Joe's Bar Review, East Hotel Canberra

Joe’s Bar, East Hotel Canberra, Italian Restaurant & Bar

Monica Tindall

Celebrating one year of opening, Joe’s Bar at East Hotel Canberra has been bustling from the beginning, and the buzz surrounding the good food and friendly chic atmosphere does not seem to be easing.  It’s here where dad and I are fortunate to enjoy a meal during our stay at East Hotel Canberra. Clearly there’s something special here as it’s only 5:30pm on a Wednesday evening and the crowd flows in in a constant stream.

Joe's Bar at East Hotel review
Joe’s Bar at East Hotel

Chain metal light shades in various geometric forms hang from a ceiling paneled with layers of timber slats. Steel and hard plastic chairs with leather cushions surround bare wood tables, while lounges and bar stools offer additional seating. Tables are simply adorned with candleholders that resemble large crystals, and a long marble bar offers a view onto an attractive collection of liquor bottles. Accompanied by friendly service, the overall vibe is warm and chic.

Joe's Bar Review, East Hotel Canberra
Joe’s Bar

Chef Francesco greets us, “You want a drink? You like Negroni?” You already know my answer. It’s ($16) made with Bulldog gin, Cinzano Rosso and Campari: a classic and done well. Dad tries an Italian beer, Peroni Nastro Azzura ($7.50) and reports satisfaction with the new draft. Popcorn sprinkled with paprika and Parmesan is delivered along with the drinks. It’s a delicious bar snack, postponing hunger pangs, and encouraging us to drink more, as we quiz chef about the menu and concept behind Joe’s Bar.

Joe's Bar Review, East Hotel Canberra
Negroni & Peroni

The menu is Italian, with Chef Francesco changing the menu seasonally, using mostly produce from small farmers from around Canberra. Chef explains his philosophy, “Only fresh pasta is sold here and it’s all made in house. I insist on making everything from scratch. Sometimes my staff don’t like it so much, but I teach them only the best. We make our own ice cream. Steak is the best, from Tasmania. The vegetables: they come from an Italian farmer near Canberra, they’re not all perfect in shape, but they are full in taste. All the ingredients are local, except for the cheese and the prosciutto – they have to come from Italy.”

Joe's Bar Review, East Hotel Canberra
Chef Francesco

We’re trying the winter menu. Francesco prides himself on creating menus that nobody else has. It’s one page, just how I like it, and divided into two sharing sections ideal for social gatherings with friends, and two segments for dinner with individual plating.

Burrata con Tartufo ($24) is a dish typical of the Puglia region in Italy, and arrives in a cloud of mystery. It’s encased in a smoke filled glass dome, which is lifted once set on the table enabling the smoke to tickle the nose before dissipating and revealing the beauty beneath. Covered with edible flowers, micro greens, yellow grape tomatoes and a shaving of truffles, it resembles a spring garden. We’ve just been on a truffle hunt at Blue Frog Farm with chef Francesco and witnessed him digging up and carefully selecting the best of the harvest to take back to the hotel. We can assure their freshness, but also the seriousness of chef in choosing the highest quality of ingredients. Oozy decadent burrata, made from cows milk and cream, slides off our forks in our first attempt to scoop it up. We soon change strategy, setting aside our forks and using knives to spread the velvety centrepiece onto chargrilled slices of baguette. Yum.

Joe's Bar Review, East Hotel Canberra
Burrata con Tartufo

While my preference is generally to drink local, it’s hard to ignore the fantastic Italian selection that the owners have curated and so I succumb. The 2014 Cantina Vietti Roero Arneis ($16) from Piemonte is a dry, crisp white, with typical characteristics from the region. The acidity cuts through the cheese and matches well with the truffles in our first cheesy starter.

Joe's Bar Review, East Hotel Canberra
2014 Cantina Vietti Roero Arneis

Chef is proud of the Fennel Pork Sausage with Broccolini ($15) made with chili and fennel, as it’s his own recipe. The production is outsourced as Joe’s kitchen space is limited, but Francesco personally visits (around breakfast time with bread he smiles) and ensures it’s prepared exacting to his order. Dark leafy greens, the florets and leaves of broccolini, pad the plate, and lightly oiled, herbed and toasted baguette slices are ideal partners. The sausages are balanced in their herbiness and mild spice that lingers on the sides of the tongue well after swallowing. Delicious.

Joe's Bar Review, East Hotel Canberra
Fennel Pork Sausage with Broccolini

2008 Masseria Maime Negroamaro from Salento ($18) in Southern Italy is the recommended red for our mains. Produced from a small dark black grape, the wine is full of bold bright fruit flavours. The richness is well suited to pasta dishes and slow braises. Our friendly waitress discloses that it’s a favourite of all the staff: a unique standout wine, and I have no trouble quaffing it either.

Joe's Bar Review, East Hotel Canberra
2008 Masseria Maime Negroamaro, Salento

Gnocchi al Ragu ($18) is another dish that seems to make chef smile. The house made gnocchi is accompanied by ox tail ragu, which takes over seven hours to prepare. Delivered on a large rimmed plate, it’s rustic in presentation and in flavour. This is certainly a tummy-warming dish befitting the biting winter months.

Joe's Bar Review, East Hotel Canberra
Gnocchi al Ragu

Ravioli di Zucca ($16), house made of course, is stuffed with pumpkin and ricotta and served with stracciatella di buffalo. Another pretty plate, the squares of pasta are sweet with the vegetable. The pumpkin is so gloriously sweet that I’m compelled to ask chef if he has cooked the pumpkin in milk and honey. He laughs at my naivety and says savour is due to the high caliber produce from local farms and a slow cooking technique. The cheese gives a milky liquid softening the edges of the al dente pasta, and flower petals add colour to the top.

Joe's Bar Review, East Hotel Canberra
Ravioli di Zucca

Broccolini ($10) is vibrant with its intense green hue. Again I quiz the chef on his secret, to which he replies that he has just handled quality ingredients from a local farm with care. The leaves and florets of the broccolini have been blanched and then quickly tossed in the fry pan with olive oil, chili and garlic. Dad can’t resist a Popeye reference, and I’m superbly content having my green intake for the day.

Joe's Bar Review, East Hotel Canberra

The Tramezzino al Gelato ($12) is another labour of love all made in house. Fig and brandy ice cream is sandwiched between crisp and buttery vanilla cookies. Chef catches on to my guilty addiction to Nutella and sends out the “children’s” Nutella ice cream too. Thank you chef.

Joe's Bar Review, East Hotel Canberra
Tramezzino al Gelato

While choosing a digestive, we again see the influence of the Italian owners with their extraordinary selection of grappa – over 20 types. Sensing dad’s apprehension towards grappa, chef starts off with Nardini’s Acqua di Cedro, which is softer and easier to drink. It’s infused with cedro (lemon) from the region of Bassano, which is clearly evident in the palate and ends with a gentle sweetness. We’re rather fond of this one, but it’s time to get serious according to chef so out comes the next “grown up” drink.

Joe's Bar Review, East Hotel Canberra
Nardini’s Acqua di Cedro

Marolo’s Grappa di Moscato is 42% alcohol, and a much stronger aroma immediately alerts our nostrils. Chef declares this as his favourite and assures it will digest our food. It’s certainly much more powerful, but also with additional complexity and a long enduring finish. Dad’s preference is still the first, lighter sweeter aqua vita, while I’m with chef on this one – I can almost feel the food being broken down inside.

Joe's Bar Review, East Hotel Canberra
Marolo Grappa

Reasons to visit: buzzing vibrant setting; high quality handmade everything; fresh pasta; chef Joe’s chili and fennel sausages; gnocchi al ragu extensive Italian wine list; possibly the largest selection of grappa in Canberra.

Joe’s Bar
East Hotel Canberra
69 Canberra Avenue,
Kingston ACT 2604
+61 2 6295 6925
[email protected]


  1. Lovely place, all the fleece over the chairs, comfy!

    • Yeah, we liked the different options for seating – and they were all used over the course of the evening too.

  2. Don’t know of this establishment, but have been to “Poppa Joes” in New Orleans.
    Now that is some place where on entry you, if wearing a tie, it is promptly attacked
    with scissors and cut in half and then with your business card is stuck on a wall!!!
    Never have I seen so many 1/2 ties in my life!!!

    Here for readers to copy and read on Floriade time in Canberra.
    I have been once in 2009 – I am sure I NEVER paid the now entrance fee.
    It is a carnival like atmosphere and the tulips are on a par with Amsterdam !!!
    Incredible to see. Plenty of eateries with first class foods to sample. Really
    Monica you would love the experience.

    I like El Caning was also cheering for Juan Martin Del Potro of Argentina.
    Still Silver under the circumstances was a fantastic effort. J.M del P is back that
    is for sure.
    El Colin Cordobes who will deny having Nicked said Wedgewood Ashtray.
    I’ll say you gave it to me – ha ha.

    • Oh dear, no cutting of ties in this place! It sounds like an interesting concept though. 😉
      Floriade does look beautiful and a pleasant time of year to visit weather wise it would seem.
      Regarding the ashtray… I’d say “I wasn’t even born back then”… hee hee (couldn’t resist)

  3. Those black truffles caught my attention! Yum! xoxo

    • And… Shirley… we were actually on a truffle hunt with Chef Francesco that very afternoon – so we know the truffles are fresh.

  4. how did you know i loooooooove gnocchi? 😀 😀 😀

  5. I may not be familiar with the food but my eyes caught the ice-cream!

  6. I love the ambiance, it looks very soothing and enjoyable. The fennel pork sausage looks very good!

  7. I like their fishnet lights!
    Must be a paradise for house geckos.

    • Those lights do look like fish nets in the photos…they’re actually a fine chain metal. Very cool. 🙂

  8. Hello, I would like to try the Burrata, looks delicious. The food and wines all sound wonderful. Enjoy your Friday and weekend ahead!

  9. michael ko

    Very nice.

  10. Love Italian

  11. Good stuff

  12. Alan Siddle

    First I’ve heard of this spot. It all sounds delicious. I like a bit of grappa to end my meal too.

  13. Grappa is the perfect ending to an Italian meal.

  14. Samantha Lane

    I have a bit of a pasta addiction!

  15. Julie Olly

    I wouldn’t know where to begin!

  16. I’m happy with a simple pasta dinner any day.

  17. Buen provecho!

  18. Peter Williams

    Ah such fond memories of Italy. I love seeing an Italian chef. Time for dinner!

  19. Shelly Good

    Seems a friendly restaurant. I like the casual feel I’m getting from your photos.

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