Day trips from the Gold Coast, Queensland

Top Five Things To Do On Tamborine Mountain

A wonderful day trip from the Gold Coast, Mount Tamborine has lots to offer both young and old, the active and the less so, and gourmet and shopping lovers alike. Volcanic soil and an elevation of just over 500 metres nourishes native Australian bush, spectacular views across the coast and the hinterland, and a slightly cooler climate. There’s much to love about this Southern Queensland mountain top, but here we’ve attempted to round up our top five favourite things to do on Tamborine Mountain.

Treetops Challenge – Zip lines, flying foxes and rope ladders – all in the canopy of verdant forest – it’s a dynamic way to spend a few hours or the whole day. Those not fond of heights can walk the many paths below capturing shots of the more adventurous in the party, or just pull up a patch of grass and have a picnic while their companions exhaust themselves. The set up and extensiveness of the course is excellent – well worth the entry fee.

Day trips from the Gold Coast, Queensland
Treetops Challenge, Mt. Tamborine

Tamborine Mountain Distillery – This place has become a bit of an icon since its opening in 1998, and even non-drinkers often make a visit. Manned personally by owners Michael and Alla Ward and family, a tasting session is lots of fun, and with what I guestimate to be not far off 100 types of spirits to try, you’d be hard pressed to not to find something you liked.

Day trips from the Gold Coast, Queensland
The Distillery, Mt. Tamborine

Witches Falls Winery – With lots of cellar doors on the mountain, each with its own beautiful setting, it’s hard to narrow the choice to just one to recommend visiting. Witches Falls Winery however is the only vineyard and functioning winery on the mountain itself and the cellar door offers a window directly into production. There’s lots to delight here, but the Prophecy Cabernet Sauvignon really tickled my palate.

Day trips from the Gold Coast, Queensland
Witches Fall Winery, Mt. Tamborine
Day trips from the Gold Coast, Queensland
Witches Fall Winery, Mt. Tamborine

Gallery Walk

Shop for home made jams, decadent fudge and artwork along Gallery Walk (the main road in Eagle Heights) and end up at the top of the street at Witches Chase Cheese, and the Fortitude Brewing Company. Don’t miss the Tamembert (their version of Camembert) and a tasting paddle of beer.

Day trips from the Gold Coast, Queensland
Gallery Walk

Nature Walks

Besides a whole bunch of tree lined walking paths around the mountain top itself, the national park areas have a good number of marked trails of short to average distance. Cedar Creek Falls track, Curtis Falls and Witches circuit are all popular and relatively easy routes.

Day trips from the Gold Coast, Queensland
Natural Beauty on Mt. Tamborine

What are your favourite things to do atop Mount Tamborine?


  1. It’s gotta be birdwatching, of course! 🙂
    I don’t suppose you have emus there right? 😉

  2. Sure looks different there now. But soon I hope to share other then snow photos.
    Coffee is on

  3. I love the green in your photos!

  4. I would just want to sit and relax and enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility.

  5. Hickory… ribs.. Cocktails.. Craft beer..

  6. Thanks for including Capanart Gallery with all the local and famous artworks! Other wonderful sights would be the brilliant parrots, like King Parrots, Rosellas, Cockatoos, Regent Bower Birds, etc and the gorgeous Botanical Gardens as well as the lovely waterfalls, rainforest and mountain views from various spots.

    • Oh yes, thanks for the reminder Susan – I must put Botanical Gardens on my list for our next visit. I had taken some photos of the parrots at the Polish Place, but unfortunately had to remove them from my article when I heard the place had a fire. Can’t wait to visit Mt. Tamborine again next year.

  7. I used to love going to The Polish Place because their view and sunsets were amazing. Breath of fresh mountain air. And they had rainbow parrots come to your table. I just heard that they burnt down though – does anyone know if they will rebuild????

    • Yvette, you know what?… When I first wrote this article I had included the Polish Place, and then a day or two after our visit the place burned down. I had to take it out of my list. I do hope they rebuild. It had such beautiful views.

  8. If I find myself in such a place, I would explore nature. The landscapes must be of exceptional beauty. 🙂

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