Japanese bar, BSC

Ippudo, BSC, Japanese Cocktails and Bar Bites, BSC

Sungeeta Singh and  Monica Tindall
IPPUDO turned 30 and we decided to join the celebrations with their great Happy Hour deals!
We came for the cocktails, and soon proved that happy hour doesn’t have to be just beer and greasy pub food. IPPUDO has developed an innovative concept that combines Japanese inspired cocktails, draft beer, sake and delicious grilled options that will have us coming back time and again to this speciality bar.
Ippudo, BSC, Japanese Cocktails and Bar Bites
Ippudo, Bangsar Shopping Centre
Located in Bangsar Shopping Centre, it makes a perfect stop after shopping, for a sundowner or a party! The terrace doors open to a lush, green garden and the sound of trickling water from the nearby fountain makes it ideal to relax and enjoy a few drinks. It is hard to believe that we were in a shopping mall!
Sharyn Lee, the marketing manager received us warmly and shared the vision behind IPPUDO’s new concept that was introduced earlier this year. They wanted to offer what other pubs do not and promote the idea that Japanese alcohol is more than just sake, and Happy Hour is more than just serving beer. Of course sake and beer is on the menu, so too is Japanese whiskey (so popular that they cannot get enough stock!) and some prettily presented Japanese cocktails too.
Ippudo, BSC, Japanese Cocktails and Bar Bites
Sparkling Sake

There is 30% off all sake until the end of October, so this is what we first tasted. Before our beverages arrived, we were asked to choose our own sake cup. Each glass is unique in colour and design (no need for wine glass charms!), and this detail, however seemingly small, got us off to a positive beginning with a little sense of fun. Our first pour was Sparkling Sake (7% alcohol) which is a new trend in Japan. It went down VERY easily! It was light, not overly sweet or bubbly. It was very pleasant and could be enjoyed as a pre- or after dinner drink! It can certainly add a dash of sophistication to a drinking experience! Moving from contemporary into more traditional, a flight of sake came next.

Ippudo, BSC, Japanese Cocktails and Bar Bites
Choose Your Own Sake Cup
Ippudo, BSC, Japanese Cocktails and Bar Bites
Sparkling Sake
Ippudo, BSC, Japanese Cocktails and Bar Bites
Sake Special

Kubot Senjyu (RM67 ++, 300ml) is the lightest traditional sake on the menu with 15% alcohol. It pairs best with salty, savoury food and kushiya (a plate of assorted grilled skewers, but more on that later). This sake was easy to drink, light and refreshing.

Kubotu Ginjyo Genshu (RM78++ 300ml), with 19% alcohol provided more a wallop in the the mouth. The difference in alcohol percentage was definitely felt in this case, giving the drink a stronger more robust flavour. The dryness of this sake makes it a good pairing with fried items such as tempura.
Moving up the scale, Kubota Manjyu (RM151++ 300ml), with 15% alcohol is much more elegant drinking. Its subtle complexities and lingering flavours make a good companion for seafood, salad, sushi and sashimi. All of the sake can be served warm or cold, depending on your preference, but the team generally recommends a chilled version to counteract the warm weather.
ippudo bangsar
Kubota Manjyu
The Suntory Draft Beer is brewed in Japan and is considered a premium beer. This beer is light, yet rich and full of aroma. It’s a generous pour too. During this celebration period you pay RM22++ per glass or three glasses for RM60++ during Happy Hour.
Ippudo, BSC, Japanese Cocktails and Bar Bites
Suntory Beer
Our adventure with delicious Japanese cocktails started with Kyuri Mojito (RM26++). This was the creation of IPPUDO’s local mixologists. Who knew that Bacardi, white rum, Monin wild mint, lime and kyuri (cucumber) together could create such a refreshing drink with just a lingering hint of mint and cucumber?
Ippudo, BSC, Japanese Cocktails and Bar Bites
Kyuri Mojito
For something with a kick, the Wasabi Martini (RM26++) really hit the spot. The combined flavours of Bombay Sapphire gin, Monin green apple, wasabi and lime made a light and refreshing drink. There was just enough wasabi in the glass to present a gentle heat. For lovers of a more powerful punch however, a spoonful sits on the side waiting your addition.
Ippudo, BSC, Japanese Cocktails and Bar Bites
Wasabi Martini
Consider this a caution about the Kiss of the Geisha (RM28++): it’s so prettily presented and very agreeable drinking, that stopping at just one will be difficult. We were seduced by the combination of shochu (Japanese alcohol), Monin Peach, Monin passion and lime. It’s fruity, not too sweet and so, so easy to drink! You have been warned!
Ippudo, BSC, Japanese Cocktails and Bar Bites
Kiss of the Geisha
The bar snacks served at IPPODU set this place apart from many bars found in the city. Everything we tasted was fresh, flavoursome and well presented. The Kushiyaki platter is the perfect companion with beer and whiskey. It’s a generic platter that includes many choices, so it can satisfy the palates of most guests. Vegetarian and fish selections are available and you can choose any five skewers to make the platter, or order individual servings as you please. We started with Beef Skewers (RM12++). Cubes of tender, succulent karubi beef, alternated with cherry tomatoes and okra proved to be my favorite! Another tasting was of Salmon Cubes (RM15++) with salmon roe. The salmon was moist and flavoursome. Another winner on the platter was Ebi Mentai Yaki (grilled shrimp) covered with a unique fish roe sauce (RM10++). The Pork Bacon with soft boiled egg (RM12++) was Caning’s favorite. He described it as an explosion of amazing flavours in his mouth. Enough said!
Ippudo, BSC, Japanese Cocktails and Bar Bites
Kushiyaki Platter
Besides the Kushiyaki, there are many items on the menu that make suitable nibbling with a beverage. The pan fried Gyoza (five for RM12++) make fantastic bar snacks. The casing is paper thin and the flavoursome pork filling not too greasy. Roasted Pork (RM25++) was something I also enjoyed immensely. A generous serving of tender pork slices were lifted with a teriyaki wasabi sauce. The accompaniment of steamed, crunchy cabbage dressed in an orange juice sauce is not just an afterthought, but an a fine balance to the meat.
Ippudo, BSC, Japanese Cocktails and Bar Bites

Digressing from the pork theme, the Fried Shrimp Sushi (RM29++) with spicy mayonnaise and Sweet Corn Tempura (6 pieces for RM 13++) are also yummy. In the former the batter is light and crisp with the mayonnaise furnishing a soft contrast. In the latter, fresh corn is removed from the cob, lightly battered and deep fried. It’s topped with paprika seasoning, and the end result is a tempura that is crisp on the outside and juicy within: a welcome option for our veggie loving Mon.

Ippudo, BSC, Japanese Cocktails and Bar Bites
Fried Shrimp Sushi
Ippudo, BSC, Japanese Cocktails and Bar Bites
Sweet Corn Tempura

Reasons to visit: a relaxed setting with a green outlook, some good happy hour deals, a chance to try sparkling sake, pretty cocktails, tasty kushiyaki.
Lot G1 10 Ground Floor
Bangsar Shopping Centre
Jalan Maarof
59100, Bangsar
Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 2011 6238
Open daily: 11am – 12am
Happy Hours: 11am – 8pm


  1. Oh wow, the food and the drinks all look and sounds delicious. I would have a hard time choosing. Thanks for sharing. Have a happy new week ahead!

    • I wasn't expecting such pretty presentations – but then when I thought about it, it is a Japanese restaurant and they are renowned world wide for their attention to detail.

  2. Gotta try this place should I ever get the chance. Heard so many people singing its praises.

    • We've visited a couple of times now and have found the food consistently good. There are a few locations around the city. This one in BSC though is especially nice with the semi-outdoor area facing a garden.

  3. I don't drink alcohol and am unfamiliar with the foods here, but the pink bottle is very attractive and the presentations and ambiance are so nice. 🙂

  4. I don't drink alcohol and am unfamiliar with the foods here, but the pink bottle is very attractive and the presentations and ambiance are so nice. 🙂

  5. I've been to the one in Pavilion but not this one. I've not had sake before but your mention of just 7% alcohol in the sparkling sake, I'd certainly like to try. And since my new found liking of cocktails recently, I'm attracted to the Kiss of the Geisha from your description of fruity.

    • The BSC location is particularly nice as the bar is semi-outdoors (although the great outdoors is best avoided with the current haze situation) facing a garden. The sparkling sake is very easy drinking, and the cocktails are almost too pretty to take a sip. 🙂

  6. Well I drink Alcohol – and in big doses today. But no Saki.
    I suppose you know of the "Coup d-etat" ???
    Best news ever.

    Now please Junior Cordobes – avoid "The Kiss of the Geisha".
    That is an order by Senior Cordobes and Middle Cordobes.
    You will be stripped of your cape and sword and I'll even remove your
    water skis!
    Cheers and Oles – you probably heard me Aussie time about 8.00 pm last
    night making "whoopies".
    El Colin Cordobes, the Middle one.

    • Oh… so it was you who was making all of that noise last night – I'm sure I heard your cheers from over here. 😉
      Perhaps he could replace the sword with a katana – and make like a samurai – but only for a while. He'd have to give it back. Just doesn't fit the character.

  7. This combines three things that seduce me: Japanese food, innovative cocktails and lush relaxing venue. As I’m not a huge fan of strong alcohols, I would certainly go for the Kyuri Mojito cocktail.
    Those dishes look marvellous! Subjugated by Japanese attention to detail.

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