Le Gouter, Hotel Stripes

Le Gouter, A French Afternoon Tea at Hotel Stripes, Kuala Lumpur

Le Gouter, a French afternoon tea at Hotel Stripes, remains one of the best value experiences in the city. Upon opening the hotel offered unlimited servings of warm savouries, French pastries and a hot beverage at the very attractive price of RM60 for two pax, and this deal, we’re happy to learn on a return visit, continues until the 30th of June.

Le Gouter, Hotel Stripes
Brasserie 25

Brasserie 25, Hotel Stripes’ French restaurant, with its exposed bricks, wood and marble surfaces, and shiny metallic chandeliers is a pleasant location for an afternoon spent sipping and nibbling. Natural light streams through the windows, and we’re very comfortable in our cushioned seating.

Le Gouter, Hotel Stripes
Brasserie 25

Hot beverage choices of espresso based coffees or hot chocolate come with the set or the house blend tea is generously poured throughout.

Le Gouter, Hotel Stripes
House Blend Tea

Unlimited servings of hot savouries are presented in a fancy dented copper box. Chicken curry puffs are packed with ingredients with decent pieces of meat part of the filling. The pastry is wonderfully buttery and folded in multiple layers producing a flakiness that melts in the mouth. Mini salmon quiches too are plentiful with protein and complemented with fresh herbs. Lastly a cheesy surprise is found inside the risotto balls – yum!

Le Gouter, Hotel Stripes
Hot Savouries

Toasted cheese and beef ham sandwiches are passed around by handsomely uniformed waiters providing a decadent bite. Slightly sweet and fluffy bread (almost brioche like in texture) is lavishly buttered before preparation causing the edges to toast to a golden brown, in turn, enhancing the melty-cheese filling.

Le Gouter, Hotel Stripes
Toasted Sandwiches Passed Around
Le Gouter, Hotel Stripes
Toasted Cheese Sandwiches

It would be easy to ask for repeat orders of any of the above, but it is highly advisable to leave room for the sweets. A tray of French pastries is colourful in hue as well as variety.

Le Gouter, Hotel Stripes
French Pastries

There are far too many here for us to try in one sitting, but we do note the guests at tables neighbouring us making a very good attempt to complete the challenge! White chocolate cakes, chocolate mousse, citrus tarts, blackberry macarons, opera cakes, lemon meringue tarts, lemony caramel éclairs, kiwi tarts and glasses of biscotti and langues de chat (cat’s tongues) make a kaleidoscope of mouth watering temptation. In the end I decide on a very large macaron, which takes a pretty photo, and hubby attests to the deliciousness of his white chocolate piece of bliss.

Le Gouter, Hotel Stripes
French Pastries
Le Gouter, Hotel Stripes
Blackberry Macaron

As mentioned at the start, Le Gouter is priced at RM60 for two pax until the 30th of June. I highly recommend taking advantage of the offer before the price increases.

Reasons to visit: the best value hotel afternoon tea in Kuala Lumpur.

Brasserie 25
Hotel Stripes
25, Jalan Kamunting
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+603 2038 0000
[email protected]

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  1. One glimpse at the brasserie took my breath away, looks like some place abroad, very nice. Their tea selections look good too.

  2. Looks comfortable and cosy, like that.
    Love a cuppa once in awhile.

  3. Wow, Monica!!! You know how much I love tea! I love the ambiance here, the French pastries look divine, and the toasted cheese sandwiches and Quiche look absolutely mouthwatering!

  4. I don’t know where to start. It all looks so delicious – especially that macaron.

  5. I know I just gain 3 pounds just looking at those yummies.
    Coffee is on

  6. The pastries look delightful, I would be spoilt for choice 🙂

  7. Thanks for the really great post! Have a nice day)

  8. oh all those French Pastries… add this place to my list

  9. i am not into sweet so it is Toasted Sandwiches for me. Thanks for the recommendation!

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