Urban Stove, Cook at Home Meal Delivery, Kuala Lumpur

Urban Stove is the latest concept in Kuala Lumpur looking to transform the culinary lives of busy city dwellers. Recognising that many are aware of the benefits of cooking at home, but also constrained by the demands of a hectic lifestyle, Urban Stove bridges the gap between desire and action. By removing the time consuming part of preparing meals at home – the planning, shopping and prepping – consumers are left with only the fun – the cooking and eating.
Working in conjunction with their in-house chef, Urban Stove aims to put together affordable, tasty and healthy recipes that can be whipped up in 30 minutes or less. Customers choose three from a list of five meals that change weekly. A variety of international and local flavours are incorporated with poultry, meat and seafood providing the protein alternatives.
I browse the website and find it incredibly attractive and easy to use. I note Italian, Chinese, Thai, Indian and Balinese recipes on this week’s line up. For RM119 we’ll receive three complete meals with enough to fill two people at each sitting. Delivery is free and can be made to my home or in the office.
cooking delivery
Urban Stove – What’s in the Box?
Our box arrives. The ingredients last 3 – 5 days and are stored in vacuum-sealed bags. Meat, poultry and seafood are packed separately and kept chilled with the use of ice packs, ensuring optimum freshness. The insulation bags that envelope them all are reusable, so if we like the service we can return them for reuse at the next delivery. Each set of ingredients is accompanied by a clear step-by-step instruction card.
Urban Stove, Cook at Home, Kuala Lumpur
Step by Step Instructions
In our box we have ingredients for: Balinese Ikan Pepes (with rice); Chicken Piccata (with linguine); and Spicy Lamb Wrap with Mint Raita. With all of the necessary pre-measured and washed, all we really do is a little chopping – just enough to make us feel as though we’ve contributed, but hardly enough to make it a chore. Within minutes or getting started on each recipe, we have all in the pots or pans as suggested and as the meal is cooking we have time to clear up, set the table and uncork some wine by the time the dish is coming to completion.
Urban Stove, Cook at Home, Kuala Lumpur
Starting the Preparations
Urban Stove, Cook at Home, Kuala Lumpur
On the Stove
The Balinese fish dish is quite a spicy number but can be made more or less so with the addition or omission of chili. It’s my favourite with its bold flavours and flaky flesh. Hubby prefers the Italian chicken and pasta and we find it a very generous portion with a pile of linguine and two pieces of chicken each. The lamb wrap is enjoyed by both, although we do find the lamb patties a touch on the fatty side – it’s easily fixed however by draining the excess fat after cooking. We actually have plans for dinner so whip this up the night before and pack it for lunch the following day.
Urban Stove, Cook at Home, Kuala Lumpur
Balinese Ikan Pepes
Urban Stove, Cook at Home, Kuala Lumpur
Chicken Piccata
Urban Stove, Cook at Home, Kuala Lumpur
Spicy Lamb Wrap with Mint Raita
When cooking is made this easy, I might just opt to cook at home a little more often… only thing left to do is to find a dishwasher…
to order:
delicious, convenient and healthy ingredients prepped and delivered ready for cooking to your doorstep; stay tuned for future expansion catering to family meals, special dietary preferences such as gluten-free and vegetarian, and even party packs!
Urban Stove
+6 03 2035 0750
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  1. What a lovely idea! Great concept! And such a grand chef, wow…. well done ;-))))  That Balinese dish looks delicious, yum!

    • Hee hee… we're a little out of touch with our cooking skills these days as we're not getting as much practice as we used to. This is an easy way to get back into it. 😉

  2. Saw this in a friend's blog. Wish we had something like this here, will save all the trouble of having to go out and shop.

    • The service is even more useful now with the smog. The pollution doesn't inspire us to leave the house, so cooking at home is a rather attractive idea.

  3. Looks like a very nutritious idea and what has been shown in the photos certainly
    looks better than DOMINOES PIZZA deliveries here – but that would not be too difficult
    to surpass.
    Now some Mathematics – RM119 for meals for 3 days for 2. A$ approx = A$39. So that's
    approx. A$13 per day or A$7.50 each person – not too bad – oh but mathematics was really not my forte!!! However I refuse to use calculators – and can add and subtract faster and better than any check-out person! I enjoy telling them the change and watching their mouths open in disbelief – ha ha!

    Free delivery and you can return the plastic containers – that's good.
    Still Monica and Cordobes Jnr. when would you have the time to partake as you are seemingly
    out doing restaurant reviews almost 24/7 ????
    Beautiful day here – excellent for riding my "imaginary" Andalusian steed.
    El Colin Cordobes
    PS: No in-balances or topples by Junior I trust????

    • A$6.50 per person – tut tut.
      I shall stand in the corner for 5 minutes to repent.
      El "not in mathematical division mode today" Colin Cordobes

    • Yep, certainly a better option for home delivery than Dominoes. And… you know it was quite refreshing cooking at home rather than eating out (as we usually do).
      Ahh, but the sign of a true mathematician is one who finds math everywhere, attempts problems and checks their work, so you've just demonstrated all – come out of that corner and find some more math to do 😉

  4. A great home cooked meal! Lovely photos and presentations. I would love the lamb dish…but not hot and spicy. Yum! 🙂

  5. Good idea for those that don't like shopping for ingredients, but certainly not for me. I prefer to choose my own mean and veggies etc.

  6. Yes, it's certainly very convenient….now I just have to find a week's menu that I really love! 😉

  7. hm, the pasta looks nice. I am getting hungry.


  8. What a great idea for families on the go!

  9. interesting concept. so the fresh food are delivered in the right amount to cook the specific dish? even instructions!

  10. Is this the first time I see you write about your own cooking? I think it is! Nice work!

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