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Vertigo TOO, Banyan Tree Bangkok, Bar with a View!

The sun is on its decent as we take our lounge seat by the window at Vertigo TOO. Tan leather seats and deep lavender cushions glow as the fingertips of the last rays of sunshine reach into our space. DJ music bounces off the black structures, and lines of golden light furnish a spritz of glamour to the setting. Further pizzazz is designated with a ceiling of twinkling lights resembling stars and assuring a night of sparkle even when the sky misbehaves.

Vertigo TOO, Banyan Tree Bangkok
Vertigo TOO at Sunset
Vertigo TOO, Banyan Tree Bangkok

Vertigo TOO is the Banyan Tree Bangkok’s latest food and beverage outlet. One floor below the famous Moon Bar and Vertigo, Vertigo TOO is an extremely hip all-weather addition. While the upstairs al fresco scene is a hotspot for tourists, this location is in vogue with both trendsetting locals and chic expats and visitors alike.

We begin with an award winning cocktail, The Haole (420). This Bacardi Legacy Thailand prize cocktail consists of Bacardi Rum, Bianco Vermouth, pineapple, lemon and ginger ale. We can see why it’s a winner: the mixologist has achieved that fine balance of elegantly see-sawing the ingredients allowing each to contribute to the overall flavour profile, while ensure no single component dominates.

You know we love our rum, so a mix featuring the local version of the spirit is next on our order. Sling on 60 (450) combines kaffir lime, Lamoon Lamai rum, Maekhong rum, lychee lime and soda. Served in a hi-ball glass over crushed ice, it’s fruity and refreshing.

Vertigo TOO, Banyan Tree Bangkok
Rum Cocktails

And well, you’re also aware of our Latin American connection so when we catch Venezuelan Diplomatico Anejo rum on the menu, it must too be requested. This cocktail, White Chai (470) accompanies hubby’s pride and joy with DOM Benedictine, homemade chai, cream and the frothed white of a quail egg. Que rico!

Vertigo TOO, Banyan Tree Bangkok
White Chai

I love the simplicity of the glow-in-the-dark folder menu. Front page sets the scene with some Trendsetter cocktails and mocktails. The first page opens up to a page of spirits and beers. The middle is an uncomplicated selection of cold, hot and sweet dishes, and the back pages end the booklet with a carefully chosen wine list.

At first glance, bar snacks look like the common peanuts and fried bits. Upon tasting however, we’re quickly fingering back for me. Peanuts have a delicious lime and chili dressing. Crisps are not potato, but instead wonderfully delightful lace-thin shreds of pumpkin. Completing the trio are wasabi peas streaming a powerful blow up the nose and clearing the nostrils.

Wishing to filter some of the spice, I continue on the rum theme with plans to teach hubby to share. From the “2 Share” cocktail section Wiki-Wiki Express (970) pledges to delight South Pacific lovers with a giant tiki head filled with Chalong Bay rum, Lamoon Lamai rum, Diplomatico Anejo rum, orange Curacao, Amaretto, passionfruit, pineapple, lime and Tiki bitters in a portion designed for two. Ice cold and flavoursome, I can see my social courtesy plan is not going to work once hubby has wrapped his lips around this one.

Vertigo TOO, Banyan Tree Bangkok
Young Coconut and Malibu Cake

The food menu can all be viewed in one page. Finding it hard to choose, and not believing that any kitchen can do too many dishes extremely well at the same time, I do love a compact selection.

Marinated Tuna Rolls (510) are presented beautifully in a trio of ahi tuna rolls scented with ginger. They’re dressed in white miso, and accompanied by drops of radish mayonnaise and avocado mousse. Crunchy shreddings of Japanese purple sweet potato supply crunch on the side.

Vertigo TOO, Banyan Tree Bangkok
Marinated Tuna Rolls

My lovely waitress assures me that the Tom Yum Springs Rolls (510) are popular orders and so I’m happy to try the fresh rolls stuffed with poached tiger prawns, coated in a tom yum reduction and accompanied by Thai herbs and spices. They arrive on individual spoons with four tiny wedges of lime, which are recommended to be squeezed atop each before devouring. All I can say is, “Scrumptious!” Oh please order these – they are just as addictive as the soup.

Vertigo TOO, Banyan Tree Bangkok
Tom Yum Spring Rolls – A MUST Order

A fabulous idea is found in the vegetarian Potato Bruschetta Quartet (430). Fried potato skins hold a quartet of toppings: hummus, tomato salsa, guacamole and Greek Salad. Even bread lovers would be happy to swap out the typical baguette slices with these crunchy potato bases. My favourite topping is the chickpea puree and hubby’s is the avocado smash.

Vertigo TOO, Banyan Tree Bangkok
Potato Bruschetta Quartet

For the mains, hubby picks the Angus Beef Medallion (650) from The Black Board, which is seductively wrapped in bacon and served with wild mushrooms, garlic potatoes, black truffle and pepper sauce. Unfortunately my plan for ‘teaching hubby to share’ earlier in the evening has been spoiled by the fact that he drank the entire ‘for 2 to share’ cocktail by himself, and now has devoured his meaty principal plate before I’ve even finished photographing the highlights. I guess from the affirmations of, “Very good. Nicely cooked. Mmm,” that it was executed to his pernickety standards.

Vertigo TOO, Banyan Tree Bangkok
Angus Beef Medallion

Again, the wait staff has a recommendation for my main: Boston Lobster Risotto (900).  Half a Main lobster comes with an al dente risotto tinged with the local flower, the butterfly pea. Lemon tapioca pearls, lobster bisque beads and droplets of mayonnaise annex additional flavours. At the same time wafers of Parmesan and seaweed paper contribute a change in texture and supplementary layers of taste.

Vertigo TOO, Banyan Tree Bangkok
Boston Lobster Risotto

For a sweet ending hubby has plunged straight into the Young Coconut and Malibu Cake (280). Mixed berries, mango coulis and a cashew nut brittle brighten the side of a hearty prism of the super moist cake. Vanilla ice cream donates a familiar side and it’s truly large enough to share between two, or even three.

Vertigo TOO, Banyan Tree Bangkok
Young Coconut and Malibu Cake

The Deconstructed Banana Split (280) comes on a rectangular glass platter. It’s filled with quarters of banana that has been brûléed, globlets of mascarpone, roughly torn pieces of banana sponge cake and pools of Mars sauce. Chocolate-BACON ice cream certainly delivers a spark to a conventional dish, and out of interest I might be tempted to order the gelato alone just to sample the thought provoking combination.

Vertigo TOO, Banyan Tree Bangkok
Deconstructed Banana Split

By dinner’s end, the sun has disappeared, the sky has become an unforgiving black and the city’s lights sparkle into what seems a never-ending horizon. Live music comprising keyboards and vocals, bass, and percussionist are playing melodies from the 80’s such as those by Lionel Richie. It would be easy to fritter away hours here so plan on a coming with people you adore and capitalizing on the fabulous environs, delectable cocktails and scrummy food.

Vertigo TOO, Banyan Tree Bangkok
Vertigo TOO
Vertigo TOO, Banyan Tree Bangkok
Bangkok at Night

Reasons to visit: breath-taking views; an all-weather venue; White Chai and The Haole cocktails; Tom Yum Springs Rolls (MUST order!); Potato Bruschetta Quartet.

Vertigo TOO
Banyan Tree Bangkok
21/100 South Sathon Road
Bangkok 10120
+66 (0) 2679 1200
[email protected]


  1. I think I see why it is called Vertigo! (what heights)! The views are lovely, the ambiance looks lovely and the presentations are gorgeous!

  2. What an absolutely breath-taking looking bar….with an equally awesome array of food, not to mention the lovely view too! 😉

  3. Good view and the meals look delicious. Could take them all expect the tuna.

  4. those cocktails look mighty fun … and sipping on them in the sky definitely amplifies the delight! 🙂

  5. Stunning sunset and night sky. The cake and banana split look good.

  6. Hello, I would be happy with the rum cocktails and the potato skins sound and look delicious. Amazing views. As always, thanks for sharing the review. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  7. indeed a bar with a view. ambience was beautiful.

  8. Nice mug, that one with the face.

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