini
Wild Orchid, Anantara Resort and Spa, Seminyak
Pink Flamingo

Reasons to visit: awesome location right on Seminyak Beach; fresh light cuisine with raw, organic and vegan options; varied selection of both Western and Asian dishes; cocktails using local ingredients; delectable Western breakfasts with a splash of local flavour.

Wild Orchid
Anantara Resort and Spa
Jalan Abimanyu (Dhyana Pura)
Seminyak, Bali


  1. I'd love to try those local sweet treats – same as our peranakan/nyonya ones from the looks of them. All the eggs are just the way I love them, runny yolks. Pancakes look good too – my girl loves them like this, with bananas.

  2. A really beautiful place! And they certainly know how to present their offerings!

  3. What a great place to recharge! The local sweets are something that i wanna try!

  4. skipping desserts for cocktails … i'd like that option too! heheh 😀 pics of the food and drinks look wonderful 😀

  5. Oh I can recognise 4 out of 5 of their local sweets.
    Don't think I've tried the triangular ones.
    What are they called?
    Like samosa but sweet 🙂 ?

  6. wow, what a festive dishes to starting a day!!!
    Bali cuisines would never ending to explore/////

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