Effortless Beauty KL On Demand Beauticians

Effortless Beauty, On-demand Beauty Professionals KL

Monica Tindall

Effortless Beauty is an online porthole pooling the resources of qualified beauty professionals across the city. With a few clicks, you can have an appointment arranged in the convenience of your home at a time that works for you. As the supply of beauticians is not limited to those employed by a single salon you can get exactly what you need, when and where you need it.

Effortless Beauty KL On Demand Beauticians
Booked Platform for Effortless Beauty

Effortless Beauty Kuala Lumpur

There is such variety in not only the types of beauty services and products on the market but also in the skill of the therapists. With Effortless Beauty’s frequent communication and seeking feedback, the workforce is constantly being vetted not only by the organisers themselves but also by their clients. With an evaluation sought after every visit, and the personnel themselves required to take photos of their work, the frequent appraisal of services rendered gives quality control like no individual salon I have yet to visit.

I’ve used Effortless Beauty a number of times now both for eyelash extensions and gel manicures and pedicures. The therapists have always arrived on time and have been professional in their practice. They come with everything needed often in rolling suitcases, asking for nothing more than a place to work.

My chosen treatment area is supine on my bed! Of course, you can sit in a chair or lounge but the therapists have been so gentle I often fall asleep (and delight in the opportunity to do so) during the session. Being in my own home, I have full control over the temperature, music and scent: I can personally tailor the period exactly to my preferences.

Effortless Beauty KL On Demand Beauticians
Effortless Beauty Therapists

Eyelash Extensions with Effortless Beauty

Eyelash extensions are something relatively new for me. I’ve had them done three times now with Effortless Beauty (with two different technicians) and have had different results each time – on purpose! There are so many choices in material, length, colour, thickness and curl of lashes that you can design a look perfectly suited for you.

At first, I was concerned that the lashes would feel uncomfortable but with expert application, the process is enjoyable (someone gently touches your face as you lay and relax) and the outcome is not even felt (only seen).

It’s a service that gives immediate results and cuts down my daily make-up routine. No longer having to apply mascara or eyeliner, precious minutes are saved on my morning regime.

I’ve heard that eyelash extensions last for varying amounts of time for different people. It’s important to not wash or get the lashes wet for 24 hours following the application to allow for the glue to dry and it’s best not to touch them too much. Mine have generally lasted well for about three weeks and then gradually fall with most gone by five weeks. It’s common practice for those who do their lashes regularly to have a monthly appointment.

Effortless Beauty KL On Demand Beauticians
Effortless Beauty – Before and After Eyelash Extensions KL

House Call Manicure/ Pedicure with Effortless Beauty

So I’m about to admit that I’m way behind the times in terms of being in-the-know on the latest beauty offerings: but I have only recently discovered gel manicures! Shame on me, I know. I don’t know why it took me so long to become acquainted but I don’t think I can ever go back to regular polish.

Again, as with the lashes, my manicurist has been professional and confident in her work. She carries everything she needs including colours, tools and that UV dryer that has your nails dry in seconds. Different manicurists carry a variety of colours. Something to note when you’re booking is to make sure you communicate if you have a specific request for a colour. That will allow the team to be prepared ahead of time and ensure they bring along something you are happy with.

I usually wait at least a month in between appointments so often go for paler colours that give a subtle polish yet don’t look so dramatic as they grow out. My therapist files my nails to my liking, symmetrical and smooth around the edges. I’m happy with the outcome.

Effortless Beauty KL On Demand Beauticians
Gel Manicure

Effortless Beauty Review

Effortless Beauty is a valuable service that allows clients to benefit from a huge pool of professionals at a time and location most convenient to them. What’s more is that their prices are extremely competitive with what’s on the market with frequent discounts for first-time and repeat bookings. Three times in and I’m hooked!

Reasons to book house call beauty services with Effortless Beauty: convenient one-stop-shop for all of your beauty needs; beauticians who visit your home according to your schedule; not restricted to the limited resources of a single salon but a pool of talent from across the city; competitive prices.

Effortless Beauty

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  1. So convenient. Now all in one click, everything is online now.

  2. Wow, I didn’t know there were such services. Thanks Monica. Will surely book one before CNY!

  3. This is interesting, beauty therapists making house calls. That would come in handy say, if you want to attend a wedding dinner and you can get all dolled up before the event in the comfort of your home. Nice!

  4. I have never had a beauty treatment of any kind but it sounds interesting, Cheers Diane

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