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Best Coffee on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

The coffee culture on the Gold Coast has grown from strength to strength over the past half decade. Every year when we return we discover new places and find more people passionate about their craft. Here’s our most recent list of favourite spots to grab an excellent cup of coffee on the Gold Coast.


Black Coffee Lyrics

Black Coffee Lyrics has been a love of ours since first opening a few years back. Using their own blend of locally roasted beans, they are one of the pioneers on the Coast to introduce cold drip and specialty coffees. It’s not just about the coffee here though, a gourmet line-up of deliciousness provides a solid back up. At lunchtime don’t miss the Brooklyn – pulled pork in sweet, tangy, sticky BBQ sauce with shredded cheese and coleslaw on a soft white bun. Vegetarians should be equally happy with the Washington DC – roasted pumpkin, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto, rocket and cashew-nut cheese on toasted wholegrain bread. And as digestive… do order the Espresso Martini made with their very own coffee liqueur.
Black Coffee Lyrics


Skull and Bones Espresso

Skull and Bones Espresso made our morning with out first coffee here. And, even though we had a short time limit to test out as many coffee places as we could, we couldn’t help but order seconds. Besides great coffee, they also serve some very admirable bagels. Despite being constantly overrun with clients, the staff stay amazingly calm and are very friendly. The only thing we’d like to see changed here is a move to reusable crockery – currently all food and beverage is sold in disposable ware.

Skull and Bones Espresso


No Name Lane

Serving Black Sheep Coffee, we are yet to have a disappointing experience here. Reliable, high quality coffee: always satisfying.
No Name Lane

Elk Espresso 

Single Origin Roasters provide the beans for the fab coffee here. Well-executed coffee is matched equally by an alluring food menu. Superfood packed dishes, along with the classics and some to-die-for house-made slices and cakes – think Anzac Caramel Slice (oh my!) – furnish more than enough reasons to stay for something other than just a coffee or two.

Elk Espresso

Fix Espresso

The Allpress beans used at Fix Espresso, combined with skilled baristas produce excellent espresso based coffees. The brekkie menu is of interest too, and the health conscious would do well to order the Bircher Muesli – soaked in coconut water overnight and topped with creamy yoghurt, passionfruit and fresh berries, it’s a tasty and nutritious start to the day.
Fix Espresso


Canteen Coffee 

We’d heard great things about Canteen Coffee before our visit so expectations were high. Fortunately for us, the flat white and latte fulfilled expectations with their Signature Espresso Blend furnishing a bold body with notes of chocolate and spice in the finish. A display cabinet packed with house made delights are another reason for a return visit.
Canteen Coffee


Quest Coffee Roasters

Perhaps we’ve saved the best to last… Quest Coffee Roasters roast their own organic beans and we were impressed with the precision and thought given to each and every cup. Medium roasting gives a beautiful smoothness and round body, and delicious brew here is backed up with scrumptious homemade goodies. Ginger fans should be sure to try the Ginger Crunch slice – decadent!
Quest Coffee Roasters
Do tell… where is your favourite spot to grab a cup of coffee on the Gold Coast?
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  1. Now I'm craving for our local brew, black…with kaya and toast. LOL!!!

  2. I know it is MOST UN-AUSTRALIAN, but of all places in our wonderful country,
    this Gold Coast is a place I avoid. Completely over-rated and over-priced plus
    the crime scene there is the worst in Australia.
    My brother and his wife live there on a canal area – all very nice, but it is policed
    to protect from break-ins etc.
    Last visit about 12 months ago, there was a shoot-out at the service station on
    the highway just behind where they lived – oh such excitement, if you like a bit of
    "The American Wild West Scene"!!
    The Sunshine Coast leaves as far as I am concerned the Gold "Glitter" Strip for dead
    in more ways than one – ha ha!
    Bit nippy ( 8.00 am) at Coff's Harbour – 5c. But will reach with a sunny day 19c.
    El Colin Cordobes
    PS: Give the Sunshine Coast a plug ????

    • Next trip Colin. Do you have any spots you'd recommend I visit? I've heard great things about the Sunshine Coast.

    • Yep:
      Eumundi Markets. Local pub there and the heaps of eating places up
      in that area. Just as good and vibrant as the Andalusian region of sunny Spain.
      Hastings Street restaurants – unfortunately the great "Annabelles" has gone,
      maybe re-established????
      The restaurant at the Surf Club.
      The Sheraton on the beach front.
      It is really a paradise and hopefully the city councilors will retain the natural wonders of the
      area and not go mad like the Gold Coast.
      I have spoke/written as this years version of Pontius Pilate!!! ha ha.
      He who has writ:
      Aka El Cordobes et Pontius Pilate, Coloin

  3. That's a lot of Coffee! Did you manage to drink all of these?

  4. They are so creative with their coffee and dishes!

  5. the names of the outlets are very cool too … elk espresso, skull n bones, no name lane 😀

  6. Not a lover of coffee, but! will have one at home I make myself in the machine once in a while. I would have one when I go out IF there is a China mug, I hate disposable ones, just hate it, it's just not the same…

  7. I do love my coffee. Sounds like there are many great places to for some brew! Thanks for sharing, enjoy your day!

  8. My personal choice would probably be Canteen Coffee. 🙂
    He he… I have been to Surfers' Paradise. Bet that's another "touristy" thing, eh?

  9. best coffee yea. am a fan of coffeee. definitely a place to visit then.

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