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Live House, LOL Comedy, TREC Kuala Lumpur

It’s rather exciting watching the Kuala Lumpur entertainment scene bubble and grow as it finds a foothold, gathers a following, supports the development of local artists, and inspires with international acts. Over a decade ago when we first arrived, a whole lot of searching had to be done to uncover quality gigs. With the persistence however of a few committed believers, this has begun to change in recent years and we note a significant increase of options available. And, one such spot we’re keeping our eye on is Live House KL.

comedy, entertainment in Kuala Lumpur, nightlife
Live House Kuala Lumpur, TREC KL

Located in TREC, KL’s latest entertainment district, the two story Live House attracts local and international musicians and comedians. Upstairs, a stage with lower and upper deck tables and seating, provides an intimate performance space, allowing guests to feel up close and personal with visiting comedians. On the ground floor a stage for live music and DJ booth encourage lively table conversations and even a bit of boogying on the dance floor. Both provide full bar and food service.

comedy, entertainment in Kuala Lumpur, nightlife
Bar at Live House

Perfectly timed, guests can giggle with a comedy act upstairs starting at 8:30pm and finish just in time for the live music to begin downstairs. The night we visited, international comedian Al Del Bene was the headliner leaving the crowd in hysterics with his thoughts on family life, a bit of playful teasing of members of the audience, and poor attempts at finding a shag for the evening. Acts change weekly on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening and it’s worth checking out the monthly calendar to purchase the best seats in advance.

comedy, entertainment in Kuala Lumpur, nightlife
Cheers to LOL

Numerous dining outlets are found along the strip if you’re up for a pre-show meal, and a partnership with KGB (Killer Gourmet Burgers) sets guests up with a range of easy bar bites, ideal for sharing, and sufficient enough to make a complete meal right in house. We try a range, from quesadillas, to sliders, to even an ice cream burger! Our favs though turn out to be KFC (Korean Fried Cauliflower), Truffle’d Swiss Mushroom Sliders and the Shack Sliders.

comedy, entertainment in Kuala Lumpur, nightlife
Mixed Quesadillas with a Creamy Guacamole
comedy, entertainment in Kuala Lumpur, nightlife
Deep Fried Snacks – KFC, Soft Shelled Crab Sliders, Barbacoa Spicy Egg Rolls
comedy, entertainment in Kuala Lumpur, nightlife
Salted Caramel Sliders

A good laugh launched our weekend on a positive note and we thank you Live House KL for putting a smile on our faces, some soul food in our tummies, and the hope of more fun to come.

Live House KL
E-G-07, Electric Boulevard TREC
Lot 434, Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+60 12 223 1937
[email protected]

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  1. It looks like a comfortable setting and people seem to be enjoying themselves. This is great.

    • The space is just large enough for a good crowd, but small enough to be intimate. It’s great to see the comedy scene start to take off in KL.

  2. Not too sure if I’m ignorant but I do see the name KGB often?

  3. Ah now the possibilities open – the 3 El Cordobes boys in our riding cavalry boots
    doing a fine rendition of the ” Lonesome Cowboy” song.
    Are Andalusian horses allowed on the stage????

    The drinks and food should have the three “Amigoes” in fine fettle!
    El Colin Cordobes
    PS: Now get off the floor Monica – fainting fits and uncontrollable laughter
    are not permitted.

    • It’s all downhill from this point Colin. And… what have I told you before about providing encouragement for Jr. to put himself in the limelight where none is needed? Stop giving the boy ideas. 😉

    • Ah you are being a “killjoy”.
      So you could be Annie Oakley or Calamity Jane – I am sure we could fit you in.
      I can just see you in your new high heels and cowgirl gear giving a great rendition of ” You Can’t Get a Man With A Gun”.
      Problem all solved.
      El Colin Cordobes – the self appointed Musical Director.

  4. Sure looks like a great place to wind down

  5. Looks nice for a nibble, drink, and a great laugh.

  6. Stand up comedy? Gee!!! I’d love that. I enjoyed Joanne Kam Po Po at the Boom Boom Room way back when and I loved Absolutely Fabulous, a Filipino trio – comedy and singing too. Real entertaining! I hope to catch Kumar from Singapore someday – he’s hilarious!!!

  7. Great place to de-stress with drinks and snacks to enjoy!

  8. Good laugh, good company, good food. This is a fun program for the weekend 😉

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