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You’d think the more I travel the more relaxed I’d become. Not so!

The more years I tock up on the road, the less patience I seem to hold, and the more I desire hassle-free travel. In my youth, the hair-raising ride hitched on the back of a truck with locals, chickens and possibly a few piglets would have made a lionized travel tale. Long gone are the days however of figuring out how to get from point A to point B upon arrival to a destination. I have a firm aversion to crowded airports, touts and wondering if I will still have my life (and my purse) at the end of a taxi ride, so now, more than ever I appreciate the convenience, safety and efficiency of pre-booked airport transfers.

Siam Travel Center has also noted this shift in visitors arriving to Thailand, and as such has opened their own premier transportation service, Siam Limousine, to assist tourists in having a pleasant travel experience. We used their online booking platform, which was extremely easy to use. All we had to do was enter time and location, and choose which type of service – standard, deluxe or luxury. Payment can be made with PayPal and major credit cards. We received confirmation within minutes.

Reaching Phuket we breezed through immigration and only had hand luggage so were off the plane and out the front door within 15 minutes of landing. Planted firmly in front of the exit of the arrivals hall, a Siam Limousine representative held our name card high. A big smile welcomed us and we were ushered to the curb where our car seemed to glide through the traffic and land curbside directly in front of us.

Luxury Transfer Phuket
Siam Limousine

The driver, neatly uniformed, offered water, mints and chilled refresher towels before our journey began. The deluxe vehicle, a Honda Accord, was spotless both inside and out. It too was free of those nasty car deodorizer smells that tend to make me nauseous with their powerful scent.

vip transfers Thailand
Siam Limousine

Driving in Phuket is certainly a much calmer experience than negotiating the streets of Bangkok, but even so, there are many obstacles that the relaxed pace of island life presents. Our driver expertly dealt with them all (bikes, children, road side stalls), indicated, drove at a medium speed and got us safely to our destination with no additional hairs changed from brunette to grey.

The return trip was of a similar experience and Siam Limousine even called the airline ahead of time to confirm our return flights and left a message at the hotel the evening prior to departure. Upon returning to the airport, the same representative that we met on arrival was there to see us off. He took our bags, passed through security, waited in line with us to check-in, and dropped us off at immigration. In the short video below, notice how quickly we get through security – solely because this guy knows that there are two lines and skips the long one, heading straight for the short one. When you don’t like wasting time, it’s great to be with someone who knows their way around.

Phuket airport tranfer
Siam Limousine Airport Representative

All in, we found Siam Limousine to be professional, efficient and very easy to use. We’d book them again in a heartbeat.

luxury transfers Phuket
Siam Limousine

Reasons to book: clean, efficient and reliable service; a variety of vehicles to choose from; water, towels and mints in the car; excellent communication.

Siam Limousine
156/33 Moo 5
Bypass Biz Town
T. Rassada, A. Muang Phuket
Phuket 83000, Thailand
+66 (0) 76 390 699
+66 (0) 89-8744761 [24/7]
[email protected]


  1. Monica and Cordobes Jnr.
    That report on efficiency and spotlessness should ensure an upgrade
    with Siam Limousine to a Bentley or right to the top one of those SL Mercedes
    600 chariots!
    On one of my trips to BKK, I was held up in customs as the person in front of
    me was – well I think he may have been carted off for some questioning. So
    I missed the courtesy hotel bus and the assumption was made that I was a
    non-appearance person. Far from this “assumption” as I waited in my queue
    with gritting teeth – as you know changing queues in custom lines makes
    the good customs police interested!
    Anyhow when I finally got through my “chariot” had departed, so I went to the
    complaints desk and ended up with I am pretty sure – one of these Siam Limo
    cars, which by co-incidence then had their offices right next to my hotel, “The
    Royal Orchid Sheraton” on the river and just really opposite but upriver from your
    lovely “BKK Pen”.
    Yes this limo service is first class – so I endorse your commendation.
    El Colin Cordobes

    • They do have a few luxury cars in the fleet, but because it was Christmas while we were there their services were fully booked. But yes… chariot… that’s my style 😉

      I’d use the service again for sure. They were efficient in their reservations, reconfirmed a day before and even called ahead to confirm our flight was on time.

      Colin, I’m wondering what you’ll be doing now that the tennis is over?

  2. Nothing like a clean fresh vehicle inside and out.
    Another thing is, to arrive safely.

    • Both important things to note and the transport is usually the first impression of a country, so a worthwhile thing investing in.

  3. Very nice! Wow!

  4. i nod my head in agreement … as soon as i reach an airport, i just want to get to my hotel or airbnb as efficiently as possible … siam limousine sounds like they’re doing a great job at transporting guests in the most comfortable way 🙂

    • Yes, those “leave everything to the wind” days are long over for me. Comfort, safety and efficiency are all top priorities. 🙂

  5. Clean, reliable and safe transportation plays an important part in tourism.

  6. Take it easy…
    No rush no hush. 😉

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