Delirium Coffee, Manulife

Delirium Coffee, Caffeinators, Menara Manulife, Damansara

Monica Tindall

Good coffee. Contemporary Kiwi menu. Pleasant setting. I’m in!

Delirium Coffee in Menara Manulife is a concept by Alun Evans, of Antipodean Coffee, and Chef Rob, who just happens to be from the same hometown in New Zealand as Alun. A focus on providing a menu based on fresh produce with a Down Under touch, along with some of the friendliest service we’ve come across in KL (here’s a shout out to Erfan, Aftab, Andy and Adrian) have proved a successful formula.

On the ground floor of Menara Manulife, Delirium Coffee has prime position in a corner lot benefitting from a double story ceiling, walls of glass allowing the day to provide natural lighting, and both indoor and semi-al fresco seating. Pretty yellow flowers add bursts of colour to the light wooden tables, which is the only adornment necessary as you’ll soon find when you see the photos of the beautiful plates used to serve the food.

Delirium Coffee, Manulife
Delirium Coffee
Delirium Coffee, Manulife
Delirium Coffee

I’m delighted to find an all-day brekkie menu. The extensive list includes eggs in all their forms, healthy mixes of muesli and yoghurt and the expected French toast and pancakes. We try the Apple Pancakes (RM22) as they seem a little different with a topping of mashed Medjool dates and pecans along with strawberry slices and apple strips. They’re quite contrary to the current trend of almost soufflé like pancakes, so those who are looking for something dense and hearty, these are for you.

Delirium Coffee, Manulife
Apple Pancakes
Lunch at Delirium Coffee

Reuben on Rye (RM22) has become a menu favourite. A robust rye bun is filled with beef tenderloin, melted cheese, sauerkraut and Russian mayonnaise. Salad and chips side the sandwich turning what might have been a light lunch into a substantial meal.

Delirium Coffee, Manulife
Reuben on Rye

A duo of Pan-fried Fish Sliders (RM25) come on Kaiser sesame buns. The buns have a good bite to them providing a contrast to the flaky fish. The plate is filled with house-made potato chips and a considerable hill of Greek salad. We do like this diversion from the usual beef padding.

Delirium Coffee, Manulife
Pan-fried Fish Sliders

Chicken Kofte (RM25), in plump cylinders on a trio of skewers, are bursting with fresh herbs. They sit atop a mound of vibrant yellow couscous, a leafy green salad and there’s aplenty tzatziki with a nice tang to add a zip to the profile.

Delirium Coffee, Manulife
Chicken Kebab


The Orzo Risotto stands out as something interesting, but my host assures me that the Salmon Pasta (RM30) is a crowd pleaser so we go with the masses. Al dente pasta shells are bathed with a cheesy carbonara sauce. Flakes of salmon are tossed through. It’s sumptuously creamy, and we’re glad we took the recommendation. This one could easily be shared between two with a salad to break up the richness.

Delirium Coffee, Manulife
Salmon Pasta
Other Favourites at Delirium Coffee

Pan-fried Salmon (RM30) is golden around the edges and moist within. Provencal vegetables fill up the plate making for a healthy looking recipe. It not only looks attractive but tastes delish too. There’s a sauce drizzled over it all that I’m having trouble identifying. It’s mildly sweet, has a hint of spice, as well as a mild tartness and buttery finish. Our waiter enlightens me – Hollandaise mixed with Thai chilli sauce – I never would have guessed.

Delirium Coffee, Manulife
Pan-fried Salmon

The Greek Salad (RM22) is a celebration of crunchiness! Cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion slices – they’re all superbly crisp and fresh. There’s plenty of feta and black olives to balance out the mix and a good dob of hummus on top makes it just a little bit more special.

Delirium Coffee, Manulife
Greek Salad

Made from scratch in house, the Chicken Parmesan Pizza (RM30) is a super slim base with tomato sauce topped with chicken fillets, tomato, mozzarella and rocket. I like the presentation on a wooden board and for those who want more flavour there are bowls of chilli flakes and Parmesan that accompany it.

Delirium Coffee, Manulife
Chicken Parmesan Pizza
Cakes & Cookies

From the sweets section, the two top sellers are the Red Velvet (RM10) and a classic Aussie New Zealand biscuit (not cookie thank you very much), the Anzac. Both are liberal quantities and typical recipes of each. The cake is layered with a smooth cream cheese and the Anzac is a balance between crunchy and chewy.

Delirium Coffee, Manulife
Delirium Coffee

With “caffeinators” in the tagline of the cafe, coffee seems a must. Delirium has their own blend locally roasted just for the café. Beans from Indonesia are given a dark toasting, which produces a brew with a chocolatey, nutty finish that goes well with milk in my Skinny Double Shot Latte (RM13) and hubby’s Soy Cappuccino (RM13).

Delirium Coffee, Manulife
Soy Cappuccino

Reasons to visit: simple food in generous portions at reasonable prices; it’s almost guaranteed you won’t leave hungry; cheery setting with lots of natural light; my healthy taste buds loved the Greek Salad and, coffee gets a thumbs-up too.

Delirium Coffee
Caffeinators – Café –Cuisine
Menara Manulife
6 Jalan Beringin
Bukit Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur

Open Monday – Friday 7 am – 6 pm.

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  1. I think I’d be delirious at Delirium with such delicious and fresh-looking plates of food. What a lovely looking rose latte art in your hubby’s soy cappuccino too! 😉
    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all at The Yum List. I look forward to reading more food adventures from The Yum List in 2018! Thank you for all your food recommendations the past year. ^o^

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