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Hannah Staley and Monica Tindall

As my husband always says ‘it’s all about the story’ and DR.Inc, pronounced ‘Drink’, certainly tells a good story. Situated on a quiet leafy street in Bangsar, a visit to this laid back café allows its customers to experience a ‘shop within a shop’. A concept prevalent from floor to ceiling with visual merchandising changing monthly and everything from the artwork on the wall to the cushions and plates, flown in from Belgium, for sale. It is a true cornucopia of themes that started out as the advertising agency ‘L.inc’. One day, an employee brought in a coffee machine and DR.Inc was born. Six months later a fusion inspired East meets West menu arrived and just recently customers have the opportunity to partake in a variety of in house workshops (W.Inc.). If that wasn’t enough on this particular visit pop up bar 44 had taken up residence in the building.

Dr.Inc Bangsar
Dr. Inc Bangsar
Dr.Inc Bangsar
Outdoor Seating
Dr.Inc Bangsar
Table for Two
Dr.Inc Bangsar
Upstairs Seating
Dr.Inc Bangsar
The Library

Not surprisingly with so much on offer the place is a lot more spacious than it appears from the outside. High ceilings provide a very airy feel and before Monica and I tuck into the food we are given ‘the grand tour’ concluding with a climb up a spiral staircase revealing a roof top area, which in addition to providing extra seating can be hired out for private parties or should the need arise a candlelit dinner for two. On this occasion Monica and I are feeling more ravenous than romantic and head back down to a covered patio area, where we are joined by Dutch co-owner, Lisette, and tuck into our first dish.

It’s a generous helping of Apple Pie (RM14) made in house using six types of apples, palm sugar and served with locally produced ice cream.  Being British I’ve sampled many a homemade apple pie and can honestly say this was delicious. The filling not too runny, the pastry not too soggy and the sweetness of the ice cream perfectly balanced out the tartness from the apples.

Dr.Inc Bangsar
Apple Pie

We wash this down with one of the menu’s signature drinks a Presso Bomb (RM14) which as the name suggests is a shot of espresso and cream soda, the drink requires audience participation and is all part of the DR.Inc ‘experience’, served on a wooden board (could be yours for a small fee) I pour the cream soda into my glass, add the espresso and watch as the liquids swirl together. The soda gives a nice foam head, its sweetness complements the bitterness of the coffee and the drink is oddly refreshing.

Dr.Inc Bangsar
Presso Bomb

Before my caffeine buzz has chance to kick in more dishes arrive in the form of the GST (RM22) and The Gato (RM14). The GST, aptly named because it was conceived on the same day the tax was introduced, is a yummy goats cheese, salmon and tomato sandwich on homemade bread (all the breads on offer at DR.Inc are made in house). The salmon is plentiful and the accompanying cassava chips are a tasty healthy alternative to fries.

Dr.Inc Bangsar
GST Sandwich

If you are pressed for time and looking for a coffee and dessert in one, opt for The Gato, a shot of espresso poured over a specially paired serving of locally produced ice cream that really brings out the flavour of the coffee.

Dr.Inc Bangsar
The Gato

Next we sample the Broodje Belanda (RM15) a crispy beef croquette on a warm soft and fluffy milk bun, served with a generous helping of Dijon mustard: simple yet scrumptiously satisfying!

Dr.Inc Bangsar
Beef Croquette

By now I’m starting to get a little full but the food is so good I’m delighted when a platter, in the form of Ulam with Maneesh Bread (RM28) from the bar and snack menu, arrives at our table. This Middle Eastern flatbread is the perfect accompaniment to the colorful assortment of cucumber, carrots, four angle beans, baba ganoush, and beetroot hummus.

Dr.Inc Bangsar
Ulam Platter with Maneesh

I wash down this colourful mix by trying some of the drinks on offer for the non-coffee drinkers out there. The Masala Tea (RM6) is warm and sweet, the Lassi (RM8), with a hint of cardamom, makes a great cooling beverage.

Dr.Inc Bangsar
Masala Tea
Dr.Inc Bangsar

The final dish we try is the Tahini Brownie (RM10), and I think they have definitely saved the best until last, although I am something of a chocaholic. Deliciously gooey and drizzled with salted caramel this brownie has a hint of tahini that hides the sweetness and prevents it tasting too rich making it very moreish.

Dr.Inc Bangsar
Tahini Brownie

To balance out all the delectable sweet treats on offer the menu also includes a range of salads, which although we didn’t have time to try this time judging by the foods we did I’m sure would be tantalisingly tasty.  As the evening draws to a close we are told a monthly High Tea will soon be available which adds an exciting element to the DR.Inc story and I leave not only on a caffeine high with a full belly but a yearning to return, if only to try the brownie again.

Reasons to visit: Tahini Brownies; vegans will love the Ulam with Maneesh; hearty sandwiches with bread you can sink your teeth into; The Gato (with its special flavour of ice cream perfectly enticing out the flavours of the espresso); the eye-catching décor and option to buy artwork, trendy knickknacks, household items and stationary.

8 Jalan Kemuja
Bangsar 59000
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+6 03 22834698
[email protected]
Open daily from 9am

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  1. Yay, high five!
    I love apple pie too.
    Love mine hot served with single cream!
    Bramley apples taste best in pies too 🙂
    I had tarte tatin this evening for my pudding.
    Bit too sweet for my liking, still it was good.

    • I’m not sure that this photo shows so well but the apple pie is packed to the brim with filling – so much so that it oozes out the sides with the slightest prod of a fork.

  2. Hi dear Monica! Firstly, kudos, congratulations and felicitations on the construction of this brand new blog! You have done a fine job. It is lovely, easy to navigate and better than ever!

    Now…I absolutely love apple pie! (pecan pie, too), and lemon meringue pie. I do love a nice chocolate brownie every now and then, but even though I don’t eat dessert as a rule, if and when I do, those items would be ones that I would choose! Your photos are getting me tempted to have a piece of that fresh and delicious looking apple pie. The tea looks quite good, too. 🙂

    • Linda, they’re all the desserts I love too! I’m not so much of a cake fan (a really moist carrot cake being the exception), but pies… apple, banoffee, lemon meringue, pecan… those I can eat in great quantity. 😉

  3. Monica, your post makes me hungry and my mouth is watering. Lol! Its not even 12 pm. Again, I wouldn’t be able to skip lunch today!

  4. Gee!!! I would never have guessed! I would pronounce the name as Doctor incorporated. LOL!!!

    • Exactly how I was pronouncing for about an hour into our session before the chef politely set me straight. 😉

  5. Wouldn’t mind trying Presso Bomb….cream soda and espresso is an unusual combo I’ve not tried before! 😉

    • That was an interesting combo. What I found surprisingly good though was The Gato. It’s such a simple dish, but the ice cream they use is extra creamy and it’s mildly flavoured bringing out the delicious flavour of the espresso.

  6. One of my favourites! Dutch friends were impressed by the croquette.

    • I don’t know what took me so long to find this place! I loved the vegan dish of course. If only I lived closer… I could see myself here for lunch at least once a week.

  7. Looks a delicious apple pie.
    A different kind of name for a coffe place…it’s catchy.

  8. That pinkish Beetroot Hummus sure caught my attention, i hope the green vegetal flavor isn’t too strong for that hummus… might put me off though.

    • Ken, the vegan dish… I loved. If they sold it in jars I’d probably purchase a few of those beetroot hommus to take home with me.

  9. Interesting hunt, Monica! The cream soda bottle looks so unique, very different from those canned ones I’ve seen. Happy weekend, dear! xoxo

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