aLIVE d-tox Water, Pavilion

aLIVE D-tox Water, Healthy Alternative to Juice, Pavilion, KL

I’m excited to post about this delicious little find in Pavilion. Instead of following the trend of sameness, mimicking other businesses around the city, aLIVE d-tox Water is setting its own movement by selling fruits steeped in fruit infused waters, yoghurt drinks, iced teas and wild honey beverages.

This yummy alternative to the current market, which is flourishing with cold pressed juices, keeps the whole fruit in the bag, rather than discarding one of the key beneficial components, the fibre. Besides providing a healthy option, the drinks feel more filling than a juice, and look pretty too. They make a perfect pick-me-up any time of day!

Beverages are made on the spot, so freshness is assured, and you can have your own in three simple steps:

Step 1: Choose a fruit combo from the suggested list such as Royal Flush (watermelon and papaya) or Flat Belly (pineapple and kiwifruit), or custom pick two of your own fruits.

aLIVE d-tox Water, Pavilion
aLIVE d-tox Water Menu

Step 2: Choose your flavour: natural yoghurt drink, iced tea, lemon infused water or wild honey.

aLIVE d-tox Water, Pavilion
All Citrus

Step 3: Enjoy your aLIVE d-tox Water – straw for sipping and custom made spoon provided to scoop up the fruits.

aLIVE d-tox Water, Pavilion
Hubby with his spoon and straw ready to attack

My favourite combo is the Total D-Tox with cucumber, lime and mint in lemon-infused water. It’s light and extremely refreshing on a sweltering day. Hubby loved the Rapid Recovery with two of his most loved fruits, strawberry and mango, in wild honey – you know he enjoys the sweeter things in life.

aLIVE d-tox Water, Pavilion
Endless Possibilities

Check out aLIVE d-tox Water one floor below the cinema entrance in Pavilion and share with me your most-liked flavour combo.

Reasons to visit: quick convenient anytime pick-me-up; my fave – Total D-Tox in lemon-infused water.

aLIVE d-tox Water
C4.09.00, Level 4
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+6 03 6206 2505

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  1. I will like to try the Total D-Tox and the one for flat tummy! Everything looks nice.

  2. I really like the concept and the packaging is cute and attractive, too.

  3. The icon looks kind of angry. LOL!!!

  4. Thanks for highlighting this….I’d be sure to get some when I’m in Pavilion 🙂

  5. Look so tempting while malaysia is so damn hot. Thanks for suggesting (y)

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