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Johnnie Walker Green Label Returns to the Worldwide Market

It’s no secret that hubby enjoys a glass of whisky or two. Priding himself on having a collection from around the globe, the return of Johnnie Walker Green Label, after being absent from the international market for four years, was a topic of interest.  Now I’m more of a rum girl myself when it comes to spirits, but with an enthusiastic nudge from hubby, I agreed to sampling a bottle of the newly returned spirit.

Johnnie Walker Green Label is a blend of malt whiskies from classic distilleries across Scotland that are matured for a minimum of 15 years. Four signature styles, represented by Talisker™, Linkwood™, Cragganmore™ and Caol Ila™, are balanced to create its distinctive flavour.

Wood smoke, pepper, oak and rich fruits comes from Talisker from the Isle of Skye. The Speyside malt, Linkwood, provides a hint of garden with its floral undertones and cedar wood whispers. Johnnie Walker Green Label’s malty heart and suggestion of sweet is a result of the inclusion of Cragganmore. Lastly Caol Ila, from the Isle of Islay, points to the sea through layers of fruit, sea salt and smokiness.

We have it both neat and on the rocks and find strong aromas of smoke and wood, followed by an element of bitterness similar to that of dark chocolate or strong black coffee. In the mouth it has a medium body with a trace of sweetness akin to dried fruits such as dates. A long peppery finish is sided with a mild sweetness.

This relatively affordable whisky does its job and makes a pleasant quaff. Thanks Diageo for the chance to try it.



JW whisky
Johnnie Walker Green Label
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  1. Ah – the scotch of the “gods”.
    Actually Monica, I never realised it was off the market.
    Where in the JW list/range is it – I think it is red, black, blue and then green?

    Or maybe blue is the signature and the “gold plated” one.

    Doesn’t it make your eyebrows shoot upwards when you see the premier
    scotches ordered with bloody coke!!!!
    Ice and water ONLY ——— for God’s sake if you want scotch then drink the blueblooded varieties straight, don’t bastardize it with damn coke!
    El Colin Cordobes of the “now and then” Scottish Highlands.

  2. Hi
    The nectar of the “gods”. I didn’t know that JW Green
    was unavailable on the liquor shop shelves. Way out of
    my league in the purchasing stakes these days.
    What is the order of JW blends – I think it is red, black (various years),
    blue and then green – or maybe green before blue??

    It makes me shudder from top to toe when you see “wantabee smart drinkers
    in up market establishments” to impressively order top of the line scotch and then have the glass filled up with that junk stuff called – Coke!!!
    Blasphomenous !!!
    You want coke – then go to a local junk food outlet – Mac’s comes rapidly to mind.

    Seems since my last comment you have a new system for comments,
    this is my second attempt??
    El Colin Cordobes somewhere wandering the highlands of boonie Scotland!

    • Agreed with you Colin! If you’re going to spend money on good liquor, please don’t spoil it with a mixer – especially the one you mentioned that kills the flavour of anything else added to it. I’ve just got back from three weeks in Bordeaux and Cognac by the way. I bet you’re going to be interested in some of the Cognac experiences Kirsten and I had 😉 But they’re still in the works… you have to wait for July for those ones.

  3. My brother-in-law used to drink this. Have a lovely Sunday!

  4. I don’t drink alcohol so I was unaware that this was off the market.

    • Honestly Linda, there are so many brands out there it’s hard to keep track – even when you do drink.

  5. Kuldeep Gadhvi

    Crazy people who add coke and mixers to fine Scotch aren’t in any ways concerned with how the amber liquid feels in mouth or on tongue. All they want is the alcohol to glide down their throats, reach to the belly and straight away hit the head !
    They aren’t spoiling their whisky. Actually they are enjoying coke with a kick !

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