Connection Chauffeur, Limo UAE, Dubai

Monica Tindall

A luxury romp in Dubai must start and end with a classy transfer, and Connection Chauffeur has a range of luxury vehicles to get us around the city in style. Our much anticipated four days of extravagance sees us taking in aerial views of the city in helicopters, gliding up the Dubai Creek on in a state-of-the-art vessel, dominating the highways on Harleys, and conquering the desert dunes in vintage museum-quality Land Rovers. It would only be right to open with grandeur and finish with an outrageous conclusion, and for this, Connection Chauffeur is unbeatable.

A little over five years old, Connection Chauffeur was established to bridge a deficit in the industry of transport services in the United Arab Emirates. Their luxury fleet of VIP stretch limousines, luxury cars as well as economy sedans, makes even the most motor moronic envious. Both those in the know (hubby) and those clearly not (me) appreciate the cast of performers.

Our bold beginning sees a smartly dressed driver awaiting our arrival with a name board at the airport. Escorted to a Phantom Rolls Royce (the alliterated reverberates off tongues with the promise of exclusivity and sophistication), we try to conduct ourselves with an air of worldly cultivation. The novel sensation however soon kicks in and we snap as many photos and selfies as we can before having to depart from the curb.

Connection Chauffeur, Limo UAE, Dubai
Phantom Rolls Royce
The interior of leather and wood is shielded from outside eyes with sliding curtains on the back windows. Rear-hinged, or coach doors, give that photo moment of a celebrity-stepping-out-of-the-vehicle shot, and the distinctive front grill identifies the Phantom Rolls Royce from the rest of the line-up.
Connection Chauffeur, Limo UAE, Dubai
The Photo Op with Back-Hinged Doors
Safely delivered to our hotel, we consider our transport options for the rest of the stay. Besides chauffeured and rentable luxury cars, yachts and helicopters are also part of Connection Chauffeur’s scope. For those wanting to experience it all, a promotion is currently available offering land, sea and air extravagance in a trio of opulence.
Connection Chauffeur, Limo UAE, Dubai
Luxury Trio Deal
Our fairytale story in the land of the Arabian nights culminates with an exuberant ending. A wickedly flamboyant stretch LA Party Limo is our carriage for the return airport transfer. The extended chassis of traditionally black paintwork is cheekily spruced up with a strip of red and orange flame and an image of the Statue of Liberty. After playing around with the flat screen TV, party lights and music volume controls, we settle in for the ride with a chilled beverage from the iced compartment in the front, and communicate with our driver (hidden by a partition) via intercom. He suggests a lap of the city before setting en route to the airport. We’re happy to oblige.
Connection Chauffeur, Limo UAE, Dubai
LA Stretch Party Limo
Connection Chauffeur, Limo UAE, Dubai
Inside the LA Stretch Party Limo
Connection Chauffeur, Limo UAE, Dubai
Glasses, Giant TV and Ambience Control
Connection Chauffeur, Limo UAE, Dubai
Changing Ambience

The heroine and hero of this account, however, don’t live happily ever after in a life of domesticity. Rather they grab another bottle of Champagne and set off on further festive frolics living every minute to the max with Connection Chauffeur ensuring their ritzy arrival and flashy departure on every visit to this sensational emirate of Dubai.

Connection Chauffeur, Inc.
+97 150 1010 546
P.O. Box 214667


  1. Ooooooooooh Laaaaaaaaaa Laaaaaaaaaa – please note only 10 o's and A's. I thought that under
    the circumstances would suffice?
    The ruling families are really obscene with opulence – might one day prove their undoing??

    Showing a bit of the leg, Moncia??? Why not, ha ha.
    Still it is great that you are having the time of your life in the lands of oil rigs, sand dunes and camels.
    I wish we could send back to them all our outback feral camels – I have a feeling that we do export
    to the U.A.E. etc – camel meat.

    Still I wouldn't mind the pampering at present, at least you all look warm.
    Bloody South Pole winds and I do not agree.

    Cheers and great report of as Sally Bowles says in "Cabaret" – as she
    flashes her green painted finger nails – "Divine Decadence Darling".

    • Oos and aaas – indeed. It was certainly a fun trip. I could get used to this pampering. Temperatures were extreme, but I found the dry heat easier to take than tropical humidity. 40 degrees dry heat, felt less bothersome than 29 degrees and high humidity.

  2. Deleted – a repeat of above.
    Either overcome with opulence or the bloody cold – ha ha.

  3. My God today you'd need to be air-conditioned.
    The Australian Newspaper in the World weather report of today
    lists Dubai as 33c – 45c with DUST!
    That would suggest undercover and in the magnificent pool
    for relief.

  4. oh my so cooL! love the party limo 😀

    • Party limo! Pity we didn't have it long enough to actually have a party. We made the most of the brief trip to the airport however. I could get used to this pampering. 😉

  5. I love the party limo too.
    But not sure about the wavy lines.
    Kinda got me dizzy already, but the party hasn't started yet! What?

  6. I like limo party too, but my favorite is RVing.

  7. The very place i want to be.

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