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Auresso – Specialty Coffee, Tea and Cocoa, Malaysia

Penchant for coffee, plus aversion to traffic and shopping, equals strong appreciation for Auresso!

Auresso provides consumers in Malaysia with convenient access to specialty coffee, premium tea, drinking chocolate and a bunch of accessories via a superbly easy to use website. Partnering with artisan experts in the industry, the quality of product offered on the site is hand chosen by award winning roasters, barista champions, and a team who are focused and passionate in what they do.

Coffee, the number one reason I first browsed Auresso’s page, is supplied by three well-respected roasters in Australia: Rubra, Grand Central Premium Coffee Roasters, and Ona.  Orders are taken every two weeks, beans are freshly roasted in Australia, and then delivered to clients roughly within eight days of roast, meaning they reach your door in peak form. There is a countdown timer on the website which indicates order deadline and tentative delivery date. For non-coffee products, orders are dispatched out immediately depending on stock availability. Payment is easy through either online banking or Paypal.

specialty coffee Malaysia
Auresso Website

Easy and Much Appreciated Gifts

Apart from my own zeal for coffee and loathing for shopping, my initial thoughts were “What an easy way to purchase gifts!” I could tick off any number of beverage samples and equipment and have them delivered to the beneficiary without having to set a single toe in a shopping mall.

Throw together some whole coffee beans (Chantico blend by Rubra – RM43 and Milkman blend by Grand Central Premium Roasters – RM43); some specialty filter roast single origin coffee (bean of the week by ONA Coffee RM55); a couple of bags of drinking chocolate powder (Rubra Kokolicious – RM42.40 and Koko Deluxe RM42.40); and an assortment of fine teas (Rubra Fine Teas Sampler Stick – RM18, Rubra Chai Spice Latte RM40and Pure Uji Matcha RM35), and I have what many would consider a pretty fantastic gift for less than RM300. (and… I reckon at least half of that value was worth it in not having to get in my car, grit my teeth in traffic, do multiple laps of a parking lot, fight crowds in the mall, wait in a line, and repeat it all in reverse to get home again. Instead: five minutes, on-line, it’s done. Happy.)

online shopping Malaysia
Auresso Coffee, Tea and Cocoa

Best Sellers, New Products, Organic

Good deed accomplished, it’s my turn to procure a few items. A blue ribbon indicates Best Sellers, so pleased for the guidance I add a bag of Mofo Deluxe (RM47.70) to my cart. It’s made from fine Ghana cocoa butter, enhanced with premium Belgian dark chocolate, and sweetened with organic Fair Trade cane sugar. Free of gluten and dairy it’s suitable for both my coeliac and vegan friends too – if I decide to share it that is.

Another handy tag is “New,” highlighting the regular addition of recently discovered items. Black Betty Blend (RM55) from ONA has instant appeal with its Latin American beans from Brazil, Honduras and El Salvador. Besides the tasting notes of “chocolate, spice and everything nice” and inclusion of cupping notes on both black and with milk, the brew guide is easy to read and the detailed instructions for the perfect cup are extremely helpful.

Auresso Coffee, Tea and Cocoa
Black Betty Blend by ONA

Another new item in Auresso’s catalogue, Mon Ami Organic (RM46) by Rubra, catches my attention with its organic label. We were first introduced to Rubra coffee at The Red Beanbag – a highly respected café here in Kuala Lumpur. The barista at the time had received much acclaim for his skill and knowledge, and this certainly transferred over to the selection of the beans. Can’t wait to try this blend.

Auresso Coffee, Tea and Cocoa
Mon Ami Organic Blend by Rubra

Equipment for the Home Brewer

Auresso is a one-stop shop for coffee lovers even stocking quality equipment for the home brewer. Unashamedly swept up in the trend of specialty brewing, I pick up a Hario Cold Brew Pot (RM104.94), loving the idea of preparing my morning treat the evening before and being able to enjoy my own chilled brew without forking out some of the handsome prices it can demand here in KL. The Bodum Travel Press (RM90.10) makes sense for my on-the-go lifestyle, and I pick up a Milk Frother (RM36.04) too – who doesn’t like their milk with some bubbles? The Bodem Yo Yo Set (RM46.64) I snap up for tea-loving hubby so that he can feel a little bit of luxury in infusing his own loose leaves at work.

specialty coffee supplier Malaysia
Brewing Equipment

Subscription Service

As mentioned, numerous times, shopping, even on-line, is not one of my favourite past times, so Auresso’s subscription service is of high appeal! Offering as much coffee as I want monthly or fortnightly, I’ll never have to worry about being without freshly roasted coffee again – and for that matter will never have to go shopping for coffee again. Love. It.

Auresso Coffee, Tea and Cocoa
Grand Central Coffee Roasters

*** All The Yum List readers are entitled for a special discount voucher of RM20. All you need to do is register for Auresso’s newsletter at their website and drop an email to [email protected] to request your discount code.

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  1. Love that photo on the pack of Rubra’s.

  2. Hello, I love my coffee. I can almost smell those coffee beans, delicious. All of these would make the perfect gift for the coffee lover. Great post, thanks for sharing. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  3. Great service! Organic coffee is hard to find in KL. And that cold press looks like something I definitely need =)

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