Yamaguchi Fish Market, KL

Yamaguchi Fish Market, Kuala Lumpur

Words: Aisling Cullen   Photos: Monica Tindall

I’m a fish lover, so when I got the call that The Yum List was reviewing Yamaguchi Fish Market, my eyes lit up!  The restaurant is conveniently located for those in the city centre – its about a five minute drive from KLCC.  Situated at the back of another restaurant called Caffeines, the restaurant is almost hidden and is suprisingly large.  The interior for Yamaguchi Fish Market is grand, light and airy with a touch of modern Japan.  Large tanks of live crab, lobster, oysters and fresh water fish are on view at the entrance which is always a good sign.

Yamaguchi Fish Market, KL
Yamaguchi Fish Market
Yamaguchi Fish Market, KL
Yamaguchi Fish Market, KL
Yamaguchi Fish Market, KL
Yamaguchi Fish Market, KL
Fresh Fish Fish and Seafood Can Be Purchased to Take Home

Half the menu has Japanese style fish dishes, and the other half is Chinese style which makes the selection quite interesting. We started off with the Sashimi Moriawase (RM198) which had beautiful select cuts of fish that were wonderfully fresh. The toro (fatty tuna) and Japanese hotate (scallop) were two standout fish on the platter.

Yamaguchi Fish Market, KL
Sashimi Moriawase

Next up was a Chinese dish, Fried Mee Hoon with Clams and Petai (RM26).  There were plenty of clams and plump bean sprouts which made this a good side dish.

Yamaguchi Fish Market, KL
Fried Mee Hoon with Clams and Petai

Another side dish was the Sichuan Stir Fried Thin Potato (RM18).  There was a tangy sourness from the sichuan sauce while the pototo was crunchy and garlicy. If we hadn’t known from the name, it might have taken us some time to guess that the main ingredient was actually potato.

Yamaguchi Fish Market, KL
Sichuan Stir Fried Thin Potato

We were given a signature dish which is not listed on the menu however can made upon request which was a Champagne Crab with a Spicy Black Bean Sauce (RM28 per 100g). Alas there is no Champagne in this dish but rather it’s the colour of the crab that gives it this name! The sauce was full of bold flavours of garlic, chili and black beans. Mon and I both loved this dish and kept digging back in to spoon up the sauce.

Yamaguchi Fish Market, KL
Champagne Crab with a Spicy Black Bean Sauce

For something a bit more delicate, we tried the Garlic Steamed Canadian Scallops (RM37.50 per piece).  Giant scallops were topped with thin noodles and oodles of garlic.  It’s definitely not a first date dish but it was incredibly tasty. Again, this dish is not listed on the menu but can be ordered on request. This one turned out to be Caning’s fav.

Yamaguchi Fish Market, KL
Garlic Steamed Canadian Scallops

The Salt Baked Tai Fish (RM48) comes highly recommended and added some drama to our meal.  The fish comes cooked in Japanese Kombu seaweed and covered with a thick crust of salt which is broken up with a large wooden hammer.  The fish was very tender and was infused with the salt and seaweed.

Yamaguchi Fish Market, KL
First Crack Open The Case
Yamaguchi Fish Market, KL
Salt Baked Tai Fish

To complement the fish, we had some warm Gekkeikan traditional sake. The wine list was also quite extensive. For the house wine there is a Montes Chilean Chardonnay and Merlot (RM32 per glass/RM135 bottle) which are both enjoyable and easy to drink.

Yamaguchi Fish Market, KL
Gekkeikan Traditional Sake
Yamaguchi Fish Market, KL
Montes House Wines

There is also a good selection of smoothies and milkshakes. We had a Cucumber Lime (RM15) and a Strawberry Yoghurt (RM15) which were fruity and refreshing.

Yamaguchi Fish Market, KL
Yoghurt and Juice

To finish off the meal, we indulged in a couple of desserts. The Oreo Tiramisu (RM15) which consists of cream and crushed oreo pieces and the Sambuca Flaming Strawberry Chocolate Brownie (RM22), which is drowned in a full shot of flaming Sambuca. Caning favoured the simplicity of the tiramisu, while Mon and I both thought the brownies were definitely lifted up a notch with the Sambuca shot.

Yamaguchi Fish Market, KL
Oreo Tiramisu
Yamaguchi Fish Market, KL
Sambuca Flaming Strawberry Chocolate Brownie

By the time we finished the meal, the restaurant was packed and had a fun buzz about it.  With a great ambiance and fantastic food, I can’t wait to go back.

Reasons to visit: huge selection of fresh seasonal fish; easy car parking; cool, contemporary Japanese décor in a market setting; great buzz about the place.

Yamaguchi Fish Market
16 Jalan Kampung Pandan
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+6 012 268 2816
Open 7 days a week, 12pm – 3pm and 6pm – 11pm


  1. Aisling and Monica
    Maybe too much tennis watching has affected my eyes but is this
    restaurant that is being reviewed next to a FISH MARKET??
    If there is one smell I cannot tolerate it is the smell of a Fish Market.
    The one in Seattle, Washington State, USA was my first and then the
    one on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. I have not been within “cooee”
    of one since and that was way back in the early 1970’s.!!!!
    It is pleasing to read that El Caning Cordobes is like his senior Cordobes
    glued to the TV set.
    Only one Aussie left and one can live in hope and many prayers that he will
    topple the “British Empire” representative, viz Andy Murray.
    I think the last Canadian will be shown the door in the men’s 4th round this
    afternoon by Stan, “Swiss, the Man” Wawrinka – a former champion and the last Yank,
    John Isner, who is a nice fellow, by the toreador, the brick waller, David Ferrer – ole!
    Actually it would be wonderful if David could win, something as a memento for his
    victory over our Lleyton. The end of that match and the speeches by both David and Lleyton should be memorised by the “new brash” young ones on the tennis circuit.
    El Colin Cordobes
    PS: Please do not interfere with junior’s TV watching, he may revolt – ha ha.

  2. Wowwww!!!! Fried bihun with clam and petai, that’s a first…for me at least. Never seen it anywhere before. Sure would love to try, I love ’em stinky beans. 😀

  3. What a neat place! The presentations are beautiful!

  4. The name yamaguchi reminds me of the underground organization in Japan 😡

  5. Nice find! I’ve been to Caffeinees many times, but I never noticed there is such a lovely fish market behind it!

  6. A fish restaurant within the fish market, that’s how it reads….not for me.

  7. I’ve seen raving reviews on this new entry. Definitely a must-try and I’ve bookmarked it already! I’ve recently had cockles in wine with fresh garlic (and loved it) and I’m sure I’ll love this scallops with garlic equally too 🙂

  8. I have had a re-read and better look to settle my nerves courtesy
    of Telstra phones ( not working) and internet ( having fits when it feels
    like it). I spent one hour in the Telstra office and got nowhere!!!
    Hopefully they are still working on the problems but I’d like to see a human here
    doing something!
    I hope in KL you get better service.
    Now that blue sake Gekkeikan bottle! I had a set – the bottle as shown and
    6 sake cups. I got them in Tokyo.
    Well they have disappeared????????????
    I hope I gave them away to a Sake lover as a present.
    They sure ain’t here anymore.
    Now back to the tennis.

  9. I’m a fish lover…Would love to visit Yamaguchi Fish Market….and because I am a dessert lover too, I would like to taste the Sambuca Flaming Strawberry Chocolate Brownies 😉 Have a lovely week 😉

  10. A must try!

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