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Teeth Whitening Malaysia – Bright Tonix Y10

Monica Tindall

Coffee and red wine are two indulgences I’m not ready to give up. The pleasure I get from them though comes with a downside; stained teeth. About 10 years back I sought teeth whitening with conventional dentistry. The results were excellent but the pain factor high, so much so, that even though my caffeine habit has caused my teeth to discolour again, I’ve avoided the dentist’s chair for repair since.

Bright Tonix Y10 – Pain-free Teeth Whitening Malaysia

Enter my friends at Lyfe Clinic and their latest technological import, Bright Tonix Y10 – a pain-free teeth whitening system. Utilising the power of Radio Frequency, Bright Tonix Y10 offers a method for brightening teeth a number of shades without the torture.

The old system of using Carbamide Peroxide or Hydrogen Peroxide often caused pain or burning sensations during and post the procedure. A good dentist could mitigate these by covering sensitive spots around the gums but the suffering caused by clamping the mouth open for long periods of time was something that couldn’t be avoided.

Hearing about Lyfe Clinic’s introduction of teeth whitening, and my trust in the doctor’s there, I couldn’t wait to give this method try.

Bright Tonix Y10 – Teeth Whitening Malaysia – The Experience

A mouth guard attached to a cord and machine is filled with the Y10 toothpaste, upturned and placed in the mouth. Bottom row secure, I open my mouth just enough for the nurse to fill the top layer with toothpaste. The mouth is then closed, the machine is turned on and you sit or lay with the guard in place for 30 minutes.

Saliva, of course, accumulates in the mouth at this time, which you are unable to spit. The liquid is safe to swallow but I prefer not to ingest it so find a seated position more comfortable than lying down as the liquid pools more towards the front of my mouth than the back. There is, of course, the sensation of having something in the mouth for the duration but the method is pain-free and a far cry from my first punishing experience with teeth whitening a decade ago.

Teeth Whitening Malaysia
Teeth Whitening Malaysia – Bright Tonix Y10

Bright Tonix Y10 Teeth Whitening KL – How It Works

Once turned on, a radio frequency current is generated and Y10 toothpaste molecules are energized. Collision and separation occur at a rate of 7 million times per second. The paste interacts with the stain on the teeth pulling the discolouration out from the tooth enamel.

The active ingredients in the Y10 Whitening toothpaste are free of dangerous toxins and chemicals and do not contain hydrogen peroxide as does commercial whitening toothpaste. Instead, Hyaluronic Acid is used for anti-aging of the oral cavity, Potassium Nitrate is key in reducing the discomfort of sensitive teeth and Sodium Flouride creates stronger teeth.

Teeth Whitening Malaysia
Teeth Whitening Malaysia – Bright Tonix Y10 – How It Works
Teeth Whitening Malaysia
Teeth Whitening Malaysia – Bright Tonix Y10 – How It Works

Bright Tonix Y10 Teeth Whitening Price

The usual price of Bright Tonix Y10 teeth whitening is RM800 per session. Clients of Lyfe Clinic, however, receive a special rate of RM500 for the first trial and can purchase a package of three sessions for RM1800.

Bright Tonix Y10 Teeth Whitening Review

Three to four sessions are recommended to achieve the desired results depending on how stained your teeth are to begin with. If you have the time, you can do these one after another, or spread them out over a number of weeks. I’ve had two sessions and using the standard colour chart as a reference, my teeth lightened two shades with each treatment. It was painless, fast and shows immediate results. I highly recommend it!

Teeth Whitening Malaysia
Moved Two Shades with Each Treatment

Reasons to try Bright Tonix Y10 Teeth Whitening at Lyfe Clinic: convenient, painless teeth whitening with immediate results!

Teeth Whitening Malaysia
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  1. Hmmm… something I could consider because my teeth are on the yellowish side 🙁

  2. It sounds really cosmic!

  3. Hmmmm not sure I could sit for 30 mins without swallowing…… Cheers Diane

  4. OOOh I need this. I love carrots and oranges and those two stains the teeth as well. Thank you for sharing this. I shall check it out soon.

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