Leonardo Trulli Resort, Locorotundo

Leonardo Trulli Resort, Luxury Boutique Hotel Apulia, Italy

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Located in the heart of High Salento not far from some of the most famous historical towns in Apulia such as Martina Franca, Alberobello and Locorotondo, Leonardo Trulli Resort is a charming stay offering an authentic taste of life in the Itria Valley.

Leonardo Trulli Resort

Trulli houses are a tradition of Apulia. Whitestone homes are often linked together with conical rooves giving them a distinctive appearance. When skies are clear and blue they are even more of a visual marvel. Having one of these as a home for a few days certainly makes a memorable vacation and at Leonardo Trulli Resort, where culture and nature combine, we couldn’t dream of a more genuine way to feel connected with the area.

The property itself is nestled just outside the village of Locorotondo. Recognized as one of the most beautiful historical small towns in Italy, simple pleasures in life are embraced such as gentle strolls through the ivory streets and casual conversation over glasses of the region’s sparkling wines. Leonardo Trulli Resort mirrors this spirit with the staff’s warm hospitality, plenty of outdoor greenery in which to simply sit watching time go by and the sharing of Apulian cuisine and beverages.

Leonardo Trulli Resort, Locorotundo
Leonardo Trulli Resort
Leonardo Trulli Resort, Locorotundo
Garden Path
Leonardo Trulli Resort, Locorotundo
Gate to Our Room

Rooms at Leonardo Trulli Resort

Our home is an actual trulli house decked out with modern comforts but framed by a history of 100s of years. Beds are dressed with hand-embroidered cotton and linen sheets from the nearby draper’s shops in Salento (some of which have been in the same family for decades). The cotton robe and slippers are so lush that I want to duck over to Salento to purchase some to take home with me. The solid rock walls and cone rooves provide a certain insulation, similar to that of a cave regulating temperatures and providing little need for air-conditioning, although of course, that is provided.

Leonardo Trulli Resort, Locorotundo
Leonardo Trulli Resort, Locorotundo

While the architecture is of the past, the amenities are firmly set in the present. Complimentary Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, air-conditioning, floor heating, and an espresso machine tend to the little luxuries we’ve become all too accustomed to. A mini-bar supplies chilled sparkling water and I can’t help but use up all the espresso pods in a desire to keep refilling the pretty little china cups and extend my mornings sipping, just like my Italian hosts, in our private garden.

Having a lawn feels like such an extravagance. Border it with lavender, fruit trees and a wealth of fresh herbs and we have natural aromatherapy every time we enter. There’s a dining table under a vine-covered archway, a coffee table by the olive tree and two loungers positioned to soak up the southern sun. There’s even an outdoor shower. The scent of the gardens, the clarity of the air; time feels both bountiful and beautiful.

Leonardo Trulli Resort, Locorotundo
Leonardo Trulli Resort, Locorotundo
Our Garden

More Relaxation at Leonardo Trulli Resort

Besides our own private garden, a short stroll to the main compound supplies yet more spaces for appreciating the Apulian lifestyle. A saltwater swimming pool is flanked by vibrant blooms, sun chairs and a shaded seating area. There’s no gym but mountain bikes and hiking trails help to keep those Italian meals in check.

A lawn sheltered by a magnificent fragno tree (typical of the area) would make a delightful setting for a small wedding. And, combined with the skills of the passionate chef and 11 rooms of the hotel, could be turned into a comprehensive event venue.

Leonardo Trulli Resort, Locorotundo

Food and Beverage at Leonardo Trulli Resort

Speaking of the chef… we have the chance to meet Chef Francesco Cataldi at dinner. In true Italian form, he has a number of words of wisdom for us such as “eat well, live well and love well” (and many more). Using seasonal, organic produce from the region, and very often from their own garden, chef Cataldi cooks up traditional Apulian dishes in the restaurant Artecibo.

Meals in the Leonardo Trulli Resort are something to look forward to: so much so that after having lunch in the resort we cancelled our evening plans and returned for seconds for dinner. Read more about what to expect on the menu here with our lunch visit and find our nighttime meal here. Most room packages include breakfast and we find the pastries, summer fruits, yoghurt, juices and strong coffee a delightful start to the day.

Leonardo Trulli Resort

Words and photos alone cannot capture the beauty of Leonardo Trulli Resort. The scent of the flora, the way the crisp mountain air seems to cleanse the soul, the warmth of the sun and Apulian hospitality delivered with heart can only be personally experienced to fully understand. I can’t recommend it enough: a stay at Leonardo Trulli Resort is unforgettable.

Reasons to visit Leonardo Trulli Resort: an authentic Apulian experience with a stay in a trulli house; warm hospitality; easy location from which to explore the beautiful townships of the Itria valley; excellent food and beverage with a local focus where even the wine and olive oil are house products.

Leonardo Trulli Resort
S.C. 54 C.da Semeraro, 107
70010 Locorotondo – BARI
+39 333 162 3529 / +39 366 646 7310
[email protected]

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  1. Sure is one unique place. Drawn to the shape of the roofs.

  2. I didn’t get to see this place when I was in the region a couple of years ago.
    Maybe another time. ;p

  3. Beautiful place. The cone-shaped roof, unique.

  4. A very lovely place to enjoy a getaway. A wonderful experience sleeping in that room and the breakfast look yumz…

  5. Oh wow, I love the vegetation and rustic surroundings.

  6. What a lovely place.
    The bedroom is super lovely
    with its stone walls and ceiling.


  7. there’s so much charm and character in this setting! 🙂

  8. Oh, if I could escape to this boutique and relax for weeks, I would. The well landscaped grounds turn this into a hidden oasis to enjoy. No kids allowed!

  9. caning jaramillo

    This place is a dream! Absolutely gorgeous!

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