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HeliDubai – Scenic Helicopter Tours Dubai

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What better way to explore the luxurious city of Dubai than with a helicopter tour?

Dubai, home to some of the world’s most incredible architecture, seems to hold steady to the goal of building the longest, fastest, tallest and biggest of everything. Holding numerous entries in the Guinness Book of World Records, there is always something amazing (not an exaggeration of an overused word) to marvel at. It’s impossible to appreciate these magnificent structures from the ground; a helicopter tour, however, provides exhilarating access to marvel at the feats of modern humanity from above.

HeliDubai Helicopter Tour of Dubai

HeliDubai is the city’s most reputable helicopter tour company. Being the choice of both local and international celebrities and dignitaries, we rest assured of their superb safety record and also get caught up in a bit of the glam associated with following in the path of the stars.

HeliDubai, Helicopter Tours Dubai
Safety Team

Helicopter Flight Path Over Dubai

With HeliDubai’s The Iconic Tour, we get a 12-minute overview of some of mankind’s most notable contemporary achievements. Our route gives us a bird’s-eye view of Burj Al Arab, The World Islands, The Palm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa and Dubai’s Famous Beach Corniche. Connected by headphone to our pilot, who is a friendly Brazilian, we get an interactive guided tour of the city plan. Our captain’s depth of knowledge is impressive – he clearly enjoys his job and transfers that enthusiasm to his passengers.

HeliDubai, Helicopter Tours Dubai
HeliDubai, Helicopter Tours Dubai
HeliDubai, Helicopter Tours Dubai
HeliDubai, Helicopter Tours Dubai
The City

Aircraft HeliDubai

Our “bird” is a French Eurocopter AS350 B3 Squirrel. A six-seater for one pilot and five passengers, seat allocation is based on balancing weight with one passenger up front with the pilot and four behind. This helicopter is famous for its high performance in just about any condition on earth; from working in extremely high altitudes including a record-breaking take-off from Mount Everest to taking on heavy loads, and importantly for Dubai’s hot summer, withstanding scorching temperatures. Its roundish sides and plentiful windows also make it a great tour helicopter as guests benefit from almost unobstructed views of the surrounds.

HeliDubai, Helicopter Tours Dubai
French Eurocopter AS350 B3 Squirrel

After the Flight

After the flight, the HeliDubai photographer captures the moments following the landing. A whole bunch of digital photos are taken and you have the opportunity to select a few for printing or purchase all of them. If you go with the I-want-them-all option they’re shared via a cute USB stick in the shape of a helicopter.

HeliDubai, Helicopter Tours Dubai
Photos to Remember

What You Need To Know About Dubai Helicopter Tours with HeliDubai

Reservations should be made via the contacts below and you’ll be asked to arrive about an hour before your scheduled departure for registration and safety briefings. HeliDubai is located inside the Dubai Police Academy. Outside vehicles may not enter the compound so have your taxi drop you off at the entrance and hop on the shuttle bus or car that will transport you to the base.

You will need to bring photo identification that will be photocopied and used when you check-in. Cameras (no monster-sized lenses), handphones and glasses are allowed aboard and everything else should be stored in the lockers provided.

HeliDubai’s Tour Packages

Iconic Tour (12 min) – AED 709/ USD $194
The Palm Tour (17 min) AED 814/ USD$222
Vision Tour (22 min) AED 1045 / USD $286
Odyssey Tour (49 min) AED 1838 / USD $502

HeliDubai Contact Details

800 FLY (359) +971 4 208 1455
[email protected]

Reasons to fly with HeliDubai: unbeatable safety record; a unique way to truly experience the city’s greatest feats of architecture; professional service.

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  9. caning jaramillo

    Magnificent flight over the most iconic city in the Middle East. It is a one time life experience and totally worth it! 🙂

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