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Best KL Restaurant Picks as Chosen by 10 Year Olds

This week The Yum List gets some advice from some food savvy fourth graders. Some of these youngsters are in the process of learning English as a second or third language, so have done an incredible job of communicating their passion. Check out KL’s best restaurants as judged by 10 year olds and take note of a message to take care of our Earth too!

Pretz n’ Beanz

By Ferdinand
Pretz n’ Beanz
Pretz n’ Beanz is a very comforting café with heavenly and delightful food.
If you are walking around Malaysia trying to find the best of the best of food, the very amazing and most promising food, wander no more because Pretz n’ Beanz will be waiting for you. The food there is the most excellent quality that anyone can imagine. Some of the main specialties are the pretzel, pretzel pizza, thick toast and coffee. Starting, the pretzel, unlike other pretzels in other stores, are soft and fluffy, non-oily and 100% natural with no preservatives. With a variety of flavours, including the plain, original, and cinnamon sugar, these pretzels are mouth watering. To fit more into your most splendid taste buds, there is the pretzel pizza. It is thick pizza made with pretzel dough. It earns the title of the one and only pretzel pizza in Malaysia. The very scrumptious pizza also comes in various flavours. Some of the very favourites are the chilli chicken, Hawaiian chicken and pepperoni. Then there’s the thick toast; it is a very extraordinary type of thick toast. It’s special flavours are, the the garlic honey, and the most popular, the caramel butter thick toast. Next up, another must have, the Pretz and Stew, it also earns the one in only Malaysia title. It is called that because of the pretzels being dipped in some delightful stew. Some popular flavours are beef goulash, green curry and cheesy chicken. Moving on to the coffee, we have one of our most frequent, the latté. It has very outstanding taste and is fragrant indeed. Of course there are other marvelous dishes, but these are some of the very best.

Marvellous Italian Food In KL

By Grace
Pizza Brava
The unbelievable restaurant in KL that I recommend is, Pizza Brava! This restaurant is a lovely place that serves Italian food. It has cheesy pizza that will make your mouth water. The reason why I recommend this restaurant is that it has hot stretchy cheese with unique and flavorful tastes. It gives me a delightful and cheerful feeling when I eat the pizza. I love this restaurant because it has a lovely variety of pizza tastes. From the menu I suggest you eat the All Divola pizza and Rucola pizza. All Divola pizza is a pepperoni pizza that’s made with tomatoes, cheese, beef pepperoni and chilies. Rucola pizza is a Margherita pizza served with rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes and Parmesan cheese. The small size pizza is RM18 and the big size is also both RM25. The location of Pizza Brava is Sri Hartamas Malaysia KL. But if you’re a person that doesn’t enjoy Italian food then this restaurant will not be a great place for you. If you visit, I hope you have a wonderful time.

The Daily Grind

By Nathaniel
The Daily Grind
If you want a delicious, wonderful, amazing juicy burger with onion rings and comfortable dining, The Daily Grind is the place for you. First and foremost, The Daily Grind has a large selection of food. It has meaty filling burgers, satisfying flavorful hot dogs, and appealing and exquisite desserts. But in my opinion, the burgers are the best. Moreover, the staff is very helpful because they ask you questions, and the atmosphere is delightful. I would suggest The Down By The Farm Burger because it’s perfectly cooked and the extra toppings like onion rings, lettuce, and corn bread make the burger lip-smacking and irresistible. In my opinion, The Daily Grind is the best burger place in KL- # irresistible burger!

Best Japanese Restaurant – Senjyu



Do you like your food nice and quick? If yes then Senjyu is the place for you. If you ask me Senjyu is the best Japanese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. My favourite is the hot Tempura Udon. It is so tasty that every time I go to Senjyu I order it before we even get the menu. But sometimes I take a chance and try something new. If you ask me the price range is not too expensive. Prices range from RM9 to about RM30. From my experience eating at Senjyu can be a blast. You can even feel the food bursting with flavour in your mouth. Senjyu is the BEST place you could possibly eat at.

KL Tower Restaurant, Atmosphere 360

Atmosphere 360
You can make Memories with KL Tower’s Atmosphere 360 Restaurant. First off, the food in the KL Tower can be very delicious and yummy. The food is served on a buffet. That means, that you have to serve yourself and do a little D.I.Y. The food is both international, from Malaysia and sometimes modern cuisine. Second of all, the price could be a bit pricey, ranging from RM71.35 to RM92.45 for the entry and food. But it is worth it going there to make memories. Lastly, the landscape and sights viewed from the KL Tower are amazing. You can see a view of beautiful KL when you get on the top floor. It’s even more amazing when you go at night. All the lights in KL light up and make a beautiful sight to see. Also, it spins around 360 degrees -but slowly. Have the best day with KL Tower’s Atmosphere 360 Restaurant.

Lau Shan – The Best Dessert in KL


Hui Lau Shan
If you already ate lunch but are still hungry, and you’re wondering what to eat for your dessert, stop thinking too hard and go straight to Hui Lau Shan.
Hui Lau Shan has the best desserts in KL. It’s a fantastic dessert shop from Hong Kong. Since the desserts are mostly made of tasty mangoes, they are healthy desserts to eat. For example, Hui Lau Shan has Mango Pancake, Mango Smoothie, Mango Juice with Extra Mango, Mango Mochis etc. These desserts are super scrumptious and are desserts that everybody can enjoy. There are desserts that kids like and also ones that adults adore. Hui Lau Shan is found in lots of shopping malls in KL sucha as Mid Valley, Pavilion, Times Square and1 Utama.
Yum, Yum, Yum! Go to some shopping mall, try Hui Lau Shan and you’ll be amazed by the taste of it!


Souled Out Ampang


This place sure offers a wide variety of food and drinks for their diners. One can find local Malaysian cuisine, Western and Asian too. Also, it’s very cheap and very tasty. And service is very good. So, you can enjoy lot of food that you like.
Souled Out is a restaurant that has two floors. It has a bar on the first floor and a television screen on the second floor. The second floor does not open until after 7:00pm. Some drinks come with sugar cane and they have really good juices. There is watermelon, green apple, pear juice and lots more. Additionally, they have great pizza. It has a thin crust and sweet tomato sauce topped by delicious, greasy mozzarella cheese. They have sodas, beers, juices and cocktails too. The ceiling on the second floor is made of wooden logs. It can get crowded, showing that it is kind of a popular restaurant. I hope that you will enjoy Souled Out!
By Floor
This is a unique restaurant that I think you should go to. It is very friendly and the food comes quickly. There is a lot of mouth-melting food and every night there is a different theme.
I recommend the dish Butter Chicken. It is a mix of boneless chicken cooked in a creamy, tangy butter sauce with naan bread, a butter dip and a few vegetables. It is a bit spicy but very enjoyable.
I also love Aloha Pizza. I love the turkey ham and the pineapple together so sweet and bitter at the same time and of course the mozzarella. It bubbles and melts in my mouth.
This is a great restaurant and I enjoy all the food there I hope you do too. I also think its good for kids because they have a kids’ menu. If you’re sitting outside or on the balcony and it starts to rain they have a protector so you can stay where you are. You can also celebrate something there like a birthday. It is neat and appealing. They have a bar upstairs and downstairs they also have a fun and different themes a lot.

Mexican Bar and Restaurant

Loco Mexican Bar and Restaurant
Last night my family decided to go to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. My dad wanted to go to Loco Mexican Bar and Restaurant because of its great reputation. We had an awesome vegetarian meal. Most Mexican restaurants cook their food with chicken stock and meat flavourings, but this one didn’t. Their vegetarian food was genuinely vegetarian.
For starters we had scrumptious Nachos. On the side there were three little bowls. One bowl had sour cream, the second bowl had guacamole and the third bowl had chopped tomatoes, onions and cilantro. The Nachos were sprinkled with cheese, jalapeños and black beans.
For the main course we shared vegetarian quesadillas, tacos and enchiladas. The spicy quesadillas were tasty. Inside there were peppers, avocados, vegetables and cheese. There was one bowl of spicy red sauce called chipotle and another bowl of extremely spicy green sauce called habenero. The portions were large and it was easy to share this dish with my sister. The quesadillas cost RM33.
The tacos were small but delicious. The corn tortilla shell was filled with lots of vegetables, cheese and capsicum. We would ask for extra cheese and some jalapeños to spice it up, but less vegetables. The tacos cost RM12 each. One taco was good for one person, but if you have a hearty appetite, order two.
The enchilada was great. It was stuffed with vegetables and cheese. On the side there was chipotle sauce in one bowl and habenero sauce in another. The enchilada cost RM28.
For dessert we had sweet and sugary churros with chocolate sauce on the side. The churros cost RM17.
In total with taxes our meal cost RM262.88. Loco Mexican Bar and Restaurant is on busy Changkat Bukit Bintang. The atmosphere on the street was alive, happy and friendly. It is an amazing place to eat with excellent service. I recommend going there sometime soon.

Restoran Korean Chinese Buldojang

Are you starving for some fabulous dishes? Hungry for some spectacular and rich noodles? Well then, lucky for you, because we have just the place. If you stroll around Sri Hartamas sometime, you will notice a sign saying Restoran Korean Chinese. I bet you ignored it and just strode past it. But I hope from now on, it won’t happen again, since it is the most astonishing restaurant I have visited. So I want to explain this incredible place, which serves a wondrous unique flavor of Chinese food in Korean style. Honestly, I think it is even more marvelous than the original kind. But specifically, this restaurant is very special. Any food you eat, will basically melt in your mouth, and
before you know it, it will have been all dissolved in your mouth, and without thinking, you will shout out for more.
The name of this restaurant is called “Buldojang”. This particular name means ‘Buddhist monk jumps over the wall’. That shows that the food here is so fantastic, so even a Buddhist monk just can’t help but to eat here. But I think it deserves the name good and well.
When you go to inside the clean and appetizing restaurant, the mouth-watering smell would overwhelm you, as will the K-pop music in the background. It will just drag you to a seat, where you will receive a colorful menu, with tons of heavenly dishes stored inside. If you just wait, they will give you some side dishes that the waiters will happily refill. They will also give you free purified water.
If you look through the menu, you might have a tremendously hard time picking your dish. So for the sake of that, I will give some recommendations for you to focus on the good ones.
First of those stupendous dishes is called Jajangmyeon. Jajangmyeon is a combo of tremendous juicy sweet black bean sauce, noodles with the best meat, and sweet onions. And in this particular restaurant’s Jajangmyeon really does feel like it had lot of effort put in it.
Also, there is fried rice called Bokembop. A fantastic thing about this astounding rice is that is a mixture of fresh ingredients, which of that is amazing, and meaty and delectable meat, and divine prawns.
Or maybe if you’re dying to get some spectacular seafood, I highly recommend Jampong noodle, and even more so if you’re mad about spicy dishes. It is a hot dish, with seafood, and I’m telling you, the soup is just fabulous.
And if you’re longing for some juicy meat, I’ll say you should have a good spack of Tangsooyook. Tangsooyook is a miraculous fried pork, with crunchy outside, and a juicy rich inside, with the sweet sauce sprayed beautifully on the dish.
And even if your stomach feels a bit greasy, just wait for the free watermelon dessert to make your mouth as fresh as ever. All those stupendous things are served in Buldojang. So just go there and enjoy!
Lot 16, Level 1
Jalan 24/70A
Desa Sri Hatamas
Kuala Lumpur, Sri Hatamas, 50480


steamboat best in kl
Steamboat Farmland
What is the steamboat?
Steamboat is a healthy Chinese method of cooking: healthy because most of the food is boiled so no fat will be created. When the food is fried, they use a lot of oil and that oil creates unsaturated fat and that fat is really hard to be dissolved. This could block your blood veins. From my experience they have lot of base soups to cook the steamboat food, such as clear boiled water, tom yum soup, beef soup, or seafood.
Why is Farmland Steamboat special?
Farmland Steamboat is special because they use porridge as the soup base, which is totally different from other restaurant’s methods. Farmland Steamboat is a place with a lot of variety of seafood to choose from. For example prawn, crab stick, squid, mussels and many more. I prefer the porridge because I like the way the porridge is cooked. I think you should also try the fried wonton because I like the crunchiness of fried layer and the filling is just bursting with flavor. I think the best thing to put in the porridge is beef and chicken, that’s because after you take out the chicken or the beef I’m sure it’s going to be very safe to eat because it’s boiled in the hot porridge and very soft and tender. The drinks there are very good because they are very fresh, they don’t put any sugar in your drinks and their juice is not too sweet or sour.
How Much? 
It costs about RM50 per person including four dishes of meat and seafood and a few types of fresh vegetables – they have mushroom, tofu, morning glory, cabbage and lots more.


best restaurants kl
Samba is a good place to eat because it’s different than all the other restaurants in KL and the staff is really nice.
So let’s talk about why it’s different than all the other restaurants. It’s different because if you choose the buffet you get to get food like a buffet but not so much meat because they come with grilled fish, meat and pineapple to your table and they come with new things all the time.
The staff is nice to children and adults they are also really funny sometimes.

Japanese Restaurant  – Senya



Senya is a Japanese restaurant. Senya is in Publika shopping mall. They have a touch panel as a menu (iPad too) and many kinds of Japanese food. They use all Japanese meat, vegetables and rice. It is so good. They have Japanese sake and liquor but only for the adults. They have a kids’ menu, which is what I like. They are a Japanese izakaya. At dinnertime there are a lot of people. After work people there can also be a lot of people. You can order a la carte, or a Japanese set, as they have them too.

You Can Take Care Of Our Earth!

By Ivy
You can take care of the Earth. If we take care of the Earth, we could help ourselves, others, and other living things, live better! Since it is Earth week, we should be aware that our Earth is not healthy.
A little work can have a big impact on our Earth, so don’t be lazy and help take care of our Earth and take care of this place.
You can help by not using plastic bottles and drinking filtered water from the tap in a cup. Don’t just throw things away: you can make new products out of them. Reduce, reuse, and recycle! You could recycle paper, which turns into brand new paper for others to use. If you see rubbish on the floor, go ahead, pick it up, everyone will know that you did the right thing.
These are only a few ways. There are many other ways too. Give them a try.
“Take Care Of Earth And It Will Take Care Of You”
Thanks Ivy, Nathaniel, Grace, Ferdinand, Devika, Summer, Jane, Katarina, HyobinZulaykha, Zenzo, Filippa, Sun, Floor and Jungu for your contributions to The Yum List!

* Photos courtesy of restaurant Facebook pages.

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  1. We are very conscious at our house about the environment. We recycle plastics, paper and cardboard, but don't have a place for glass at the moment. We also conserve water, using rainwater for plants. They like it better anyway.

  2. My girl would pick most of the above choices too.

    I've something on being environment-friendly in my post tomorrow, just a little bit…something we encountered on our food marathon over the weekend and it attracted the attention of my visitors. As the Chinese saying goes, "A journey of a thousand li begins with the first step!" and if everyone does a little something, it will surely amount to quite a lot.

  3. Love this entry by kids! Food bloggers in the making =)

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  5. Really nice to see kids starting to value and actually understand what's on the plate, instead of chomping them down at first sight. Never too early to get into food appreciation. ** Thumbs UP!

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  13. Our family is moving to KL in July and is really excited about all the great food options! Thanks for this post and all the great information. My girls are excited about Churros!!!!

    • Dear Meg, Welcome to KL! Hope your transition is smooth and glad to know you're looking forward to lots of delicious food adventures! 🙂

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