Travel Recommends, Pocket Wi-Fi

Pocket Wi-Fi with Travel Recommends, Internet While Overseas

Summer travels are on the way again, and as a writer, but so too as a tourist and business traveller, these days having a mobile Internet connection is just about essential. The ability to search for food and travel recommendations, navigate with maps, and even compare shopping and tour prices is all made instant with mobile Wi-Fi. That’s without even mentioning online translation services and the updating of social media.

For my travels to Australia, I use Travel Recommends – a convenient service with a device that can either be delivered to your door or picked up at the airport before I head out from KLIA. Here are my top five uses for pocket Wi-Fi when on the road.

Travel Recommends, Pocket Wi-Fi
Travel Recommends, Pocket Wi-Fi Device
Navigating with Pocket Wi-FI

First and foremost, I use it for navigating. Driving, walking or catching public transport, the time taken in planning routes is slashed by having instant mapping. It comes in handy for online check-in for flights too.

Travel Recommends, Pocket Wi-Fi
Navigating My Routes
Mobile Wi-Fi for Staying Connected with Family

Another helpful use is that of apps such as Skype, What’s App and Messenger, which keep me in contact with loved ones and gives greater flexibility in arranging meet-ups.

Travel Recommends, Pocket Wi-Fi
Staying in Contact with Family and Making Sure We’ve Got Teen Friendly Activities When We Do Meet
Travel Recommends for On-the-spot Restaurant Recommendations

Well, duh. I’m a food writer! This is essential. My coffee snob tendencies are appeased too by easily finding a good daily cup.

Travel Recommends, Pocket Wi-Fi
Finding a Good Cup of Coffee – Essential!
Updating Social Media Instantly with Pocket Wi-Fi

Besides reading about the best spots to eat, I can make my own recommendations by staying on top of Instagram, Facebook and my blog seamlessly even when on-the-go.

Travel Recommends, Pocket Wi-Fi
Update Social Media
Getting the Weather Forecast

Lastly, I might sound old by including this one, but when you love outdoor activities as much as I do, it’s essential to check the weather forecast.

Travel Recommends, Pocket Wi-Fi
Fingers Crossed for Clear Skies!

Travel Recommends currently has some fantastic summer deals. Check out offers on their website:


  1. This is good. Hate travelling and having problems going online, no internet connection. 🙁

  2. That first photo is so gorgeous and soothing, Monica!

  3. Great recommends! We are so used to the internet and once not connected, we feel so helpless.

  4. cool recommendation! i’ve used travel recommends in europe, tokyo and hong kong, and it’s been a life-saver many times. a great way to be online while travelling. my only gripe is they recently introduced a 4G quota of 500MB for europe, which runs out by the afternoon for me, and there’s currently no way to purchase extra daily 4G quota. hope they’ll find a way to allow that!

  5. This will come handy for any frequent travellers, especially when cost is concerned. I bought extra credits for my mobile data on my last trip. It burnt such a hole in my wallet that I’m considering to take a local number when I’m heading off on my next holiday.

    I might give this a shot if/when I’m flying out of KLIA for a getaway in the future. =)

  6. Love you pictures!
    Have a nice day,

  7. Ah yes, difficult these days to even imagine travel with Wi-Fi.

  8. Thanks for the interesting post! Have a nice day)

  9. This would be something useful, those daily passes get quite expensive in the long run.

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