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View Rooftop Bar, GTower, Kuala Lumpur

A vibrant atmosphere draws the crowds to View Rooftop Bar with panoramic vistas looking out from the city centre towards suburbia and the surrounding highlands, contemporary design, and upbeat staff ready to recommend a beverage to tickle guests’ personal fancies.
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GTower View from Bar
 Despite covering a massive 9000 square feet and accommodating up to 400 guests, the View Rooftop Bar offers a surprisingly intimate experience. Cornering the building, a number of indoor and outdoor areas provide smaller nooks for privacy and larger expanses to join the party.
View Rooftop Bar, GTower, Kuala Lumpur
Rooftop Patio
Choose to sit al fresco on a lounge rimmed with greenery or tempt vertigo with a stool edging the transparent railing peering down from the 29th floor. Something on the air-conditioned glass-walled patio might be more your preference – a high table, sofa, or a perch at the bar. Giant sequins hang on the back wall, twinkling with the slightest of breezes and adding just a tiny touch of glam to the breezy building top.
View Rooftop Bar, GTower, Kuala Lumpur
View Rooftop Bar
We pop in for pre-dinner drinks as we’ve heard the head mixologist Joel John and his bar team have a reputation for whipping up some crafty cocktails. And… it just so happens that we’re in the mood for entertainment, and we’re thirsty.
View Rooftop Bar, GTower, Kuala Lumpur
Mixologist Joel John preparing the Teh Tarik
Teh Tarik (RM38) is an award winning concoction featuring Glenlivet single malt whisky (12 years) with Malaysia’s very own tea time favourite, condensed milk tea. It’s even shaken and poured from high just like you see in the mamak stalls. Presented warm in a glass mug and crossed with a cinnamon stick, it makes a perfect nightcap. The tea gives a slightly bitter ending, the whisky its own distinct savor, and a very mild sweetness comes from the condensed milk.
View Rooftop Bar, GTower, Kuala Lumpur
Teh Tarik
Another local ingredient, gula Melaka, is given stardom in the Champagne Tropicale (RM48). Mango, Luxardo Maraschino liquor and Mumm Champagne partner up to create a fizzy tropical explosion, perfect for a hot lazy evening. The rich yellow liquid fizzes in the Champagne flute almost as if saluting the white orchid that garnishes the glass.
View Rooftop Bar, GTower, Kuala Lumpur
Champagne Tropicale
Head mixologist Joel’s signature is Scandalous (RM29). Absolut raspberry vodka, fresh watermelon juice, fresh passion fruit, fresh lemon juice and homemade syrup is poured over ice and adorned with a fresh wedge of passion fruit. My first sip finds the drink refreshing and ideally suited for KL’s warm climate. Unfortunately I don’t get a chance to confirm my impression as when I reach over to take the glass again, hubby has a huge smile on his face as he slurps the final sip. I guess that’s testimony enough.
View Rooftop Bar, GTower, Kuala Lumpur
Now feeling a light buzz and with slightly inflated confidence, we’re ready to give the fine art of cocktail designing a whirl for ourselves. Name Your Potion… or Poison (RM38) allows us to consult with a mixologist to bring our whims to life. First step is to choose a spirit, next a texture, third a flavour, fourth add some fruit, and the last is the naming of the beverage, and of course this one is titled The Yum List by Joel.
View Rooftop Bar, GTower, Kuala Lumpur
The Yum List cocktail by Joel
“This is The Yum List cocktail as you wish,” says Joel as he presents two large tiki ceramics. “I
give you five years Angostura dark rum, a touch of mango for tropical fruit, spices with fresh ginger and the flavour of anise with Pernod liquor, and a splash of banana liqueur to end.” It’s got it all: looks, smell and taste. This smooth, easy drinking blend, garnished with pandan leaf, star anise and ginger, has quickly become our favourite beverage.
View Rooftop Bar, GTower, Kuala Lumpur
The Yum List cocktail by Joel
We’ve had tremendous fun at View Rooftop Bar: cool evening breezes: open rooftop location; chic ambience; and some cleverly crafted cocktails pleasing our palates and tickling our imaginations. View Rooftop Bar is well-deserving of traffic and with some splendid *happy hour deals, there’s no reason to delay a visit.
Reasons to visit: creative cocktails; breezy chic rooftop scene, The Yum List cocktail by Joel.
View Rooftop Bar GTower Hotel
199 Jalan Tun Razak
50450 Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 2168 1919
* Happy Hours run daily from 5pm until 9pm with various discounts on beer, wine and cocktails. Tenants of GTower get the deal all night long.
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  1. Interesting teh tarik but i am not too sure if i would wanna try for that price…

  2. Spectacular view!!! =D

  3. That is quite a place with the glass and the view!

  4. I'm sure The Yum List cocktail was really good!

  5. Shudders!!! No high places for me, thank you.

  6. Great view looking over the rooftops and looking down, I would like that.

  7. A couple of The Yum List and the sun setting over that skyline would set me right 🙂

  8. Cozy atmosphere and spectacular views! And thanks for explaining what Teh Tarek is, because I was going to ask about it. 🙂 I also like the outfit on the mixologist, very nice. 🙂

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