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Epic Fit Meals Co., Healthy Delivery, Damansara Perdana

Words: Kristin Cosgrove    Photos: Monica Tindall
There are many great health food delivery services popping up around KL, but many require ordering at least a day advance – until now.  Epic Fit Meals Co. is the first healthy meal delivery service to offer on demand delivery in 30-45 minutes! Make a call and less than an hour later, you’ll be enjoying comfort food with a healthy twist. For now, delivery is open to those in Damansara Perdana, Damansara Mutiara, TTDI and Bandar Utama areas, with hopes to expand the area over time.
A full professional kitchen makes on-demand ordering possible; Epic Fit includes a small storefront on the ground floor of Metropolitan Square in Damansara Perdana where they also offer takeout and dine-in options. Epic Fit’s outlet is simple, but trendy and very pleasant. A row of stools and a low counter along the window allow for five or so diners to have a view of the street, while a large wooden bar table and stools for 12 dominate the remainder of the dining space. A white brick wall with black statement letters announce, “Epic as Usual”.
The folks at Epic worked for six months to develop their menu, ensuring a good variety and food that will taste as good delivered as it does in the dining room.  Comfort food from across the globe is represented, like Irish colcannon, pizza, Thai wraps and much more. Most dishes are chicken based, with some beef. Juices, salads, and a large range of sides round out a varied menu for easy mix-and-matching into a healthful meal, no matter what eating plan you are on. Calorie counts are thoughtfully listed on the menu and using fresh ingredients mean lower calories; dishes here are typically around 300 calories with fairly large portions!
We tried a smorgasbord of dishes from the menu, all of which were very filling, flavorful and ultimately wholesome.  Epic Fit meals come in an attractive paper packaging, both when dining in and for delivery. This is a nice departure from the scourge of plastic takeaway containers usually associated with delivery.
The cold pressed juices would make a fine light meal on their own. With no sugar added and only fruits and veggies, these elixirs are so pulpy and fiber-full they are almost chewable. Classic Trifecta (RM 7.80) is a refreshing blend of carrot, apple and pear.  Green juice lovers will enjoy the Coolie Beauty (RM 7.80) with cucumber, apple, ginger, celery and lemon. For a thicker smoothie with yogurt as a base, try the Red Apple Honey (RM8.80).
Epic Fit Meals Co., Healthy Food Delivery, Damansara Perdana
Cold Pressed Juices
We dive into the Epic Grilled Chicken and I’m delighted to find a tender and juicy breast with a secret blend of Epic’s own herbs and spices. How I’d love to get my hands on that recipe! This marinated chicken is the basis for all the chicken dishes and was so good, that we forgot to even use the sauce we ordered.
Epic Fit Meals Co., Healthy Food Delivery, Damansara Perdana
Epic Grilled Chicken
The chicken comes with a choice of four sauces, including the O.Z’s Barbie-Q, Apple Salsa, Bonza Peppa and Eziki. Chicken can be ordered a-la carte or as a set with one or two sides.  We order it with a salad and side of cauli-rice. The latter is made from riced cauliflower (as the name suggests), which has a consistency much like rice, but the flavor evokes nuttiness of the cruciferous veggie. It’s a great Paleo option for those watching their carb intake but craving a more sinful taste.
Epic Fit Meals Co., Healthy Food Delivery, Damansara Perdana
Epic’s Cauli-Rice
Epic Fit’s baked fried chicken is so good, it has me pondering making the drive from Ampang for a fix. It comes in three flavors; we dig into an order of Epic Curry Grande, delectable chicken smothered in Japanese Chicken Katsu-Curry sauce, a built from scratch vegetable-based curry minus the sinful coconut milk. I’m surprised by the crispiness of the breading despite the gravy, due to having baked the chicken rather than frying it in heavy oil.
Epic Fit Meals Co., Healthy Food Delivery, Damansara Perdana
Epic Curry Grande
Flanking the chicken is a tremendously tasty side of coleslaw – some of the crunchiest and freshest I’ve ever tried. Instead of mayonnaise, a yogurt dressing coats the cabbage, carrots and onions, adding to the flavor of the veggies rather than overwhelming them. Mashed Japanese sweet potatoes are a flavorful paleo side option, which my dining partner particularly enjoyed.
Eziki chicken was probably my favorite dish of the day, with a tangy tzatziki sauce of yogurt, cucumber, mint and dill. We add a side of traditional Irish Colcannon, mashed potatoes with leek and cabbage. Yum! The creamy potatoes are accented with the crunch of the cabbage, making for a hearty and interesting side dish.


Epic Fit Meals Co., Healthy Food Delivery, Damansara Perdana
Epic Grilled Chicken with Eziki
Perhaps not considered the most healthy of meals, Epic’s “Flying” Pizza is as healthful as a pizza can probably get, and extremely delicious! A crispy, flaky and very, very thin crust is topped with all natural, premium meats and 100% real cheese. The proof is in the taste!
Epic Fit Meals Co., Healthy Food Delivery, Damansara Perdana
Pollo Supremo Pizza
If you’re looking for a warm hug in a bowl, look no further than the home-style beef stew. Just as good as mom used to make, with fresh celery and carrots in a rich broth, served with coleslaw and your choice of Cilantro Lime Rice or Brown Oat Rice.
Epic Fit Meals Co., Healthy Food Delivery, Damansara Perdana
Homestyle Beef Stew
Finally, if you’re hoping for a meal in a wrap with a kick for your taste buds, the Zesty Thai wrap (RM12.80) will not disappoint. With the right mixture of soft wrap, crunchy veggies and spicy meat, I could eat one of these every day.
Epic Fit Meals Co., Healthy Food Delivery, Damansara Perdana
Zesty Thai Wrap
Even after trying so many usually heavy foods, my dining companions and I still feel great, ready to conquer the rest of our day. Surely a little sweet treat wouldn’t hurt. Epic Fit is still trying to develop a good dessert that will withstand the delivery process. What would you suggest?
Reason to visit: On-demand healthy food delivery, great variety, comfort food with a healthy twist.
+6 03 7733 3375
Hours are 11am-11pm.


  1. Too bad I'm so far away. Everything looks really good. Lovely colours.

  2. Wow…healthy food delivery that you can get in an instant…that's great! Too bad I'm not within their delivery area.

  3. I think this one is the best out of the lot that you have reviewed so far! The dishes all looked fantastic!

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    Mmmm look at the beef stew. 🙂

  6. Would love to see them expanding to Penang 🙂

  7. That chicken looks great….makes me hungry at nearly midnight.

  8. I'm impressed they can make and deliver such delicious food so quickly! Fresh and healthy – a winning combination 🙂

  9. Grace Bethany

    Thanks for the recommendation. I’m going to try them out.

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