Breakfast at La Bodega, The Shore, Malacca

After a night of too much fun at La Bodega’s grand opening in Malacca, we haul our fragile bodies to the scene of the crime in the hopes of recuperating with a morning-after breakfast.
La Bodega’s newest outlet in The Shore Shopping Gallery is a sizeable space taking up an entire corner of the mall. As such, we have a variety of ambiences from which to choose: outdoor terrace; indoor dining tables; seat at the bar… we choose air-conditioned comfort on cushioned benches by the window.
Breakfast at La Bodega, The Shore, Malacca
Breakfast at La Bodega, The Shore, Malacca
Dining Tables
La Bodega has an extensive drinks menu, including hot beverages, smoothies and freshly squeezed juices on top of an enormous liquor selection. After all the jollification we had last night though, we think it best to keep things simple and begin with some coffee and juice. Cappuccino and Flat White are both made with Illy Coffee and prove consistently well made with our repeat orders. Watermelon juice is made on the spot, icy cold and refreshing.
Breakfast at La Bodega, The Shore, Malacca
Breakfast at La Bodega, The Shore, Malacca
Watermelon Juice
Spanish Chef Basilio Martin has revamped some of La Bodega’s old favourites and also added some new items to the breakfast menu. Of particular note are the Migas and Churros.
Migas (RM31.80) is a traditional hearty Spanish breakfast, traditionally eaten by workers in the countryside. Migas, the insides of day old bread, are sautéed together with garlic, olive oil, and finely chopped turkey chorizo, chicken sausages and beef bacon. Two poached farm fresh eggs sit atop the medley, and ooze over it all with a slight prod from our forks. For carnivorous hubby, this is a wonderful way to start the day. Packed with a variety of proteins, he declares it an ideal accompaniment to his coffee. It’s tasty, hearty and tremendously satisfying.
Breakfast at La Bodega, The Shore, Malacca
Churros (RM19.10), we learn, have taken weeks to perfect. Now content with the recipe and result, they are proudly served with warm chocolate sauce. Surprisingly, they’re only mildly sweet, quite the contrast to what is currently on the market in KL. Chef tells us that in Spain, this is the way churros are usually served. The little pot of liquid chocolate on the side is made for dipping, but the remains should also be taken by drinking the pot, just as you would a hot chocolate.
Breakfast at La Bodega, The Shore, Malacca
Breakfast at La Bodega, The Shore, Malacca
Churros and Chocolate Sauce
While hubby is beaming from ear to ear with this morning indulgence, it’s all a little too much for my health conscious self to embrace with full gusto. I find a couple of more nutritious choices to begin my day.
La Bodega’s own blend of Muesli (RM18) features an abundance of dried fruit, mixed cereal flakes, seeds and nuts. It’s lightly sweetened and a rather large serve. Cold milk comes on the side for our own addition.
Breakfast at La Bodega, The Shore, Malacca
Muesli and Milk
Fresh Fruit Salad (RM21.20) is a colourful jumble of fresh local fruits dotted with raspberries and blueberries. A big blob of Greek yoghurt and honey makes a lovely creamy topping.
Breakfast at La Bodega, The Shore, Malacca
Fruit Salad and Yoghurt
Hubby, watching me finish off my wholesome brekkie, decides an Immunity Boost Smoothie (RM21.20) will balance out his morning affair. La Bodega offers an extensive range of smoothies combining just about every mixture of fruits that you can imagine. This one blends kiwi fruit, green apple, pink guava juice and vanilla. It’s said to be full of antioxidants to boost the immune system, and the properties of kiwi are supposed to reduce respiratory illness and platelet aggregation. Fresh and light, the taste of guava comes to the forefront, and as was his first juice, is served refreshingly icy cold.
Breakfast at La Bodega, The Shore, Malacca
La Bodega is a very pleasant place for a western style breakfast. Hubby is enamoured with the Spanish options, and I’m happy for some healthful selections too. We’re both feeling nourished, soon forgetting our early morning pains, and note the band setting up for Sunday afternoon entertainment, some cocktail specials on the menu and… all too soon… we’re ready for more ‘fun’ at La Bodega.
Reasons to visit: multiple ambiences both indoor and outdoor, comprehensive drink menu including Illy Coffee, Migas, Churros.
La Bodega
Lot GF-09, The Shore Shopping Gallery
Jalan Persiaran Bunga Raya
75300 Melaka Tengah, Melaka
Open daily 9am – 1am
Pork free


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  1. Monica, I love eating breakfast out. We will be traveling soon, and each morning will mean breakfast out with eggs and something to accompany them.

  2. Branch of the one in KL? Ooooo…I so love the eggs! What beauties!!!

  3. The fruit salad, the muesli and milk, the watermelon juice and the egs look wonderful! The ambiance looks lovely, too. 🙂

  4. Monica and "the other half"!!!

    Good God – what appetites you have? As I can see no Esplanade close by, then a
    good walk along the river bank might be in order.
    That Migas with the two poached eggs looks like "heaven on a plate".
    The churros with the chocolate sauce – words fail me and then that
    Yes decidedly a long walk is in order, and don't try any jumping into the
    river – they may not have cranes available to haul the two of you out – ha ha!

    • You've captured how we feel after some of these meals! I do note that you're leaning more towards the decadent options, just like hubby. 😉

  5. I don't mind a morning indulgence of churros either! ;D

  6. that serving of migas would be an excellent start to any day! 😀

  7. alamak…was in Melaka yesterday.

    The food here so tempting…..

  8. Churros and smoothies are a welcome change to the usual brekkie spread!

  9. Churros for breakfast already. 😉

  10. Love all the dishes you had!

  11. Breakfast looks good, but I have to have met toast, Vegemite and tea :).

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