Christmas Shopping Done! Wine Talk – Wine Delivery, Malaysia

Christmas Shopping, Wine Talk, Wine Delivery
Wine Delivery from Wine Talk

Christmas Gifts from Wine Talk

Say goodbye to the woes of Christmas shopping for just the right prezzie, and while you’re at it, throw out the burden of finding, selecting and transporting festive booze for your celebrations too. Wine Talk, Malaysia’s premier online wine delivery service, makes the end of the year much more fun with ready made gift packs and a cheery assortment of drops that are bound to augment your merrymaking.
Liking to plan ahead, The Yum List signed up for a stock of goodies in preparation for our own revelry, and gifts for our beloved family and friends. What we LOVE about Wine Talk shopping is; it’s all online, every wine is preselected and tasted by a professional sommelier, there’s no traffic woes to and from the store, no wondering about the quality of the vintage or how it has been stored, no raised eyebrows at the checkout by the cashier overthe load I’m purchasing, no struggling with heavy boxes to and from my car,  no trying to pry recommendations from an unwilling shop attendant – basically no fuss!
First step.         I sign into Wine Talk online.
Second step.    I click on what grabs my attention.
Third step.       I confirm payment.
My entire payload arrives in three working days, and all I‘ve had to do is three minutes of clicking online. My end of year gift assignment is complete. Our house will be abundantly stocked for the festive months, and I’ve gotten out of the ‘silly season,’ of ridiculously torturous shopping experiences, unscathed.
Now three days is for regular delivery service and perfect for those, who like me, can think more than a day in advance. For types like hubby however, they fully understand the need for Emergency Wine on occasion, so the Wine Talk crew have teamed up with Room Service to provide a selected range of drops direct to your doorstep in less than an hour! (Available daily between 11am and 11pm).
Besides great prices on bubbly, such as Moet and Chandon at RM170 a bottle, some very fine wine including the Ace of Spades at RM1280 a bottle, and a wide array of affordable and perfectly quaffable wines, we signed up to try a few of the latest arrivals.
Hailing from a winery using sustainable practices we grab an introductory price on the Domaine Maby ‘La Fermade’ Lirac Red (RM92), which has received David’s 5 Star rating.  Known at home as a GMS – Grenache/Mourvedre/Syrah- this Rhone blend promises a dense, full palate with stratums of fruit and anis, and a lengthy finish.
Christmas Shopping, Wine Talk, Wine Delivery
Domaine Maby ‘La Fermade’ Lirac Red
Chinon ‘Les Pensees de Pallus’ 2011 (RM100) comes free of delivery charge with a purchase of two or more bottles. One of Wine Club’s favourite wines, this full bodied red, is aged in oak for over 12 months and then another six in tanks, producing a dry wine perfect for partnering with roast beef or a cold-cut and cheese party platter.
Christmas Shopping, Wine Talk, Wine Delivery
Chinon ‘Les Pensees de Pallus’ 2011
Negroamaro Salento 2013 (RM63) makes a lovely festive drop with its bright pink hue. Full bodied, dry and crisp, with a persisting fruitiness in the finish, this rosé slides down easily on its own, but too plays nicely with salad and oily fish such as salmon.
Christmas Shopping, Wine Talk, Wine Delivery
Negroamaro Salento 2013
From Mendoza Argentina, a 2011 Tucumen Chardonnay (RM72) smells of a spring garden with white flower and honey aromas. Pasta, chicken, cream sauces and light dressings suit this dry, medium bodied drop.
Christmas Shopping, Wine Talk, Wine Delivery
2011 Tucumen Chardonnay
Free gift boxes, complimentary delivery and a variety of goodies such as bottle openers are given away throughout the year. We think it’s a fantastic service, and so will you.
Christmas Shopping, Wine Talk, Wine Delivery
Gift Boxes
Reasons to purchase: no fuss gifts that will truly be appreciated; easy shopping for end of year festivities.
Wine Talk with Room
1300 88 9788


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  1. Wonderful!!! You know, you mentioned that you are highly sensitive to sound…I am, too!!! I don't like parades, concerts and the like because I find it too noisy. I prefer a quiet setting, such as in a quiet park, in nature, or at home relaxing, sipping a cup of hot chocolate or tea. I am what is known as a HSP (highly sensitive person). It is good to know that we have this in common, about liking quiet.

  2. Christmas shopping time again! 😉
    Haven't done much shopping yet though. lol
    But I can't wait for Boxing Day sales already!

  3. Lovely thought of wine and a quiet day. But I'll be making it through the crowds on Saturday with my daughter for Christmas shopping. I don't have a long list, but am looking for some special items. Enjoy the day!

  4. You really do know your wine. I like to eat salmon so I guess I should try out Negroamaro Salento 2013. Wine Talk website really makes it so convenient to buy wine.

  5. Thanks for sharing great places for wine!

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