Butterfly Dessert Cafe, Sri Petaling

Butterfly Dessert Café, The Butterfly Is Ready To Fly In Sri Petaling

Words: Jessica Kate Stagg    Photos: Monica Tindall

Upon opening the menu, we are greeted with the words “When the caterpillar thought her life was over, she turned into a butterfly and began to fly”. This phrase perfectly captures what the Butterfly Dessert Cafe represents. For Lai Leng, the owner of the cafe, the Butterfly symbolises the start of a new chapter in her life. Originally trained in business and marketing, Lai Leng sought a life that allowed her to express her creativity and love for sweet treats. The Butterfly Dessert Cafe is the culmination of her life long passion for good food, and whilst she laughs that “a meal is never complete without dessert”, the Butterfly goes the extra step and declares that dessert is the meal!

The Location

The cafe is found nestled in the bustling complex of Sri Petaling. Upon reaching the 1st floor, we were warmly welcomed into the café, which has been well designed to take advantage of the natural light. Beautiful flowers in shades of delicate pink and cream, along with the assortment of light pieces and chandeliers, create an intimate feel that is enhanced by the seductive music that envelops the space.

Butterfly Dessert Cafe, Sri Petaling
Butterfly Dessert Cafe, Sri Petaling
The Drinks

The Butterfly Dessert cafe serves all of its coffee with a double shot espresso, which for a coffee fiend like myself, is perfect! For those who prefer something other than coffee, a wide selection of Tea by the Pot (RM9) is available, or try the refreshing Lemonade Soda (RM8) or Passionfruit Soda (RM10) to quench your thirst. Whilst usually I would go for the caffeine hit, I was enticed by the Iced Dark Chocolate (RM11) and it did not disappoint. It was served with fresh creamy milk on ice accompanied by a petite jug of warm dark chocolate. As I poured the chocolate into the milk, it created these chocolate swirls – I could not wait to taste! The quality rich chocolate was the star of this drink: the way it spiraled into the milk and solidified into delicious lumps of chocolate was just marvelous!

Butterfly Dessert Cafe, Sri Petaling
Butterfly Dessert Cafe, Sri Petaling
Iced Hot Chocolate
Butterfly Dessert Cafe, Sri Petaling
Pouring the Chocolate
The Desserts

Whilst I was enjoying sipping on my chocolatey drink, the Orange Mango Trifle (RM25) was served. My first thought was wow! Served in a large glass, layers of heavenly airy orange and mango mousse were intertwined with sweet fresh mangoes. The almond meringue and pistachios served on top provided the perfect crunch in each mouthful. This tropical delight is perfect to share between two or three friends, or if I had my own way, just for me!

Butterfly Dessert Cafe, Sri Petaling
Orange Mango Trifle

I am a self-professed chocoholic so when a chocolate dome appeared I was giddy with excitement. Holding off my taste buds for a moment was a challenge but I just had to take a photo first as the presentation was superb. The Chocolate Banana (RM25) offered a variety of creamy layers hidden under the crispy chocolate shell. As I took a bite, flavours of caramelised banana, sweet caramel and dark chocolate sent my taste buds into a spin. The scrumptious chocolate dome was perfectly accompanied by a thick smear of chocolate ganache, swirls of Chantilly cream and beads of strawberry jam.

Butterfly Dessert Cafe, Sri Petaling
Chocolate Banana

Continuing with the artful presentations, the Deconstructed Strawberry Opera (RM28) is definitely one to take a photo of: especially while the strawberry syrup is gracefully poured over it. The visual delight of this dish is well matched with the delectable taste. Light, feathery sponge cake is layered with strawberries and Chantilly cream, whilst almond crisp, meringue cookies and droplets of dark chocolate ganache dance around the plate.

Butterfly Dessert Cafe, Sri Petaling
Deconstructed Strawberry Opera

The final dish was the Lemon Cheese with Walnut Crumbs and Meringue Shard (RM22). Hoi Lai was inspired by her favourite dessert, a lemon meringue pie, to create this rendition. A light sponge cake serves as the foundation for the soft citrus flavour of the cheesecake. The dehydrated meringue shard and walnut crumbs united on the plate to create a heavenly ending to our tasting. So I found myself, despite my tendency towards chocolate, admitting that this tangy indulgence was my favourite!

Butterfly Dessert Cafe, Sri Petaling
Lemon Cheese with Walnut Crumbs and Meringue Shard

Whilst sitting there enjoying the desserts, I found myself imagining being here on a romantic evening out with my husband. The dim lighting, the flowers and the seductive music being played, create this atmosphere of romance. The cafe is set up to cater for both an intimate rendezvous and a casual meeting with some friends or family. The Butterfly Dessert Cafe would be a perfect end to a meal out, or why not skip the meal entirely and enjoy a selection of amazing desserts instead!

Butterfly Dessert Cafe, Sri Petaling
Butterfly Dessert Cafe

Reasons to visit: delicious, Instagrammable desserts and delightful ambience

Butterfly Dessert Cafe
Unit 3-1 Jalan Radin Bagus 6,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur,
+60 3 9054 0289

Open 2 pm-10 pm (closed Wednesdays)


  1. Out of this lot I would be tempted to try the chocolate banana! 🙂

  2. These desserts look like works of art!

    • They absolutely do, Lai Leng has beautifully crafted each of them. Taste just as good as they look

  3. t’s just sad that when i was in Malaysia wasnt able to try these!

  4. Those desserts do look delicious, wouldn’t know which one to choose.

  5. Olga Bacy

    Wow! Everything looks delicious!

  6. I am curious about the chocolate banana and I so want to try the lemon cheese with walnut crumbs.

  7. Delicious desserts to eat…

  8. The desserts are gorgeous! I am particularly taken by the Orange Mango Trifle.

  9. So cute and delicious!

  10. >Orange Mango Trifle
    What an interesting combo!?
    Maybe I should give this a go?
    Do they also have Soursop Starfruit Trifle?

  11. So delicious!

  12. Sure is a great place for desserts.

  13. They all look delicious but I think it would have to be the Lemon Cheese with Walnut Crumbs and Meringue Shard for me 🙂

  14. All the desserts look tasty. I would love to have the Orange Mango Trifle. 🙂 What a wonderful place:)

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