Ra.Ft, Cafe and Coffee, KLCC

Ra.Ft, Café Bistro, Food & Drinks – Italian Passion KLCC

Words: Aisling Cullen      Photos: Monica Tindall

When I think of little cafes in Italy, I imagine tourists unwinding on a woven rattan chair, sipping a cappuccino which rests on a small table decorated with a chequered red and white cloth. Espresso coffee is served to locals standing up by the bar counter, as they waste no time in getting their caffeine fix before continuing their journey.

Ra.Ft, Cafe and Coffee, KLCC
Ra.Ft, Binjai 8

Rossi Andrea and Filippo Tomelleri, owners of Ra.Ft (and whose initials inspired the name), have a different take on an Italian café. Of course the coffee has to be good. That is a must. They have imported the machine from Turin in Italy and roast their own beans to create a blend that is high in acidity with a robust flavour.

Ra.Ft, Cafe and Coffee, KLCC
Rossi Andrea and Filippo Tomelleri

That’s about the only similarity with a traditional Italian café. Ra.Ft is contemporary, stylish and more like the type of café you would see in a fashion district of Milan. However, we are lucky enough to have Ra.Ft in the heart of KLCC, just behind the Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur. The menu has subtle notes of Italy – there are a few pasta dishes and Italian ingredients can be spotted here and there, but it has a distinct modern twist.

Ra.Ft, Cafe and Coffee, KLCC
Ra.Ft, Cafe and Coffee, KLCC
Cosy Couches
Ra.Ft, Cafe and Coffee, KLCC
Love This Green Wall

High ceilings are decorated with an avant-garde design of steel and wood fixtures, and the exposed concrete walls are softened by lots of greenery. Parents will be happy to find a small play area for kids at the back of Ra.Ft, hidden away from business diners coming from Menara Citibank across the road.

Ra.Ft, Cafe and Coffee, KLCC
Children’s Play Area

We are impressed by the comprehensive drinks list including a delicious Mochaccino (RM9) that has the perfect balance of being not too sweet and the all-important caffeine hit coming clearly through.

Ra.Ft, Cafe and Coffee, KLCC
Ra.Ft Mochaccino

The Vietnamese Coffee (RM10) is a drip style coffee with condensed milk sitting at the bottom of the glass. Stir it up and the black coffee turns a creamy colour. It’s a powerful coffee that will definitely kick start your day.

Ra.Ft, Cafe and Coffee, KLCC
Vietnamese Coffee

A favourite of ours was the Ra.Ft Cold Brew Coffee (RM8) which was both refreshing and stimulating at the same time. And, of course, a traditional cappuccino and macchiato are brewed to perfection.

Ra.Ft, Cafe and Coffee, KLCC
Cold Brew

The Coconut Shaker (RM16) was much lighter than what I expected, with little crunchy wafer biscuit pieces complimenting the velvety texture of the coconut ice-cream. After a big night of drinking, the Liver Cleanser (RM14) is a must. Freshly squeezed orange, beetroot and carrot are blended together. The earthy flavour of the beetroot really comes out in this one.

Ra.Ft, Cafe and Coffee, KLCC
Juice and Smoothie

And no hangover (or large appetite!) is complete without a big breakfast. The Ra.Ft Breakfast (RM30) is the breakfast of kings, with homemade toast, butter mushrooms, baked beans, roasted tomatoes, streaky bacon, chicken or pork sausage, eggs and a pressed potato with melted cheese.

Ra.Ft, Cafe and Coffee, KLCC
Ra.Ft Big Breakfast

If you are looking for something lighter, the French Croissant with Nutella and Almonds (RM8) is delicious and crispy on the outside with a soft buttery and chocolate hazelnut flavour on the inside.

Ra.Ft, Cafe and Coffee, KLCC
Nutella Croissant

Ra.Ft serves a selection of bagels and we tried the Cream Cheese with Home Cured Salmon (RM18). The salmon is tinged purple from being cured with beetroot.

Ra.Ft cafe and coffee, KLCC
Cream Cheese and Home Cured Salmon Bagel

Large, fluffy pancakes are a showstopper at Ra.Ft, and ours were stuffed with Nutella (RM16). We loved this dish and thought that a dollop of cream would really lift the chocolaty smoothness of the Nutella.

Ra.Ft, Cafe and Coffee, KLCC
Nutella Pancakes

The Ra.Ft Burger (RM33) is a mix of pork and beef, stuffed with mozzarella and mushrooms, and served with coleslaw and chips. This was a full-flavoured burger that was very satisfying.

Ra.Ft, Cafe and Coffee, KLCC
Ra.Ft Burger

The Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies (RM12) have to be the best brownies in KL! My spoon cracked into the chocolaty crust, breaking into the most smooth and luscious brownie I have ever had. Each brownie is served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Ra.Ft, Cafe and Coffee, KLCC
Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie

One of my favourite desserts is tiramisu, but lately I have been finding it very unsatisfying while based in KL. I couldn’t think what was missing, and finally it hit me once I tried Ra.Ft’s Tiramisu (RM12) – alcohol!! When liquor is taken out of the recipe, it just doesn’t taste the same. Ra.Ft’s tiramisu has got a generous shot of grappa which is an essential ingredient of this Italian recipe.

Ra.Ft, Cafe and Coffee, KLCC
Ra.Ft Tiramisu

One tradition in Italy I am glad to see here is the Aperitivo. Between 4pm and 7pm, if a customer orders any glass of wine or beer, small nibbles are served complementary. We tried Jules Mediterranee Rose Wine (RM25 per glass) from France which is very enjoyable – both fruity and fresh. We also had a glass of Passimento Romeo and Juliet (RM25 per glass) from Italy, a spicy and velvety red wine. Be sure to check out the label: it’s a snapshot of the graffiti wall from Verona itself.

Ra.Ft, Cafe and Coffee, KLCC
Ra.Ft Aperitivo

One thing that won’t go amiss at Ra.Ft is the friendly and smiling staff that both Andrea and Filippo are proud of. Andrea stressed to us that it’s important for him to take care of his staff, as he knows if he takes care of them then they will take care of the customers.Their idea is to create a mini Google-style place of work. Wise words Andrea! We at The Yum List look forward to coming back to this modern and friendly spot in KLCC.

Ra.Ft, Cafe and Coffee, KLCC
The Ra.FT Team

Reasons to visit: super friendly staff, kids play area, great coffee, interesting drinks list, a place to unwind in the heart of the city.

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Ra.Ft Cafe
Binjai 8, Lorong Binjai, Off Persiaran KLCC
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+6 03 2181 1091
Open daily, 7.30am-10pm.


  1. Ah ha!
    Gold Coast again!!!
    Terrigal awaits as does the Hunter for your visit and reviews.
    Had the best fish dish since Heidelberg, Germany way back
    in 1974, at SeaSalt Restaurant at the Crowne Plaza, Terrigal.
    (More in e-mail later!!!)
    Now this at the Ra FT. Bistro Cream Cheese and Home Cured Salmon Bagel
    is MOST mouth watering.
    El Colin Cordobes
    PS: I have been carefully following all your reports.
    I have NOT yet gone to the Straits of Malacca in the blue sky
    yonder – ha ha

    • Happy to see you back Colin! Yes, Gold Coast to visit the family. A bit rainy up there, but still very pleasant temperatures at this time of year.
      I look forward to trying the fish at Terrigal. And yes, the salmon bagel is a fine choice at Ra.Ft.
      Good to hear you’re still on the planet, and not off chasing the pirates in the Straits. 😉

  2. Your close up shots are beautifully taken Monica!

  3. I actually introduced this place to a friend when I first saw it on Sean’s blog (and my friend liked it a lot). I can’t wait to try it myself 🙂

    • Yes, so close to us! If you’re a brownie fan, the gluten-free ones here are so decadent. A must if you love chocolate. 😉

  4. I love the exposed brick and relaxed and friendly ambiance! The big breakfast or the cream cheese and salmon would be my choice! One of those, for sure!

  5. Jenny Chew

    What a great find! Can’t wait to visit.

  6. That’s one awesome-looking coffee machine!

  7. I love everything I see – the food and the decor! And in particular that glossy fudgy brownie 🙂

  8. I am attracted to the green wall. Everything looks good!

  9. Gosh, I need some of these too, babe! xoxo

  10. Hello, the coffee sounds wonderful. All the food all looks amazing! Great review. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  11. The Italian food industry is booming in KL!

  12. The food looks fabulous 🙂

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