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Tiger Palm, Seminyak Village, Bali

‘Inspired by the flavours of Malaysia,’ I was more than curious to try chef Will Meyrick’s latest opening in Bali, Tiger Palm. Said to be influenced by Will’s love of the wonderfully fragrant dishes from the kitchens of Penang and regional Malaysian cuisine, the menu promises ‘rich curries, soft rice noodles and crispy bites of fresh fish.’

Located in Seminyak Village, its accessible location is bound to be a hit with tourists in the area. Opening up to the street, with glass walls dividing a high-ceilinged air-conditioned interior and a plant-rimmed al fresco area, the restaurant is reminiscent of a locale similar to what one might imagine plantation owners once frequented. Stool pulled up to the bar, solid woods framing the structure, splashes of colour in upholstery and paintings, and rich aromas wafting from the kitchen – all complement a thirst-quencher from the barman.

Tiger Palm, Seminyak Village, Bali
TIger Palm, Seminyak Village

Signature cocktails feature local ingredients with a modern touch. Sehat Lelaki (110) combines Tequila, citrus bitters, honey, coriander and passionfruit foam into a refreshing and mildly herby beverage. Two of my greatest loves, rum and coconut, make fine companions in the Coconut Mojito (110). Poured over ice, it’s refreshed with mint and garnished with a good bunch of the same along with candied coconut ribbons and a sugar cane stirring stick.

Tiger Palm, Seminyak Village, Bali
Coconut Mojito
Tiger Palm, Seminyak Village, Bali
Tequila Cocktail

Rojak Salad (65k) with green guava, mango, rose apple, yam bean and haeko paste rivals any I’ve add in its homeland. A copper bucket holds the mound that bulges precariously over the top. The fruits are extremely fresh and crisp and the sticky dressing balances adeptly sweet and spice. Yum!

Tiger Palm, Seminyak Village, Bali
Rojak Salad

Jalan Alor Smoked Chicken Wings (70k) waft to our noses before we spy them.  Wonderful smokiness entices us and sends images of a haze filled street, exposed bulb lights and a human buzz on the central Kuala Lumpur street. These too are fabulous and hubby declares that they’re the best he’s ever tasted.

Tiger Palm, Seminyak Village, Bali
Jalan Alor Chicken Wings

Assam Udang (150k) with garlic, chili, tamarind, mustard seeds and curry leaf forms a cone on a plate with a sketch of a bicycle – much like you might find on a wall mural in Penang. The prawns glisten in the sauce and the sweet tart smell of tamarind tickles the nose.

Tiger Palm, Seminyak Village, Bali
Assam Udang Prawns

Chili Tandoori Chicken Leg (110k) marinated in yoghurt and garam masala is a rather lush version presented on an extended wooden platter. Raita, mint sauce, and chopped veggies make extra luscious accompaniments, but are by no means needed, as the leg is indeed ‘finger lickin’ good.’

Tiger Palm, Seminyak Village, Bali
Tandoori Chicken
Tiger Palm, Seminyak Village, Bali
Tandoori Chicken Leg

Stir Fried Fish Balado (130K) with chili tamarind and white pepper is another instant hit! A heap of curry leaves green the top furnishing a contrast to the red chili and tomato slices. Chunks of starfruit add sweetness and moisture. The fish is encased as a precious jewel might be in a thin but protective batter. Upon breaking, the moist flaky fish is revealed, and every last drop of the tangy sauce is mopped up with a side of white rice.

Tiger Palm, Seminyak Village, Bali
Fried Fish Balado

Bubur Madura (70k) looks deceitfully simple in its white coconut bowl. Underneath the milky mass however is a scrumptious composition of black sticky rice lontong and cassava dumplings, cooked in palm sugar and served with coconut, tapioca noodles and coconut ice cream – things sweet sweet dreams are made of.

Tiger Palm, Seminyak Village, Bali
Bubur Madura

To finish, chilled Raspberry Tea (48k) makes a pretty ruby red beverage served in a tall glass with a bunch of fresh mint as adornment. The Star Anise Orange Latte (48k) ice brew could be dessert on its own. Iced coffee is topped with a generous whirl of whipped cream and candied orange peel. Yet another gratifying order.

Tiger Palm, Seminyak Village, Bali
Raspberry Tea
Tiger Palm, Seminyak Village, Bali
Star Anise Orange Iced Brew Latte

It’s been a glorious love affair – one that has been so engaging that I almost feel unfaithful to my Malaysian home in singing its praises, but commendation is given where it is deserved and Tiger Palm gets the highest of merits.

Reasons to visit: rich delicious Malaysian flavours; don’t miss the Bubur Madura, Jalan Alor Smoked Chicken Wings and Stir Fried Fish Balado.

Tiger Palm
Seminyak Village
Jl. Kayu Jati No.8, Kuta
80361, Bali, Indonesia
+62 361 474 1824
[email protected]
Open daily from 10am until 12am.

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  1. Oh? Jalan Alor chicken wings in Bali? Wowwwww!!! I’m impressed. Heard a lot about them, never tried. 🙁

  2. Looks most impressive – the restaurant and the food.
    The favourite eating establishments outside the hotel’s eating places in my many holidays in Bali – the Nusa side please note!- were the Mardi (??) group and the – wait for it – SWASTIKA group – well Swastika is a Hindu symbol – thus the name and Bali is HINDU, not Muslim. So for the historically minded viewers, SWASTIKA is not a word belonging to Herr Hitler!
    Lombok across the narrow strait from Bali is CHRISTIAN.
    So many people think Indonesia is ALL Muslim.
    The Mardi and Swastika restaurants served genuine Balinese dishes and were always packed with hotel guests who decided on cheaper meals than the evening meals at the top 4/5 star resorts – plus drinks were far, far cheaper.
    El Colin Cordobes

    • I recall these from the Nusa Dua side. My favourite parts of Bali are Uluwatu and Ubud – although Ubud is becoming quite commercial these days too. I’d like to explore even further north.

    • Uluwata if I recall is the area closest on the island to Australia (Darwin).
      This was still a bike ride from other areas in the 1980’s for the so-called best surfing conditions (swells) in the World.
      I believe in the Suharto era – the place was opened up for vehicular traffic and the Suharto family built a luxurious hotel on a cliff there to entertain foreign dignitaries and the very rich and famous.
      I was invited down by a surfing crowd on their motor bikes from the Nusa Dua Beach Spa and Resort – I declined. Motor bikes and I don’t agree – had it been by the four legs of a horse, I would have gone.
      Even way back Ubud was the area for the “artist” brigade – hippies to the more affluent types so commercialisation is no surprise to me.
      Balinese artifacts of all sorts even on the beaches at Nusa Dua or Sanur were 5 times cheaper than the same stuff at Ubud.
      Keep the reports coming back – great to see what now is the scene.

    • Uluwatu is still very much the playground of the rich and famous – some stunning properties up there, but still hard to get to. The roads are improving slowly on the island but not keeping up with the traffic.

  3. For once… i misread the title as “Tiger Balm”.

  4. All looks good.
    Prawns again for me.

  5. wow…they serve some really great food! I love that prawn dish and Rojak salad.

  6. Hello, everything from the drinks to the food look wonderful. I would love to try the coconut mojito! Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  7. Great food photos. If I do go to Bali, I must visit this place.

  8. Looks very impressiveimpression – really succulent food. I’d love to try Sehat Lelaki 😉

  9. Like the blue couch and the cocktails are very flashy.


  10. Their rojak looks so appetising!
    I would love to try this dish for sure.

    Gosh, everyone is like a millionaire in Indonesia.
    I can’t cope with big figures.
    48,000 for a glass of iced tea! 😉

    • Yes, it’s quite frightening to think that your bar tab at the end of the night could end up in the millions. 😉

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