Ziffy Kitchen & Espresso Bar, Sunway Nexis Mall

Ziffy Kitchen & Espresso Bar, Sunway Nexis Mall

Words: Monica Tindall
Photos: Rich Callahan

Ziffy Kitchen & Espresso Bar is a bright addition to Sunway Nexis Mall in Kota Damansara. Surrounded by a bunch of cafes it must try hard to stand out in the crowd. The team at Ziffy Kitchen & Espresso Bar, however, do their best to shine with a vibrant setting, an international mix of food and a serious coffee menu.

Ziffy Cafe

The setting combines a sheltered outdoor space with two floors inside. Geometric shapes are found in tiling, light features and panelling along with additions of shiny metal and mirrors giving an art deco splash of glam.

Ziffy Kitchen & Espresso Bar, Sunway Nexis Mall
Ziffy Kitchen & Espresso Bar, Sunway Nexis Mall

Ziffy Menu – Drinks

The judge of any good café is its coffee and I’m happy with the well-balanced latte with nicely-textured foam made on beans from Cottle Coffee (a respected Melbourne roaster with a set-up in Malaysia). The other standards are covered with espresso-based drinks but for those a little more adventurous, Ziffy’s signature coffee and craft drinks are worth giving a try.

The Boss Mojito (RM15) is an experimental mix of carbonated coffee, lemon, lime and mint. It divides customers clearly in the for and against categories but we’re on the “for” side of the line. Being a fan of gin, I draw a parallel to the flavours found here as the citrus enhances the bitterness of the coffee – not a bevvie for a sweet tooth.

Ziffy Kitchen & Espresso Bar, Sunway Nexis Mall
Assam Kedondong Mojito & Boss Mojito

Hazel, You’re Nuts (RM16) is the most popular of the crafted coffee items serving an iced hazelnut latte with vanilla ice cream. Mix in the ice cream for full creamy effect and note that those who were on the “against” line for the previous drink will most likely take a fondness to the sweetness of Hazel, You’re Nuts.

Ziffy Kitchen & Espresso Bar, Sunway Nexis Mall
Hazel, You’re Nuts

Cool Cucumber (RM12) is a refreshing mix of cucumber extract, aloe vera juice, lime and mint. It’s a great summer mix or a fine palate cleanser between dishes.

Ziffy Kitchen & Espresso Bar, Sunway Nexis Mall
Cool Cucumber

Assam Kedondong Mojito (RM15) is not only fun to say repeatedly (really, try it – sounds like the backbeat to techno music) but spreads joy across every taste bud with its mix of sweet, sour and salty. The secret is in the dried plum, assam powder, ambarella concentrate, lime, mint and soda water.

Lastly, Butterfly Pea Lemonade (RM13) is pretty in the glass and light and refreshing in the mouth. Only mildly sweet it makes a great thirst quencher in hot weather and going back to that imaginary line drawn earlier, sits firmly in the middle.

Ziffy Kitchen & Espresso Bar, Sunway Nexis Mall
Butterfly Pea Lemonade

Ziffy Menu – Food

The Ziffy menu is described as Australian-inspired with a local twist and we find fun substitutions, such as spaghetti for mee, throughout.

Breakfast Menu Ziffy Cafe

A hot selling item from their brekkie section is the Eggcited Benedict (RM21). A fat slice of toast acts as a cushion for poached eggs, sauteed spinach, potatoes, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, chicken slices and hollandaise dressing. It’s our first dish but already a strong contender for our favourite.

Ziffy Kitchen & Espresso Bar, Sunway Nexis Mall
Eggcited Benedict

We get a whiff of Mexico with the Ola Quesadilla (RM26) with chicken. A pan-fried tortilla holds melted mozzarella, sauteed onions and capsicum, which are thickly coated by a sweet and softly spicy barbecue sauce. Crisp fries side it with a tomato salsa and chilli mayo for dipping.

Ziffy Kitchen & Espresso Bar, Sunway Nexis Mall
Ola Quesadilla

Ziffy’s Pasta Menu

Crabtain Buttermilk (RM35) is another best-seller. A generous tangle of spaghetti is topped with deep-fried soft shell crab and crab meat. It’s drenched (says so on the menu and it turns out to be an accurate description) in buttermilk sauce with garlic, chilli padi, curry leaves and parsley. This is a rich dish made for big appetites and I barely get through a few forkfuls before giving up. I recommend sharing this one and adding a salad to it to balance out the intensity.

Ziffy Kitchen & Espresso Bar, Sunway Nexis Mall
Crabtain Buttermilk

Burgers & Sandwiches

There is a whole section of burgers with the Ziffy Beef Burger (RM30) as the signature. A house made 180g beef patty is a juicy core with beef bacon, onion rings, mixed greens and a sunny-side-up egg further beefing up the middle. Sweet potato fries side it and it’s a pretty decent burger for the price.

Ziffy Kitchen & Espresso Bar, Sunway Nexis Mall
Ziffy Beef Burger

Asian Sensations at Ziffy

Seafood Spaghetti Goreng (RM28) sees a western twist on local flavours with a substitution of pasta replacing mee. Tiger prawns, butterfish chunks, pak choy and scrambled eggs are coated in a good dose of the Ziffy’s kitchen’s housemade mamak sauce. It’s another rich dish suited for big appetites.

Ziffy Kitchen & Espresso Bar, Sunway Nexis Mall
Seafood Spaghetti Goreng

Ziffy Cafe Desserts

Death by Chocolate (RM21) is definitely one for sharing. Rich suggests that a couple of coffee or signature drinks and this dessert to share would make a fun casual date. Fluffy waffles are barely seen beneath a crown of fresh fruit, chocolate drizzle, Kit Kat chocolate, chocolate crumble, almond flakes and vanilla ice cream. It proves yet again that Ziffy team are far from stingy in their portioning,

Ziffy Kitchen & Espresso Bar, Sunway Nexis Mall
Death by Chocolate

Ziffy Review

If you’re looking for a cheery place to grab a bite and have a solid cup of coffee, Ziffy Kitchen & Espresso Bar in Sunway Nexis Mall is a great choice.

Reasons to visit Ziffy Kitchen & Espresso Bar: cheery setting; good coffee; our favourite dish is the Eggscited Benedict.

Ziffy Kitchen & Espresso Bar
Lot B-GF-09 Sunway Nexis Mall
Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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  1. Yes, I sure would get eggcited to see Benedict!

  2. I am loving all the dishes featured here. Now, I am a fan of kedondong and I would not miss having sips of the Assam Kedondong Mojito.

  3. Impressive mojito. I would love to try that assam kedondong mojito. Must be refreshing.

    Butterfly pea lemonade is so pretty.

    Very creative name they have for the drinks and food.

  4. That egg benedit looks pretty!

  5. All the drinks look good….but I have to say they’re in rather small glasses! ;P Now, spaghetti goreng I know I will like as I had a version stir-fried in black sauce once and loved it 🙂

  6. The eggs benedict looks so yum!
    I’d love to have one of those drinks right now.


  7. The way they present the food are awesome! very enticing and unque! Wish we have that here!

  8. The food looks delicious, it is well presented.

  9. Eggcited Benedict is simply eggsquisite! 🙂
    Tell me how did they poach their eggs like that?!

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