Pure Energy Spa Lone Pine Hotel Batu Ferringhi

Pure Energy Spa Lone Pine Hotel Batu Ferringhi

Monica Tindall

I love the frills of a luxury spa: pre and post-treatment rituals, spacious areas for relaxation, full facilities of sauna, jacuzzi and so on. Those things don’t matter one bit, however, if the quality of treatments and technique of therapists are not top-notch. Those “extras” also come at an extra price, which again has no value if the very core of the experience is not first-rate.

Pure Energy Spa, the spa attached to Lone Pine Hotel in Penang, is one spa that has the heart of the experience perfected minus the superfluities. Quality treatments and highly skilled therapists come in a pleasant but minimally-trimmed environment. Here they’ve got the foundation right and customers benefit from the focus with value-for-money treatments.

The spa is a simple wide hallway with individual treatment spaces cautioned off with sliding doors privatizing massage beds on one side and reclining chairs for hand and feet treatments on the other. A variety of massages, facials and hand and feet treatments are on the menu.

Massage at Pure Energy Spa

Again, there are no garnishes here with pre-treatment questionnaires or deliberation over choosing an oil; as soon as I’ve hung up my clothes and am lying prone on the massage bed, the treatment begins. I’m given an option of having the bed heated or not and I appreciate that it is long enough to accommodate my tall frame.

My therapist, Maria, originally from the Philippines, is masterful in her skill. She checks in a couple of times as to the comfort of her pressure but doesn’t really need to as she is reading the tension in my muscles and my body’s response to her strokes.

Using the heels of her hands, thumbs and fingers, she kneads, applies pressure and performs long deep strokes in unison relieving the tightness from my muscles and putting me into a state of complete calm. Confident in her technique, Maria performed one of the best massages I’ve had. A 60-minute massage at Pure Energy spa is priced at a very reasonable RM145+. I challenge you to find better value in another 5-star hotel on this strip.


I’m fortunate to also have Maria take care of my feet following the massage. I’ve found many salons these days focus purely on varnish and don’t give enough attention to the actual care of my feet. Here at Pure Energy Spa, however, my feet a given a good exfoliation. Cuticles are trimmed, ends are filed and nails are buffed. They feel much healthier afterwards, not just given a bit of colour. A pedicure usually lasts around 40 minutes and is priced at RM90+.

Reasons to visit Pure Energy Spa in Lone Pine Hotel: excellent massages; value-for-money treatments in a fuss-free environment.

Pure Energy Spa
Lone Pine Hotel
97, Jalan Batu Ferringhi
11100 Batu Ferringhi, Pulau Pinang

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  1. Love this Spa! I would like to go there one day!

  2. I sure could do with a massage right now. Haven’t had one for a while now.

  3. Every time I read about your spas I am jealous, I would just love to try one, one of these days! Cheers Diane

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