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Polecats Coffee, Melawati, Kuala Lumpur

Kristin Cosgrove and Monica TIndall

Until recently Melawati was a coffee no-man’s-land where zombies roamed, unable to properly caffeinate in the morning.  Well… in my mind anyway.  But Western style cafés are at last creeping into the sleepy suburb, and The Yum List recently visited the new kid on the block, Polecats Coffee.  Blink and you might miss the storefront, but don’t stop looking!  This cozy café, serving coffee, pancakes and a selection of tarts, quiches and cakes, has the earliest opening hour of any café I know of in KL; hours are Wed-Sun, 7am – 3pm, making it a perfect place for commuters to stop and grab a cup o’ Joe and a takeaway breakfast.

Polecats Coffee, Melawati
Polecats Coffee Taman Melawati

Polecats is a family affair cooked up by Zee, who does the baking, and husband Sam, a barista formerly with Artisan Roast.  Zee is an investment banker by trade, but she grew up among chefs and is most comfortable in the kitchen, creating new recipes using whatever she has on hand.  “I just want to share what I love with the community,” she says with a smile.

Polecats Coffee, Melawati
Polecats Owners Zee and Sam

It would appear that the community is enjoying what Polecats has to offer; the tiny place is near capacity as we arrive on a Sunday morning.  We happily bump into a friend – just what you would expect in a neighborhood café – and take the last table before ordering coffee, sourced here from a rotation of local roasters.

Polecats Coffee, Melawati
Flat White

Our friend recommends the unique Oatmeal Latte (RM10), a blend of a hearty bowl of oatmeal and an essential cup of coffee served in a glass.  Sprinkled with muesli, the oatmeal latte is healthy, caffeinated, different – and I like it!   A perfect “grab on the go” type of breakfast.

Polecats Coffee, Melawati
Spoonful of the Oatmeal Latte

Pancakes are a popular staple at Polecats, the fluffy and thick diner-style ones which aren’t found often in KL.  The menu offers a few pancake options including plain and blueberry; we try the Gravlax (RM20) and Lam Bacon (RM18).  I’m always game for bacon, the salt plays so well with the sweetness of syrup.  I do find the lamb bacon flavor a bit intense for my taste buds, but the texture of the meat is perfect.  It’s impressive that Polecats, wanting to ensure consistency and supply reliability, cures their own meats.  It takes a few days to prepare, so calling ahead for the lamb bacon is a good idea.

Polecats Coffee, Melawati
Lamb Bacon Pancakes

The Gravlax pancakes are pleasing too; the dense sour cream blends with the herbs on top to complement the mild salmon flavor.

Polecats Coffee, Melawati
Salmon Pancakes

Zee insists we try the Salted Egg Fish Pie (available weekends only). Normally this wouldn’t sound very appetizing to me, but after trying it I would absolutely recommend it.  Like a Shepherd’s pie with salmon, this is a great comfort food dish.

Polecats Coffee, Melawati
Salted Egg Fish Pie

Cake and tart selections change periodically and are homemade by Zee herself.  Today she has a new Caramel Monster Cake, whipped up the night before and based on what she had on hand in her pantry.  The cake is a firm sponge, the frosting sweet but not cloying, and it pairs perfectly with my latte.  The Hummingbird Cake is a favorite of mine, a moist combination of banana, pineapple and pecans.  Hints of cinnamon tickled the palate and we ooed and ahhed over the white frosting with pecan brittle and pineapple drizzle on top.

Polecats Coffee, Melawati
Hummingbird Cake

The coming festive season will see new items on the menu, including a “Dark Side” chocolate cake in honor of – you guessed it – Star Wars.  While I may not be first in line to see the blockbuster, I’ll definitely be among the first in line for chocolate cake! I think I have my priorities straight.

Zee is willing to do special orders for cakes too, just call ahead to ask about availability and pricing.

Reasons to visit: open early, good coffee, homemade everything, friendly owners and a cozy, comfortable vibe.  Perfect for takeaway on the way to work.

Polecats Coffee
36 Jalan Bandar 1
Taman Melawati, 53100
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
[email protected]

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  1. Great looking stuff, like own home-cooked…right down to the not-so-fine texture of the cakes unlike those made using all those electrical appliances. Bet they’re all good.

  2. Monica, you have hit my favourites….again!!! Lamb bacon pancakes…salmon pancakes??? I have never tried either (I know, I do lead a very sheltered life…LOL!!!) 🙂 I am willing to bet that I would enjoy trying a little from each dish, seriously! The hummingbird cake looks neat! The egg fish pie looks pretty good, too, but the word “salted” concerns me, because I have only one kidney since the age of 4 and I try to watch my salt intake. I would try a little of it to see, and if it wasn’t too salty I would most likely enjoy it, too!

    Monica, I am wondering if you have ever tried Tourtiere? If not, or even if you have, I highly recommend you having this when you come to Quebec! My suggestions for you for your Quebec visit: Quebec maple syrup, Tourtiere, poutine and, let’s not forget, Chalet Bar-b-q! 🙂

    • Linda, Lamb bacon pancakes were a first for me too! Hummingbird cake was wonderfully moist and the fish pie tasty too. Most of us should probably consider cutting back on our salt consumption – you’ve been aware of it for much longer though. I’ve not yet tried Tourtiere, but it’s another dish I’m adding to my list when I come visit Quebec! 😉

  3. Looks like a pretty tight spot for a cuppa but I’m eager to know what a salted egg fish pie tastes like to! 😉

    • You’d be wise to pick an off peak time if you wanted a seat – especially on the weekends. The Salted Egg Fish Pie was not what I expected. It sure was delicious though – similar to a shepherd’s pie I guess with the potato on top.

  4. Sign me up for the salted fish pie! You must be very brave to have tried that 😛

    • Ken, it didn’t sound like something I’d like by the name. The reality is though it’s really just egg, salmon and mashed potato – yummy!

  5. All looks good. Lamb and bacon pancakes, something light to make, never even thought of doing that.

  6. Lamb bacon?! That’s something new to me. 😉
    Hmmm why is it called hummingbird cake?
    Looks like a carrot cake. 😉

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