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Artisanal breads and third wave coffee beans is what first attracted our visit to the Bread Lounge in GTower Hotel. Upon arriving however, we’re too taken by the décor. I giant red chili sculpture centres the low lounges, and indoor plants line the surrounding walls. The neutral tones of furniture and flooring keep the ambience casual and calm, and Wi-Fi connectivity makes it a popular place to catch up with emails over a cuppa and cake.
We’re here today for an afternoon nibble and some refreshment. First orders are drinks and hubby begins with a Cappuccino (RM12.50++), which he gives a strong thumbs up ordering a second, and I an AlexandriaTWG Tea (RM13.50++ per pot), which is a blend of green tea, mint and spice.
rgb coffee beans
gtower hotel bread lounge
Alexandria TWG Tea
The lounge’s highlights are fresh breads, pastries and macarons. Rye and Milano breads are popular take away items, while the croissants (RM1.50) are all round best sellers. These buttery flaky crescents are cooked daily to the classic French recipe. Chef Kamal says he only uses traditional recipes and is especially proud of these beauties. He receives many positive comments on the croissants, and it would seem hubby concurs, as he has already scoffed down two with his hot beverage.
bread lounge, gtower
Fresh Breads
bread lounge, gtower
Macarons (RM4) soon turn out to be one of my top picks for production in KL. Smooth shells, with crisp outers and slightly softer inners, hold just the right amount of creamy fillings. Flavoured naturally, they’re not overly sweet, and the case cracks its delicate frame only when bitten into, splitting but not crumbling.
gtower, bread lounge
I appreciate the European classics, but enjoy some of the local flavour infusions too. My favourites are the Crème Caramel – a chocolate shell holding creamy sticky caramel – and the Peanut Butter and Jelly with its slightly chewy centre and distinctive peanut taste. Hubby loves the coconut. It’s a little firmer in texture and fills the mouth with that lovely coconutty flavour, and a mild hint of pandan proves a lovely complement.
gtower hotel
Macarons – Creme Caramel, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Coconut and Pandan
If you’d like to leave the decisions in someone else’s hands, make a request for the Hi-Tea Set (RM50). It’s not advertised, but they will make one for you on demand.  The three-tiered tray is ideal for sharing, and drinks are ordered separately.
bread lounge
High Tea Set
The bottom tier features chocolate mousse, a cream puff, red velvet and opera cakes, and cheesecake. Hubby is in raptures over the cream puff, and it leaves a huge cheesy grin on his face for minutes after swallowing. The desserts are all balanced in flavour and texture and we happily note that they’re not unduly saccharine.
gtower hotel
Sweets from High Tea
The middle is filled with sandwiches made on fresh spongy breads: smoked beef on focaccia with mayonnaise and green lettuce; turkey, cheese and tomato on a soft white roll; and ciabatta holds smoked salmon, sliced tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise and capers.
Salmon on Ciabatta
Scones crown the set and come with blueberry jam and fresh cream. They’re surprisingly light, but with a solid enough texture to last for a few chews in the mouth. They actually win my approval, which is a tough thing to do when it comes to these treats. Chef smiles with my validation and tells too, just as with the croissants, that his baked goods recipes are all traditional. French is French, English is English and so on. No adaptations.
bread lounge, gtower
Reasons to visit: calm casual atmosphere, Wi-Fi connectivity, fresh breads baked daily, macarons, good value high-tea set, stock cleared after 4:30pm sells at a discounted rate.
Bread Lounge GTower Hotel
199 Jalan Tun Razak
50450 Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 2168 1919
Open 7am – 8pm daily
Bakery is Halal certified


  1. Oh you had me at 'Bread Lounge'! It's always fab to be able to buy proper bread. And the scones look pretty successful too.

  2. The scones remind me of Devonshire tea which I love but don't have often.
    All is looking good and it's good you get to try once in awhile the food that is shown etc.

  3. Love those colourful macarons! xoxo

  4. The croissant looks good.

  5. The high tea set has some yummy-looking treats =)

  6. Not overly sweet macarons? Then I must give them a try! 🙂

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