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Local Gourmet Gifts for the Festive Season, Kuala Lumpur

We love local at The Yum List. Supporting local businesses and decreasing carbon miles are important, and as such we’ve found some Malaysian-made goodies that could make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for your gourmand friends and family.

Creamy Decadent Tummy-Ticklingly Good Stone Ground Peanut Butter

Made in Malaysia, Local Festive Gifts
Artisanal Peanut Butter – Kenny Hills Bakers

Who doesn’t love the creamy sticky sensation of peanut butter on the roof of their mouth? Unfortunately many of the labels on shelves these days are full or artificial additives (since when did a number become a food?) making any intelligent being think twice before indulging. This artisanal stone ground product however is locally made and only includes peanuts, organic sugar and a sprinkling of salt.

Find it on the shelves of Kenny Hills Bakers.

Home Made Preserves, Sauces and a Rockin’ Box of Raw Treats

Made in Malaysia, Local Festive Gifts
Handmade Jams and Sauces – The Daily Habit
Made in Malaysia, Local Festive Gifts
Healthy Treats from The Daily Habit

The Daily Habit café has long been a favourite of ours: “healthy eating worth repeating” as their logo says. With everything made from scratch using only quality natural ingredients, the menu here is both delicious and wholesome. We often think that we’d love to take the cook home with us so that we could eat this way every day, but alas she refuses. She assuages our desire however by bottling some of the goodness for take-away. A mouth-watering range of preserves and sauces are made with just as much care and exemption of any chemical nasties that the sit down menu is. For the sweet tooth, a beautiful tin of bliss balls made from fruits and nuts will keep the health conscious happy and guilt-free.

Buy their goodies here.

Wesley’s Wild Honey

Made in Malaysia, Local Festive Gifts
Wesley’s Wild Honey

Raw, natural and unprocessed, Wesley’s Wild Honey comes from Malaysia’s very own rainforests. The team behind the honey came across Orang Asli in the north of the country harvesting the honey from the giant tualang trees. Classed as Malaysia’s tallest tree, it can reach heights of up to 250 metres! Collecting the honey is hence, a rather dangerous task. This pure form of honey is one of the most rare in the world and proposes many health benefits. It tastes delectable too! You can try it in a variety of dishes at BreadFruits cafe such as on French toast, in a scrumptious passionfruit and honey refreshment or in their signature honey latte. Pick up a bottle at BreadFruits or visit their newly opened dedicated outlet.

Pick some up here.

Scrumptious Nut Butters and Hand Made Granola

Made in Malaysia, Local Festive Gifts
Vanilla Coconut Cashew Butter – Raisin’ the Roof

With a team dedicated to the preparation of delicious and nutritious foods, Raisin’ the Roof have a number of items the health conscious gourmet will adore. We picked up a jar of delicious carrot cake house made granola and a fabulous vanilla coconut cashew spread. Yum!

Get your treats here.

Bake-at-home Organic Vegan Granola Bars

organic, vegan, healthy eating,
Organic Vegan Bake-At-Home Muesli Bars

For your friends and family who are ‘beginner level’ cooks, or for time-harried individuals, Organica Lifestyle’s new ready-mix granola bars are perfect presents. Wholesome ingredients are pre-measured in the bag, and wet ingredients are added at home just before baking. Quick, healthy and tasty treats.

Grab a few bags from here.

Chocolate Concierge

Jason's Food Hall, Bangsar Shopping Centre
Chocolate Concierge

Artisan handmade chocolates and a whole range of scrumptious goodies are found at the Chocolate Concierge in Jason’s Food Hall in Bangsar Shopping Centre. Besides being beautifully packaged, every single item we’ve tried here (and believe me… we made a fine effort to taste it all) is expertly crafted and sure to make every sweet-tooth smile.

Not to be missed are the creative chocolate fillings, which change weekly according to the whim of chief chocolatier Ning. My current favourite is the raspberry with a bite of wasabi. Just in time for the festive season too, are a mouth-wateringly good chocolate almond Christmas tree, star-shaped cookies, and some deliciously chewy gingerbread squares.

Find them here.


  1. Great Christmas gifts!

  2. Vanilla coconut cashew butter…never heard of that but it sounds interesting.

  3. Hello, everything looks delicious. I wish I could try one of each! Great ideas for Christmas gifts.

    Have a happy weekend!

  4. These are all great gifts! I am in awe of the peanut butter, it looks so creamy! 🙂

    • Oh yeah… both the peanut and the cashew butters are so good I just spoon them straight from the jar. 😉

  5. Hi.I found your website searching for organics in kuala lumpur.I live in Iran and we do not have organic stores here,but I am travelling to kuala lumpur in a few months and I was hoping that you can help me where can I find good quality organic products.I love baking and lately I have tried to bake healthier stuff.but I can’t find the essentials for healthy baking where I live,so I am gonna stock up as much as I can in kuala lumpur ! I would love to buy these products:whole wheat pastry flour or white whole wheat flour,coconut flour,spelt flour,bob’s red mills baking powder and baking soda,almond flour and unbleached all purpose flour.wholesome sweetner coconut sugar,and nutivas coconut oil.
    Can you help me and tell where can I find these,thank you very much

    • Hi Zahra, You can find plenty in Kuala Lumpur. I’m guessing you’ll probably stay close to the city centre? In that case Jaya Grocers at The Intermark (Jalan Tun Razak) has a whole isle of organic goods. Village Grocers in Bangsar (Bangsar Village I) also has a good organic section. Happy baking and wishing you a great time in KL. 🙂

    • Thank you for your suggestions.I’m so excited to see KL for the first time.and I checked out the resturants and bakeries that you have reviewed and they all look good! definitely gonna try some of them.thanks again for your help 🙂

  6. Now do they deliver these yummy hampers to Australia?
    I am sure your folks would like to try them too! 😉

    • The number of times I’ve thought of bringing back goodies to Australia is beyond counting. Unfortunately the strict custom laws don’t allow it. 🙁

  7. Colin Huggins

    That peanut butter really has made my mouth water!
    I love the “sloppy” variety.
    What would be the price in A$’s??? Also the honey cost.
    Here honey is atrociously priced – I think the bees must be
    all prized bees!
    At Aldi Supermarkets (German owned) you can buy an Argentinian peanut butter
    which is cheaper and far superior to the Aussie brands which I believe
    are now American owned – such a pity as the quality has fallen and the
    price has risen!
    El Colin Cordobes
    Still light rain and cool – yahoo!

    • This peanut butter is super creamy. I can just spoon it directly from the jar. In the past I’ve brought peanut and nut butters from home as it’s difficult to find organic butters that are just nuts – no chemicals, sugar or oil. I usually get the big tubs from the organic section of Woolies – I think the brand is called macro.
      This honey is on the expensive side – about $40 AUD – as it’s quite difficult to obtain (some of the world’s tallest trees must be climbed to attain it) and part of the proceeds go to helping the local indigenous community.
      Glad to hear you’re having pleasant weather. It’s quite nice over here now that the haze has cleared.

  8. Gorgeous Christmas gifts!

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