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Very Happy Hours at Quivo, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

Kirsten Durward and Monica Tindall
Happiness comes in many forms, one of which for me is finding a great deal. Since the demise of Mediteca’s Wine and Cheese Happy hour, I’ve been languishing for want of somewhere to end the week with panache. But Quivo’s new Happy Hour deal would seem to offer a great alternative.
Happy Hours, Quivo, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur
Quivo is a funky, welcoming buzzy eatery which offers the convenience of being at Pavillion without the sense of being in a mall. We all love their great value tasty food, but double bonanza – with their new happy hours on any night of the week from 4 ‘til 8pm our wine and cocktail drinking urges can be reasonably appeased.
Two cocktails for RM26+ must be one of the best deals in the city, and Quivo caters for both sweet local tastes and more discerning international drinkers. We select three refreshing options for this sultry evening, but I must impress on you, that unlike some venues, the cocktail deal applies to any cocktail on the menu.
Apple Martini
I really enjoy this twist on the classic with a gin base in place of vodka. The freshly pressed apple juice is divine and has just the right zing of tartness for us and Monica thoroughly enjoys grappling with the sliced apple garnish, for what she claims is the ‘freshness’ but we all know is ensuring the last vestiges of alcohol that have soaked into the fruit.
Happy Hours, Quivo, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur
Apple Martini
Mediterranean Margarita
Margarita infused with Sauvignon Blanc sounds intriguing.  This turns out to be a long drink with plentiful tiny chunks of fruit through it. Light and refreshing after a hot day, we find this reminiscent of a white sangria.
Happy Hours, Quivo, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur
Mediterranean Margarita
A good interpretation of Caning’s favourite classic. Nice and limey, not too sweet and just enough mint to give it that proper balance.
Two glasses of wine for RM28+ was always going to get my vote, but we are pleasantly surprised with the quality of the house pourings at Quivo. Both wines are South Australian (always a good sign) Willowglen De Bortoli. The red is a slightly smoky and peppery shiraz cabernet, and the white is a delightfully clean unwooded chardonnay that avoids being too big and buttery. Both are good drinking wines, but also accompany the range of dishes on offer well.
quivo happy hours pavilion
Willowglen Chardonnay
Beer drinkers should also be pleased with the choices of:
Carlsberg at RM13+ glass, RM19+ pint
Hoegaarden at RM22+ glass, RM30+ pint
Happy Hours, Quivo, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur
And remember boys – while beer bargains abound, this is someplace you can take your date and keep them happy too.  But Quivo’s generosity is not yet over. For to fill your tum as you sip, you can feast on your choice of four mini burgers for only RM20+.
Happy Hours, Quivo, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur
Lamb Slider
In order to be sure of the choices we were forced to try all four. Something for every taste, including a vegetarian option of a lovely dense falafel burger on a multigrain bun, which had Monica in ecstasies.  Seafood lovers should try the Dundas crab cake on a soft buttery brioche. And meat eaters can feast on a traditional Wagyu beef burger or a cumin spiced lamb loin patty, my personal favourite.
Vegetarian Burger
Reason to visit:  Great value happy hour with a good selection of drinks. Need I say more?
Lot 3. 09. 02,
Level 3, Pavilion,
Kuala Lumpur 55100,
+6 03 2141 7711
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  1. Much easier to digest these drinks in the afternoon – here now 4.20 pm.
    In answer to your question, no the Sofitel Harlequin Club Bar and Bistro is
    a "watering hole" and on occasions also lunch – being a member you get a discount
    on the food.
    A group of us retirees gather there and with the manager do the Australian newpaper
    General Knowledge quiz / trivia – very serious business. You MUST do 7 questions.
    I excel ( if I may be bravado and boastful) in geography, political, history and sports – hopeless
    at Pop music and that stuff – like latest films and stars and TV shows (sitcoms which I refuse
    point blank to watch). If you do 7 questions and get 5 right and 2 wrong your score is +3.
    My best is +9 but the bar manager has got +10 a couple of times and never lets you forget.
    I call that very boastful!!!!
    The questions some days are absolutely horrific – so minus 7 or 8 can happen!
    It is a choice of 4 answers – if you don't really know you can be successful by eliminating
    the most unlikely and be left with a lucky guess between 2.
    Thanks to you my knowledge of food has got better.

    Now the above: Oh those drinks, ticks for all and I do like your choice of wine, Willowglen
    Chardonnay. I know their area – Griffith in the Riverina area of NSW.
    The food selection looks pretty good too.


    • Trivia – definitely not my thing! I'm afraid my final score would most likely be minus in most games – unless all the questions were about food and travel.
      Wine is not cheap over here, so to find such a good deal with wine that is drinkable is very good luck.

    • It keeps our brains active – it is good for you.
      Yes travel ones I do well on also.
      I may e-mail about the De Bortoli family!!!!!

  2. I'd love to try those seedy buns with a good burger.

  3. Very attractive happy hour pricing indeed!

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